Every beauty lover knows that the perfect fake tan is only half the recipe for a stunning, year-round glow. Without the right tanning mitt, you’re heading straight for Streaksville and that, my friends, is not a place you want to be.


Using a tanning mitt is the best way to achieve an even, natural-looking tan at home with minimal fuss, but in a market full of tanning mitts, which one is the best? It turns out not all tanning mitts are created equal, and there are a few products that have proved themselves to be a cut above the rest. That’s where we come in.

At The Recommended, we take savvy shopping seriously. We scoured the web to find the best tanning mitts and answered that all-important question of how to clean them to help your new tanning mitt lead a long and useful life.

The best tanning mitts at a glance:

The best tanning mitts

Best double-sided tanning mitt: Bondi Sands Double-Sided Tanning Mitt

Complete coverage

best double-sided tanning mitt

This double-sided tanning mitt is super soft and helps you achieve an even tan every time.

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Its dark design helps to hide wear and tear, keeping your mitt looking fresh for longer. This mitt can be used with all tan formulations and is easy to clean for long-lasting quality.

Best affordable tanning mitt: St Moriz Velvet Tanning Mitt

Value for money

best affordable tanning mitt

This affordable tanning mitt offers reliable quality at an affordable price.

It's made with a super-soft design and buffs the product into the skin for flawlessly even coverage. This mitt has a leak-proof barrier seal to avoid stained hands and product build-up.

Best vegan tanning mitt: b.tan Tanning Mitt

Ethical quality

Best vegan tanning mitt

This vegan and cruelty-free tanning mitt uses sustainably-sourced materials to create a natural-looking glow.

It's machine washable and reusable for easy maintenance. Using super-soft materials, this tanning mitt helps to keep your hands streak-free while ensuring even coverage.

Best tanning mitt for back application: Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Back Applicator

For an all-over glow

best tanning mitt for back application

This tanning tool helps ensure an even tan front and back, with an innovative and effective design

It features a double-ended design and helps with tan application in hard-to-reach areas. This washable, reusable tool is made with durable fabrics and promises long-lasting quality.

Best tanning mitt set: YVOIER Self Tanning Mitt Applicator Kit

Cover all bases

best tanning mitt set

This tanning mitt set features four tools to ensure a quality, long-lasting tan.

It features an exfoliator mitt, a mitt tan applicator, a mini face mitt, and a back applicator to help you prep and apply your tan like a pro. This set uses super-soft materials in a washable dark design to protect against signs of wear and tear.

Best tanning mitt for precise application: Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Self Tanning Mitt

For added control

best mitt for precise application

This tanning mitt features a practical design and premium velvet material for a luxury experience.

It features a double-sided, mitten-like design that aids precise application and flawless results. This mitt is machine washable for easy maintenance and long-lasting use.

Best tanning mitt designs: Velvotan Original Body Mitt

Bright and beautiful

Velvotan Original Body Mitt

The Velvotan Original Body mitts add a touch of colour with varied designs and quality results.

These quality tanning mitts are made with soft, durable materials in a variety of eye-catching designs and ensure even application. Velvotan mitts can be used with any tan formulation and are machine washable for easy maintenance.

How to clean a tanning mitt

Some tanning mitts are machine washable on cold and can be left to air dry. Be careful not to wash your mitt with your favourite top (or anything for that matter). Disaster could ensue.

You can also use good old-fashioned soap and water to clean your tanning mitt. Use warm water to hand wash your mitt, removing any product. You can add gentle soap to remove stubborn stains, but you don’t need to use harsh washing powder or detergents. When clean, ring out the water from your mitt and reshape it while damp. Leave to air dry completely before storing or next use.

How often should you clean your tanning mitt?

Tanning mitts, like makeup brushes, should be cleaned after every use to ensure the longevity of the mitt and avoid product build-up that could affect your tan application.


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