We’ve all heard that the transition to using natural deodorant can be a little rocky, sometimes leaving you with a couple of wiffy weeks before your body adjusts. A lot of people found lockdown to be the perfect time to make the leap to a more natural deodorant when it was literally illegal for all but your nearest and dearest to be within smelling distance – the conditions were ideal. Well, I didn’t do that.


It turns out I was really late to the party with the whole natural deodorant thing and didn’t make the switch until a couple of months ago, which, rather unhelpfully, also happened to be during one of the hottest summers the UK has ever seen. Excellent timing.

Looking back, it was probably not the most calculated decision, but luckily for me (and those around me), the Fussy Natural Deodorant I used worked.

Fussy Refillable Natural Deodorant Subscription Service

You can get your hands on a Fussy Natural Deodorant subscription from £13, which includes a case and one refill. You’ll then receive three refills in the post one month after your initial purchase and then three refills every three months from then on, all with the flexibility to customise shipments to suit you.

Before we dive into my experience with natural deodorant, there are a couple of important things to clarify.

What is natural deodorant?

Natural deodorant works a little differently from the more ‘traditional’ antiperspirants on the market. Natural deodorants use predominantly natural ingredients, like sunflower wax, baking soda and essential oils, to neutralise odour-causing bacteria, absorb moisture, and leave a fresh scent without blocking pores or using harsh chemicals like aluminium.

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Natural deodorant vs antiperspirant: what's the difference?

Deodorant and antiperspirant are actually different products. While they both work to reduce odour, deodorant does this by neutralising the bacteria in sweat that causes odour. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, aim to stop you from sweating altogether by blocking pores with ingredients such as aluminium.

While this does mean that natural deodorant won’t completely stop you from sweating, it's important to remember that sweating is a natural process that helps you to regulate your body temperature and get rid of toxins – it’s not actually a bad thing. Keep the stink at bay and sweat away, my friends.

Fussy Refillable Natural Deodorant Review: I smell fresh and still have friends

I started using Fussy Natural Deodorant during a heatwave
Credit: Isobel Nutbrown/getfussy.com

So, what is my magical, all-natural, stink-stopping, wonder product? That would be Fussy Refillable Natural Deodorant. It kept me smelling as fresh as a daisy, and, after months of use, people seemed happy enough to be within smelling distance of me. A solid win if you ask me.

There are five main reasons I’m a bit in love with this product (as much as a sane-ish person can be in love with a deodorant). Let me break it down for you.

1. It’s all-natural: no nasties here

Like a lot of people, I don’t relish the idea of using harsh chemicals on my skin or messing too much with the body’s natural processes. I could not tell you what most of the ingredients on a traditional antiperspirant can are. Fussy, on the other hand, only uses recognisable, natural ingredients such as sunflower wax, coconut oil and shea butter in their products – no aluminium here.

Their secret ingredient is a probiotic called Lactobacillus that absorbs funky-smelling sweat molecules, and that’s really all there is to it. (Side note: their secret ingredient is not secret at all, it’s literally on their website.)

2. It's more sustainable: say goodbye to unnecessary waste

Even if you’re cool with using the odd chemical, we can all admit that the amount of single-use materials used in traditional deodorant and antiperspirant production is less than ideal. What I love about Fussy is how they try to tackle this issue.

The refillable deodorant cases are made from 100% recyclable plastic, but these cases are made to last, so you shouldn’t be throwing them away at all. Crafting the case from one material (instead of a mix of metal, plastic and glue) actually has a lower footprint over time.

The refill packing is made from waste sugarcane pulp which you can throw in your household bin or home compost, and they will naturally decompose within 6-12 months.

Fussy Natural Deodorants look really cute
Credit: getfussy.com

3. Its aesthetic: it looks really cute

Call me shallow, but I love some cute packing and aesthetic designs. The deodorant case is sleek and subtle but intuitively designed, plus you can pick the colour, which honestly just thrills me.

4. It's convenient: Fussy’s affordable subscription service is great

We all know the fear of finding your deodorant can almost empty as you’re running out the door to spend a day with your arms glued to your sides (no judgement, we’ve all been there). Well, with Fussy, that living nightmare is a thing of the past. With their affordable subscription service, you’ll get three refills sent straight to your door (in sustainable, plastic-free packaging, naturally).

You can customise your subscription to best fit you and your pits, choosing your scents and adjusting the three-monthly deliveries as you please. From my experience, each of the three refills you get in a pack lasts from about a month to 6 weeks, so a delivery every three months is perfect.

If commitment isn't your thing, you can buy Fussy products on a one-off basis, a starter pack will get you a case and two refills for £20, no strings attached.

Fussy Refillable Natural Deodorant

As an alternative to Fussy's subscription plan, you can get a one-off pack that includes a case and two refills for £20. Fussy also has a refer-a-friend offer, where your friend gets a free case, and you get £5 off your next order.

5. It really works: I survived the heatwave with all my relationships intact

I can harp on about sustainability and cute designs all I like, but realistically, if it doesn’t work, this was all quite the waste of time. Well, luckily, it does work. It worked really well.

As I said, I (bravely or stupidly) started using Fussy as temperatures were above 30 degrees daily. It even accompanied me on a trip to Rome during a 39°C heatwave. Fussy kept me smelling fresh all day, I didn’t need to reapply, something I couldn’t have said when using traditional deodorants and antiperspirants.

I took a couple of extra refills away on holiday with me to be safe, but I didn’t even get through one on a three-week trip in hot climates – a stellar performance as far as I’m concerned. And the dreaded adjustment period? For me, there wasn't one. I honestly didn’t feel as though the product took time to work, maybe I’m just lucky, but even with a short adjustment period, with more regular applications, I think you’d be good to go.


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