Keep fit, build strength and endurance, and tighten and tone with an at-home multi-gym. Designed to bring the gym to you, multi-gyms provide an all-in-one workout station for you to challenge your body to different movements and a variety of activities to target all muscle groups.


Whether a total gym newbie, core-crunching expert, or weightlifting pro, most multi-gyms are suitable for all abilities and come with instructions/ manuals to help you train. Watch as you improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn fat and increase muscle strength.

To help you hit your fitness goals, The Recommended searched the internet to find the best home multi-gyms. Read on for our top picks, and see below for more on what exactly a home multi-gym is.

The best home multi-gyms at-a-glance:

The best home multi-gyms

Best versatile workout bench: WINNOW Adjustable Weight Bench Foldable Home Exercise Gym

Leg day or arm day?

WINNOW Adjustable Weight Bench Foldable Home Exercise Gym

Build up your home gym with this multifunctional workout bench, fitted with six back position adjustments and four-seat position adjustments to achieve the ultimate full-body workout.

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The compact folding design is ideal for small spaces and is easy to adjust between the different settings, whether focusing on your biceps, back, legs, or abs. This multi-gym is made from heavy-duty steel for a durable and strong structure, with foam padding for comfort and anti-slip rubber feet for guaranteed stability.

Best simple multi-gym: JML Total Crunch Complete Full-Body Aerobic Workout from Home System

One position, multiple results

JML Total Crunch Complete Full-Body Aerobic Workout from Home System

In just one dynamic movement, work your entire body from your legs and glutes to your core and arms, and achieve toned, strong results.

This total crunch system will help you build muscle and burn calories from your very own home, and is lightweight and easy to store away. Simply change hand and foot positions to change to resistance and create targeted workouts and sweat it out.

Best weightlifting multi-gym: Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym With Weight Stack

For the gym pros

Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym With Weight Stack

This sturdy steel frame provides multiple features to add variety to your at-home workout and includes an exercise chart to help you along the way.

Train with the chest press, high and low pulley systems with bar, leg extension with foam rollers, and height adjustable arm curl. The 68kg weight stack will have beginners and intermediate gym-goers covered, with 14 weight plate intervals to progress through.

Best multi-gym for squats: Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Row-N-Ride Rowing Machine Squat Trainer

Pull and push into deep positions

Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Row-N-Ride Rowing Machine Squat Trainer

Improve your squats while working your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, as well as your upper back, shoulders, and chest, with this row-n-ride at-home machine.

Move up and down using the bike-like trainer and monitor your progress with the digital monitor, which tracks time and calories burned. The machine has adjustable handlebars and three resistances to switch between to get the most out of your workout, leaving you strong and toned.

Best all-in-one multi-gym: Total Gym Achiever Home Gym Multi Gym Pilates Reformer Core Ab Trainer All In One

Strengthen, tone and stretch

Total Gym Achiever Home Gym Multi Gym Pilates Reformer Core Ab Trainer All In One

Tone up using your own bodyweight as resistance with this five-in-one home multi-gym, including a glute machine, core trainer, cardio HIIT, bodyweight gym and reformer pilates.

Challenge your body to more than 50 exercises, suitable for beginners to advanced abilities and producing all-around results. The high-quality steel construction folds up easily for convenient storage and comes with a wing bar attachment, pull-up bar and pilates kit.

Best adjustable muti-gym: JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench Home Training Gym

For bicep curls, abs and leg exercises

JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench Home Training Gym

Switch between five different positions with this multifunctional workout bench and pace your way through a full-body workout.

Whether adjusting to a classic flat or inclined bench, sit-up bench or preparing for dumbbell and barbell exercises, this machine is easy to use and includes resistance bands for extra strength training. This multi-gym is strong and stable for safe exercising, with built-in wheels for easy moving.

Best large multi-gym: RIP X 180kg Cable Crossover Machine with Pull-Up Bar

Strong and durable

RIP X 180kg Cable Crossover Machine With Pull Up Bar

This home multi-gym is made from a robust solid material with a wide base, providing a sturdy structure for safe exercising and improved positioning during your workouts.

It features two straight bar handles, two steel chains, two chrome stirrup handles, and a tricep rope for a complete full-body workout, with top and bottom swivel pulleys adding variety while being active. It has a total weight stack of 180kg, with 90kg per weight plate to challenge your strength.

Best toning multi-gym: Total Gym Award Winning XLS Multi Gym

For all-round results

Total Gym Award Winning XLS Multi Gym

Improve your cardiovascular health while building strength and toning up with this versatile home multi-gym, suitable for all fitness levels and accommodating more than 100 different exercises.

Featuring pull-up, ab, press and wing bar attachments, work your way through multiple moves using different levels of bodyweight resistance and target all muscle groups to achieve a defined body. This multi-gym folds away neatly for compact storage and comes with a pilates kit and workout programme.

Best small multi-gym: New Image Unisex's FITT Cube Total Body Workout, High-Intensity Interval Training Machine

Compact but powerful

New Image Unisex's FITT Cube Total Body Workout, High-Intensity Interval Training Machine

This home multi-gym features more than ten pieces of gym equipment in just one small cube, and is super portable. Download the free app for workout videos to guide you through a range of dynamic moves.

Put your cardio, strength and power to the test with a range of activities using this cube, from twisting and jumping to ab exercises using the grip handles and steps using the built-in mini stepper. There are also built-in slip-free resistance bands for weight-bearing movements. Burn calories and sculpt your body.

Bes portable multi-gym: TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

All-in-one fitness

TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

Train wherever you go with this suspension trainer multi-gym, complete with a mesh travel pouch for convenient portability.

Designed for seven foundational movements - push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge, lunge and squat - push yourself through different activities for total body results. This multi-gym is easy to set up and features locking loops to ensure safe gripping during your workouts and integrated handles and foot cradles for comfort and durability.

What is a home multi-gym?

A home multi-gym is an all-in-one machine to work out your entire body from the comfort of your own home. There are all sorts of types, and they can be a great alternative to expensive gym memberships and a convenient way to keep fit.

Multi-gyms typically include weights, resistance bands, pull bars and benches, and aim to get you moving with a variety of activities. They are great for full body results, working your arms, legs, arms and glutes to produce strengthened and toned muscles.

What should you look for when buying a home multi-gym?

There are various types of multi-gyms on the market, and each one has different features. Most have weight stacks, resistance bands, a bench and pulleys to move with, while some have additional attachments to advance with.

Depending on what type of workout you are after, the space you have and the budget you are working with, it’s best to consider each option carefully and take into account various considerations. These can include where it will go - is it compact to store away? The range of attachments - what part of your body do you want to focus on? The maximum weight - are you a beginner or a weightlifting pro?


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