Looking to up your running game? Good news. You can keep your hands and pockets free with a handy running belt designed to carry your personal belongings for you while on the move, letting you focus solely on the road ahead.


Running belts are available in various styles, sizes and storage configurations, so there is one out there for every type of runner, whether a jogger, sprinter or long-distancer. They are ideal to hold the essentials, including your keys, phone and money, taking the stress out of your exercise experience and keeping you focused on your movement

The Recommended has done the research and scoured the web for you to bring you a round-up of the top 10. Read on to see our favourites, plus we answer some of your frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page, with extra advice from a running expert.

The best running belts at-a-glance:

The best running belts

Best affordable running belt: Eono Running Belt

Suitable for all conditions

Eono Running Belt

Keep your essentials around your waist while you run with this convenient and super stretchy running belt. With a fully adjustable elastic strap, it is designed to fit all shapes and sizes.

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This dual-pouch running belt has two zipped pockets, ready to fill with your belongings and protect them while on the move. It is made from a water-resistant polyamide fabric which is ultra-lightweight and breathable for added comfort and has reflective detail for heightened safety in low light conditions. Compatible with most smartphone sizes up to 6.5”.

Best premium running belt: Osprey Duro Dyna Running Belt

Run in style

Osprey Duro Dyna Running Belt

Keep up the pace while running with your belongings on you in this smart running belt, designed with a 100% mesh construction for complete breathability. The belt is super comfortable and long-lasting.

Access the pocket easily with its durable zip and ensure your keys, phone, and other valuables are safe and secure. There are two angled sleeves to keep your water bottles in and ensure you keep hydrated throughout your activity.

Best compact running belt: FlipBelt Running Belt

Available in sizes XXS-XXL

FlipBelt Running Belt

For a sleek style and barely-there feel, this running belt is the ideal option to accompany you on your runs. Simply pull it on and wear it on either your hips or waist without any slipping.

Made from a 92% MicroPoly and 8% lycra blend, this running belt is super comfortable and chafe-free, with moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, making it suitable for the sweatiest of workouts. It provides 360° of storage, with four flat pockets ready to fill and features a handy internal key hook for added security.

Best reflective running belt: Gorwrich Running Belt

Keep safe and seen

Gorwrich Running Belt

Carry the necessities with you in this large capacity running belt, complete with three separate pockets to organise your belongings and featuring an adjustable elastic strap and sturdy buckle to seal.

The multi-pocket design of this running belt is made from an ultra-thin yet durable lycra material, providing the ultimate comfort and breathability when moving. It is complete with four reflective strips to enhance your safety in all light conditions and is waterproof and sweatproof.

Best belt for carrying water: Mefound Running Belt

Run bounce-free

Mefound Running Belt

Keep hydrated on your runs with this running belt, with a super useful water bottle holder. Its slim fit design to your body will ensure there’s no shaking or falling out while moving.

Featuring a large pocket with a zipper closure, you can also keep your phone, keys and money safe and secure with this running belt. It is made from a soft, lightweight and waterproof material with a breathable mesh back and has an adjustable waistband to tailor personally to you. There are reflective tabs on the front pocket for added visibility.

Best breathable running belt: MoKo Sports Running Belt

Soft and comfortable

MoKo Sports Running Belt

A lightweight and slim design, this running belt is the perfect solution to aid your runs without weighing you down. Keep your belongings secure in its two expandable pockets.

This functional running belt is made from a lycra fabric which is sweat and water-resistant to keep you dry, cool and chafe-free while on the move. It features a useful opening for headphones, a built-in reflective strip for safety, and is compatible with most smartphones.

Best belt for long distances: Powcan Laelr Activ Running Belt

Refuel on the move

Powcan Laelr Activ Running Belt

There’s no need to stop moving with this running belt, thanks to its large capacity pocket and duo water bottle holders. Two BPA-free water bottles are also included.

Complete with a convenient adjustable buckle to fit to you, this stretchy and anti-slip waistband will sit perfectly around your waist while running, keeping your personal items safe and secure and eliminating any unwanted bounce. The waterproof and breathable fabric is comfortable and sweat and water-resistant.

Best stretch running belt: Salomon Pulse Unisex Running Belt

Available in multiple colours

Salomon Pulse Unisex Running Belt

Equip yourself with your phone, keys and card while out on your runs hassle-free with this practical running belt from long-established sports brand Salomon. Suitable for all types of running activity.

A tubular design, made without a buckle or closure, simply slip this running belt onto your waist for a snug and secure fit. The four-way stretch fabric is comfortable and stays in place during intense movement, avoiding any unwanted bounce or chafing. It features two flexible horizontal pockets and is super breathable.

Best lightweight running belt: Build & Fitness Running Belt

Compact and durable

Build & Fitness Running Belt

A snug fit to the body and super lightweight, this running belt is ideal for keeping your belongings secure without interfering with your performance while jogging, running or sprinting.

Available in multiple colours, the stretchy design has four slide-in pockets and is buckle and zip-free for a super streamlined and non-slip fit. The fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, suitable for all weather, and features a useful internal key clip holder to ensure your keys never fall out.

Best versatile running belt: Simptech Running Belt

Snug and secure

Simptech Running Belt

Don’t be caught out without your belongings thanks to this functional running belt, featuring three zip pockets for a large capacity option - all made from high-quality breathable fabric.

Unfold one of the pockets to use as a water bottle holder and keep hydrated on longer runs, or leave it as is for extra storage. This running belt is lightweight for the ultimate comfort and is sweat and rain resistant. It has a reflective tab on the front pocket to keep you seen in low lights.

Running belt buyers guide

Our running expert

John White

John White is the Director of We Run, the UK’s leading running coach service. We Run offers professional advice for recreational runners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Runners will be teamed up with one of their qualified running coaches to improve running technique and speed, minimise injury and hit their goals.

What features to look for in a running belt?

Our running expert John White suggests it’s important to look for features ‘that will help make your runs more comfortable and convenient.’ Here are a few things worth considering:

Fabric: It’s best to look for a running belt that is made from a lightweight and stretchy fabric to ensure a comfortable fit without getting in the way of your performance. Fabrics such as lycra are ideal as they offer breathability while you sweat it out and have moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties for the ultimate convenience. John White recommends material that is ‘lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry during runs’.

Capacity: Think about what items you need to take with you on your run when looking at running belts, as each can vary slightly in their capacity availability. Look at how much they can store and how many pockets they have. The majority are compatible with most smartphone sizes.

Fit: Look for a snug, close-to-the-body fit in order to keep your belongings compact and secure while running and avoid any unwanted bounce or anything from falling out. Some running belts have adjustable elastic straps so you can personalise them specifically to your waist size. John White recommends ‘adjustable straps that fit snugly and won't move around on your hip’. He also says it’s worth considering the type of closure system - ‘either adjustable straps or buckles. Depending on your preference, adjustable straps offer easy access and great adjustability, while buckles offer greater security.’

Extra features: Some running belts have additional features such as water bottle holders so you can keep hydrated, internal key hooks for added security, and reflective strips to ensure you are still seen when it gets darker with lower visibility.

What to avoid when looking for a running belt?

Our running expert John White advises avoiding belts with ‘bulky and uncomfortable straps or pockets that are too small to fit necessary items’, as well as heavy fabrics, ‘as these can become uncomfortable during your runs and make it difficult to stay cool and dry.’ He also suggests not to ‘scrimp on your running belt - it's usually a false economy to buy the cheapest ones you can find; they'll likely be uncomfortable and won't last very long. Spend a little more and get one that’s going to do the job properly - a good running belt should last you years.’

What can you carry in a running belt?

  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Money/debit cards
  • Energy gels
  • Water bottle, in some designs
  • Inhaler, any medications needed

When to use a running belt?

If you have keys, money, your phone or any medical items which you need during your run, a running belt will prove super useful! Running belts can be used for all sorts of runs, whether a quick 5km or a long enduring marathon. If you need to take your belongings with you, they are a great way to usefully carry them, keeping your hands free. Running belts are particularly useful for longer-distance runs as you can equip yourself with some energy gels and, in some versions, a water bottle to easily refuel while on the move.

Our running expert John White recommends running belts for ‘long-distance running and races, as they provide both comfort and convenience.’ He adds they can also be beneficial when running in built-up areas, ‘allowing runners to easily carry valuables such as a phone, wallet or keys without worrying about them getting lost or stolen.’

What are the benefits of using a running belt?

Our running expert John White explains the importance of using a running belt ‘to carry your necessary items securely and comfortably throughout your run, ensuring that you have your phone, keys, energy gels and other essential gear you need whilst keeping your hands freed up. Keeping your hands free is important for your running form - holding something in your hands subtly changes your arm action, an effect which can build up, especially over long distances.’


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