A staple of the playground and the boxing ring, skipping - or jump rope, if you prefer the American term - is a straightforward but rewarding exercise that can be used for everything from a quick warm-up, an intense fitness session, or simply performing tricks and having fun.


But before you head out and buy a skipping rope for yourself, there are certain things you should look out for to ensure you pick a rope that’s suitable to your skill level and that helps you develop good technique. Not only will this enable you to reap the rewards of more efficient cardio sessions and avoid injury, but it will help you to incorporate new tricks into your routine as you become more confident.

To help you master everything from basic jumps to side swings, crossovers and double unders, The Recommended spoke to three skipping experts to find out what you should look out for (and avoid) when shopping for a skipping rope. You can read their expert advice in full at the bottom of this page, and we've included a helpful buyer's guide, answering some of your burning questions.

For the ultimate guide on why skipping should be your new favourite workout, check out our comprehensive guide on skipping tips and benefits for physical and mental health.

The best skipping ropes at a glance:

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The best skipping ropes

Best rope for beginners: Dope Ropes Signature Beaded Jump Rope

Great for learning new tricks

1. Dope Ropes Signature Beaded Jump Rope

Dope Ropes’ signature beaded jump rope is recommended by two of our experts, who say its 1-inch beads provide great feedback for beginners learning new skills and tricks.

Our experts also rate this rope’s short handles, which help new jumpers develop the correct form and its no-kinking design, which helps maintain the rope’s shape as it moves around your body. This rope is available in a nice range of colours and is adjustable in size, so is great for beginners and professional skippers alike.

Best skipping rope for cardio: The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope

Get your heart pumping

2. Load image into Gallery viewer, The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope Load image into Gallery viewer, The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope Load image into Gallery viewer, The Dope Rope

Recommended by our expert Sarah, this 100g PVC rope moves quickly in the air while still providing good feedback and feel; ideal for anyone wanting to incorporate skipping into their cardio routine.

The Dope Rope 2.0 has a durable 5mm PVC cord reinforced with a nylon core, which is designed to promote longevity on rough indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is also fully adjustable and features 5-inch handles made from so-called “unbreakable” low-density polyethylene and contoured to fit nicely in your hand.

Best intermediate jump rope: TORQ Ropes Current

Ideal for picking up speed

3. TORQ Ropes Current

This PVC rope is from our expert, Tori’s jump rope company, TORQ Ropes, and is a great choice for anyone graduating from a beaded rope and wanting to pick up speed and advance their skills.

This 10-foot skipping rope features an easy resizing system with snap-lock cord ends and will fit any skipper up to 6’ 4” tall. The rope itself is made from PVC plastic with a string core and is designed to not kink when hung up and not snap in cold temperatures.

Best for families: MoKo Jump Rope Soft Beaded Skipping Rope (2 Pack)

A fun set of ropes

4. MoKo Jump Rope Soft Beaded Skipping Rope

Fully adjustable in length, this set of two 110-inch beaded ropes from MoKo is a great option for families.

The soft and durable beads on these ropes are designed to provide added sensory feedback during skipping and prevent tangling, which is ideal for beginners. It also features an anti-slip, ergonomic handle and comes in a fun choice of colours.

Best minimal skipping rope: Alfya Skipping Rope Adult

No-frills design

5. Alfya Skipping Rope Adult

Despite its minimal design, Alfya’s adult skipping rope features a PVC cord, plastic handles and is adjustable, ticking a lot of our experts’ boxes.

This rope also does well in avoiding many of the characteristics that our experts say you should steer away from. Made from plastic instead of wire, this rope doesn’t come with counters, which our expert Sarah said are gimmicky, nor does it have ball bearings in the handle, which can promote bad form.

Best for fancy footwork: EliteSRS Boxer Jump Rope 3.0

Great for performing tricks

7. EliteSRS Boxer Jump Rope 3.0

5mm PVC ropes such as this one from EliteSRS provide great feedback and are easy to whip around your body, which helps to time jumps correctly when performing tricks, according to our expert Sarah.

This rope features 5.5-inch handles and an ergonomic design to promote grip. The 5mm PVC cord has a string core, which helps prevent the rope from breaking. It is also fully adjustable and has an easy resizing system with snap-lock cord ends.

Best for speed: Beast Gear Speed Skipping Rope Adult for Women and Men

For experienced skippers

8. Speed Skipping Rope Adult for Women and Men

While all of our experts recommend avoiding wire ropes if you are new to skipping, if you’re an experienced jumper looking for a decent fast rope, then this one from Best Gear is a solid choice.

Beast Gear’s speed skipping rope features a 2.8mm thick and 3-metre-long aluminium cable, which is adjustable in length. Its handles rotate on ball bearings which are designed to help aid speed and whip as the rope travels smoothly around your body.

Best budget skipping rope: Gritin Skipping Rope

A good all-rounder

9. Gritin Skipping Rope

This skipping rope from Gritin has anti-slip soft memory foam handles, is adjustable in length and features a tangle-free PVC-coated steel cable.

While our expert Sarah suggests avoiding ropes with ball bearings in the handles if you are a beginner, if you have already developed good skipping form, or if you’re not too fussed either way, this lightweight rope is designed to travel smoothly as it whips around your body.

Best for multiple jumpers: MoKo 16ft Jump Rope

Great for groups

10. MoKo 16ft Jump Rope

At 16ft in length, this beaded rope from MoKo can accommodate up to five jumpers at once, making it a great option for groups.

This rope is also made from an environmentally-friendly TPU material and features soft and flexible beads, which should give feedback and feel to the rope. It is also adjustable in length up to 17.3 feet, including both handles.

What to look for when shopping for skipping ropes: three jump rope experts give their advice

Tori Boggs, Sarah Louise and Nicole Danielle
Tori Boggs, Sarah Louise and Nicole Danielle

Our three experts are some of the most knowledgeable skipping experts in the world, helping aspiring skippers learn new skills and tricks online through their social media accounts, personal training sessions and guest appearances on some of the biggest tv shows in the world.

Tori Boggs is a 31-time Grand World Jump Rope Champion, multiple US National speed and power record holder, captain of Team USA, and the current Triple Unders World Record holder. She has performed on The Ellen Degeneres Show, ESPN, Robin Meade’s Morning Express, NBA Halftimes, TEDx Events, and on America’s, Britain’s, and Italia’s Got Talent. Tori is a performer and choreographer with companies such as Flip Fabrique, Cirque du Soleil, and in theatres around Europe, and for over 20 years, has travelled the world competing, teaching, and performing across 30 countries.

Sarah Louise - aka Skipping with Sarah - started sharing progress videos of herself learning to skip on social media during lockdown in May 2020. Having quickly picked up skipping, Sarah gained over 170k followers on Instagram and TikTok. Sarah’s ultimate goal is now to share her joy for skipping with her followers, sharing tips and tutorial videos to help teach people how to jump rope for fun and fitness.

Nicole Danielle is a UK-based personal trainer with over eight years of experience “transforming mindsets and bodies”. Her love for fitness began at a young age when she competed as an international swimmer before taking that passion into the personal fitness world. Nicole has been a skipping coach for one year now, using skipping with her clients to help them improve their cardiovascular fitness and learn new skills and tricks from beginner level upward. She says, “Fitness should be enjoyable and doesn't have to be a conventional workout; try jumping around, learning new skills and twirling a rope for 30 minutes - you will soon break out in a sweat!”

We put two questions to our experts - what to look for and what to avoid - to understand precisely what you need to know when shopping for your next skipping rope.

What should you look for when buying a skipping rope?

All three of our jump rope experts recommend a beaded rope if you are new to skipping. “From the weight of the rope to the thick colourful beads and the audible sound of them hitting the floor, beaded ropes give you so much sensory feedback,” says Tori.

Sarah agrees, adding that beaded ropes are most likely to see you progress quickly as a beginner. “They are durable, tangle free, and the beads add enough weight so that you can feel where the rope is in the air, which helps with timing your jump properly,” she says.

Beaded ropes are also a great option as you develop into a more experienced skipper, says Nicole. The added weight of the beads slopes the rope down, “making it easier for you to learn new skills, get the correct form, learn footwork, and for more advanced jumpers to perfect freestyle rope tricks”.

When graduating from a beaded rope, Tori advises considering a PVC rope, which will allow you to pick up speed and start doing more difficult skills. Sarah adds that 5mm PVC ropes will “provide enough feedback, so you know where the rope is, but are easy to whip around as they cut through the air”.

Weighted ropes are great if your goal is to work muscles and burn calories. “They range from 500g to 900g and really ramp up the calories,” says Nicole, “and they work all the muscles in the shoulders, back, arms and even core.”

What should you avoid when looking for a skipping rope?

All of our experts are unanimous in advising against a wire rope if you are new to skipping, quoting their unsuitability for learning proper rope control, whipping around too quickly, hurting your body when you make mistakes, and breaking easily when tangled.

Choosing a rope that is adjustable in size is also a top priority, says Tori, as “you are going to want to change the length of your rope from what it was at purchase and as you improve your technique”. Anything too long, Nicole adds, will encourage poor form and bad habits, so choosing a rope that you can adjust the length of will help you develop good form from the outset.

Sarah explains that you should also avoid ropes with counters on: “The handles are just a gimmick, in my opinion, and generally aren’t great quality, so won’t last very long.” She also recommends that you avoid anything with ball bearings in the handle, which “are likely to hinder your ability to learn the correct form and technique to progress on to speedy skills and footwork as they rotate on their own”.

Finally, you shouldn’t spend too much money on a skipping rope, advises Tori, who says, “a lot of the expensive jump ropes are actually ones that us pros would never recommend”. Instead, she advises that you look for affordable ropes that are adjustable in size, adding that PVC cords with plastic handles are the best.

Skipping rope buyer's guide: your most commonly asked questions answered

Fitness woman jumping rope in city

We've got the answers to some of your burning questions when it comes to skipping ropes. Read on to make your shopping experience a hop, skip and jump!

What factors to consider when choosing a skipping rope?

When browsing for your new skipping rope, there are several key considerations to take into account. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind to ensure you get the best skipping rope for you and your needs.

  • Fitness goals: Are you taking on skipping to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness, to strengthen and tone your muscles, or for weight loss? Decide on what you're aiming for to ensure you choose the right one for you.
  • Workout type: Different ropes excel in specific workout styles, for example, HIIT or freestyle. Decide what you will be using your rope for to help you find the appropriate one.
  • Rope length: Too long or too short a rope will make skipping a rather tricky experience. It's recommended to choose a rope length that allows the handles to reach your armpits when you stand in the centre of the rope.
  • Rope weight: Check out the weight of the rope when browsing. Lighter ropes are ideal for speed, while heavier ropes will provide more resistance.
  • Handles: Look for handles with comfortable grips that prevent slipping during workouts.
  • Material: Skipping ropes are available in several materials - decide between PVC, leather, or nylon, based on your preferences.

What are the different materials for skipping ropes?

As mentioned, skipping ropes come in a variety of different materials. These varying materials have different advantages and can impact your performance. Here are the most common options:

  • PVC: These are a great option for beginner skippers. Lightweight yet durable, they will offer a smooth rotation over your head and under your feet, helping you get to grips with the technique.
  • Leather: Leather ropes are also super durable. They may require a little more time to break in, but once used several times are great for controlled skipping.
  • Nylon: These ropes have a strong design, are lightweight, and are often coated for added durability. They're suitable for various workout styles.
  • Beaded: Beaded ropes are fantastic for freestyle skipping due to their weight and distinctive sound.
  • Cotton: Cotton ropes are gentle on the skin and ideal for those seeking a softer skipping experience.

What are the benefits of using a skipping rope?

Incorporating skipping into your workouts can bring many different advantages to your mental and physical health. For an in-depth round-up of its benefits, check out our full guide on skipping tips and benefits for physical and mental health. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Improved cardiovascular health: Skipping is a great form of exercise for your cardiovascular system, getting your heart rate up and boosting your overall stamina.
  • Full-body workout: Skipping provides a full-body workout, engaging multiple muscle groups in your arms, legs, glutes and core.
  • Burns calories: Skipping is an efficient workout to burn calories, leading to weight loss.
  • Improved coordination: Using a piece of gym equipment while moving different parts of your body at the same time requires concentration and hand-eye coordination. The rhythmic, repetitive motion will enhance your balance and coordination skills.
  • Enhanced mental agility: The coordination required in skipping helps improve cognitive function and motor skills.
  • Portable: Thanks to their lightweight designs and requiring minimal space to store away, skipping ropes are great for taking on the go with you.
  • Budget-friendly: Skipping ropes show off all different price tags, so there is one for every budget.

How much does a skipping rope cost?

Skipping ropes can vary in their cost, depending on several factors, including their material, features and durability. For a budget-friendly spend, you can get a skipping rope for as little as £5. Mid-range skipping ropes can be anything from £15 to £30, and for premium, all-singing, all-dancing versions, they can be £30+.


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