Glide like a pro in the pool with a fitted swimming cap. Designed to make you more streamlined with a hydrodynamic shape, swimming caps are typically made from a strong silicone fabric to provide a comfortable tight fit and lock out any water.


As well as protecting hair from chlorine and other chemicals, most swimming caps are designed to also protect your ears and will keep both dry for a hassle-free swim.

Most swimming caps come in one size to fit all head shapes and sizes and cater to all hair types, from short to long, fine to thick. Kids' swimming caps do vary slightly in junior sizes.

The Recommended has done the research for you, and we’ve put together a selection of the best swimming caps for all types of swimmers.

The best swimming caps at-a-glance:

The best swimming caps

Best for long hair: Speedo Long Hair Swim Cap

Slick and streamline

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Speedo Long Hair Swim Cap

Speedo is the world’s leading swimwear brand, providing top-notch products for those taking the plunge.

This swimming cap is ideal for those with longer hair wanting to protect their locks from chlorine and maintain a smooth, hydrodynamic shape throughout your swim. Made from lightweight latex-free silicone, it is durable yet comfortable and easy to pull on and off. Available in multiple colours.

Best universal swimming cap: Zoggs Stretch Swimming Cap

Ideal for all ages

Zoggs Stretch Swimming Cap

Keep hair away from your face and protect it from chlorine using this swimming cap.

Made from an ultra-soft and flexible spandex fabric, this swimming cap has 30% more stretch than a traditional silicone cap, and one size fits all. Easy to take on and off, this is a great option for regular swimmers and is available in blue, black and pink colours.

Best for kids: Zoggs Children’s Silicone Swimming Cap

Fun and practical

Zoggs Children’s Silicone Swimming Cap

Brighten up their swimming lessons with this bright and colourful shark print swimming cap.

Suitable for ages six to 14 years old, this junior-size swimming cap is made from high-quality silicone, providing the ultimate comfort in the pool and protection against damaging chlorine. Easy to pull on and off and wear goggles over.

Best for lots of hair: Soul Cap Swimming Cap

Inclusive to all hair types

Soul Cap Swimming Cap

Ideal for those with voluminous hair, this swimming cap is designed with extra room to fit it all in.

Whether you have hair extensions, braids, curls, dreadlocks, weaves, or an afro, you can maintain healthy locks with this super strong and protective cap. The 100% premium silicone material is durable yet flexible and is BPA and tear-free. Available in multiple colours and sizes, medium to extra large.

Best unisex swimming cap: Maru Unisex Swim Cap

One size fits all

Create a smooth outline to your strokes with this swimming cap, keeping hair neatly pulled back and away from your face.

This swimming cap from British brand Maru is made from a strong silicone material, which makes it easy to fit, comfortable and long-lasting. Available in a huge array of bright colours to show off in the pool while keeping locks damage-free from chemicals.

Best for the pros: Arena Unisex Classic Swim Cap

An ergonomic design

Arena Unisex Classic Swim Cap

Ideal for competitive swimmers, this swimming cap is made from PVC-free silicone and designed with reinforced edges for a hydrodynamic and comfortable fit, ready to glide you through the water.

Pop on your head in just three seconds and experience a drag-free swim, streamlined and smooth. This swimming cap is chlorine-resistant and sweat-wicking to provide a long-lasting solution in the pool and guarantees no water spills in.

Best non-slip swimming cap: Zoggs Adult Swimming Cap

For hassle-free swimming

Zoggs Adult Swimming Cap

Keep your hair dry and protected from pool chlorine with this hard-wearing silicone swimming cap, built to last.

This swimming cap has an anti-slip and embossed inner lining to create the perfect fit so you can lap up and down in comfort and be more streamlined. Available in one size thanks to its stretch and contouring shape, with tear-resistant properties for a durable cap.

Best for ear protection: Arteesol Swimming Cap

No snagging or pulling

Arteesal Swimming Cap

This secure-fit swimming cap has extra space to provide extra protection to your ears while you swim.

Made from a high-quality non-toxic silicone material, this swimming cap has a high elasticity to cover all hair lengths while ensuring a watertight fit to keep hair and ears dry, chlorine and irritation free. Available in various colours.

Best breathable swimming cap: Firesara Lycra Swimming Cap

No mess or damage

Firesara Lycra Swimming Cap

Featuring a strong elastic rim to hold securely in place, this swimming cap is the ideal option for competitive or leisure swimming.

Made using a lycra material, this swimming cap is soft and lightweight to wear as you go, with breathable properties to make it a more pleasurable experience. Easy to put on without any snagging and quick-drying for the ultimate convenience.

Best swimming cap duo: Geyoga 2 Pieces Elastic Swimming Caps

Two caps in two different colours

Geyoga 2 Pieces Elastic Swimming Caps

This set of swimming caps is ideal for regular swimmers or for sharing with friends and family.

Made from high-quality spandex material, they are flexible to fit all head sizes and protect all hair types. The swimming caps feature a glossy surface which helps reduce drag, providing a smooth stroke to your swim. Choose from a selection of colour combinations.


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