Swimming is a great form of exercise for the whole body, building up strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Having the right kit, including a well-fitting swimming cap, is game-changing, but it all starts with finding the most appropriate goggles for you.


Swimming goggles aim to give you the best vision in water, whether swimming at your local leisure centre pool or taking the plunge outdoors. A securely fit pair will keep water out of your eyes and have anti-glare properties to ensure your swim is clear, comfortable and as streamlined as possible.

The Recommended has scoured the web to find the best selection of swimming goggles out there. Read on for the verdict.

The best swimming goggles at-a-glance:

The best swimming goggles

Best universal fit goggles: Beeway Swimming Goggles

Cushioned, comfortable fit

Beeway Swimming Goggles

Designed with a soft silicone frame to provide cushioning around your eyes and finished with a leak-proof seal, these goggles will keep your eyes chlorine and red-mark free.

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Fit using the easily adjustable strap and pair with the built-in ear plugs to prevent water damage to your ears. These goggles have anti-fog, mirror-coated lenses to reduce glare and provide UV protection. They are also shatterproof and built to last.

Best twin pack of goggles: Cooloo Swimming Goggles

Scratch and shatterproof

Cooloo Swimming Goggles

This duo set of goggles also includes a nose clip and earplugs to guarantee the ultimate swimming experience.

Featuring transparent lenses, these goggles will keep visibility sharp and clear throughout your swim, while the suction over your eyes will ensure no water leaks in. The head strap is fully adjustable to most head sizes, and the silicone material is strong and comfortable.

Best swimming goggles for kids: Zoggs Super Seal Kids Swimming Goggles

Add a splash of colour

Zoggs Super Seal Kids Swimming Goggles

These two-toned silicone goggles are available in pink or blue colours. Made from a strong material, they are durable and long-lasting and are suitable for ages six to 14-year-olds.

These goggles feature anti-fog technology to provide crystal-clear vision in the pool and UV protection to keep your kid’s eyes safe in the sun and protected against bright lights inside. The split strap is adjustable to all head sizes and ensures a secure yet comfortable fit for fuss-free swimming.

Best for outdoor and indoor: NO LABEL Swimming Goggles

Lightweight and durable

NO LABEL Swimming Goggles

Improve your performance in the pool with these high-quality soft silicone swimming goggles, complete with a zip case for carrying with you on the go.

The hydrodynamic design of these goggles provides a smooth swimming experience, and the lenses are finished with an anti-fog coating to guarantee crystal-clear vision. They feature a one-click fit system so you can remove them easily, and are suitable in most conditions thanks to their UV protection.

Best comfortable goggles: Speedo Unisex Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Swimming Goggles

Find the perfect fit

Speedo Unisex Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Swimming Goggles

Designed using a combo of gel-like materials and Speedo’s speciality Biofuse technology, these goggles are super soft, flexible and adjustable to fit all.

These goggles have cushioned frames with wide lenses to provide maximum peripheral vision and feature an anti-fog coating to ensure clarity in the water. They also have UV protection to prioritise your eyes’ safety in all conditions.

Best beginner goggles: Aquasphere Swimming Goggles


Aquasphere Swimming Goggles

Improve your kid’s confidence in the water with these swimming goggles, available in a selection of different colours and suitable for ages three plus.

These goggles have curved lenses for the ultimate clear vision in the pool and are easy to adjust using the side buckles, preventing any water leakage or irritation to the eyes. They are scratch-resistant, have an anti-fog coating to suit all lighting conditions, and are complete with UV protection.

Best customisable goggles: Toplus Swimming Goggles

Swim like a pro

Toplus Swimming Goggles

Whether racing or leisurely swimming, these goggles will protect your eyes from water and chlorine and provide wide and clear vision.

The ergonomic design features double-layered silicone seals for comfortable cushioning around your eyes and a soft nose bridge for a flexible and durable fit. The mirrored lenses provide anti-fog properties to prevent steaming up in the pool. A pair of earplugs and two spare nose bridges are also included.

Best wide-view goggles: AqtivAqua Wide View Swimming Goggles

For 180° vision

AqtivAqua Wide View Swimming Goggles

Step up your swimming strokes with these high-quality goggles, designed with wide polycarbonate lenses, available in either clear or shaded.

Choose clear for maximum brightness in low light conditions and shaded for medium to bright light conditions to reduce glare and transmission. Both offer UV protection and advanced anti-fog coating. Easy to adjust using the one-click buckle system and featuring soft and flexible silicone seals for comfortable suction.

Best outdoor swimming goggles: Winline Polarized Adult Swimming Goggles

Anti-fog and anti-glare

Winline Polarized Adult Swimming Goggles

Block out 99% of the sun’s glare with these super practical polarised goggles designed specifically for bright light conditions.

Easy to adjust with their soft and durable silicone strap, these goggles will reduce blurred vision in outdoor situations and provide a watertight seal around your eyes. They are also fog resistant and have a flexible nose bridge piece for ultimate comfort.


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