Two years ago, I bought a new pair of running shorts after becoming increasingly frustrated with holding my phone in my hand while I ran. After doing a bit of research, I bought the Nike Dri-FIT Stride 2-in-1s, with a dedicated zipped phone pocket integrated into the back, and they’re the best running shorts I’ve ever worn.


I’d recently got quite seriously into running after taking it up in the early days of the pandemic to help with fitness. I was training for my first half marathon at the time, and despite upgrading my trainers to a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11s, I was still rotating between two pairs of old gym shorts. They were your typical generic sports shorts: somewhat stylish, semi-unrestrictive around my thighs, and quick-drying, which was all I needed at the time for a few short runs each week.

I’ve run over 1000 miles in these Nike running shorts
I’ve run over 1000 miles in these Nike running shorts

As I started to up my weekly mileage, my old short's lack of a zip pocket quickly became a major bugbear. Each time I’d go for a run, if I wanted to listen to music, I’d be forced to hold my phone in my hand, my palms would get sweatier with each mile that passed, and I’d become increasingly aware of the fact that my phone could slip out of my hand at any moment.

After a while, I decided to invest in some new running shorts with a zip pocket. After some googling, I settled on a pair of Nike 2-in-1s, and, two years on, I’ve never looked back. The pocket is incorporated just below the waistband at the back of the shorts, which comfortably fits my iPhone. I now own two pairs: one 13cm and one 18cm, both in a slightly off-black colour. At just under £50 a pair, they’re fairly expensive for running shorts, but in my opinion, they’re well worth the price tag.

Nike Dri-FIT Stride 2-in-1 Running Shorts

You can buy this pair of 2-in1 running shorts with a zip pocket at Available in sizes up to 4XL and made from 75% recycled polyester, they have an elasticated drawstring waistband, a full-length internal shorts liner, and a back pocket with a zip for safely storing your phone or keys.

Buy now for £49.95 at Nike

Nike Dri-FIT Stride Men's 18cm 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Nike Dri-FIT Stride 2-in-1 Running Shorts review after 1000 miles

Since buying these shorts two years ago, and running over a thousand miles in them since, I've found them to be a gamechanger for storing my phone during events instead of leaving it at bag drops or wearing a hydration vest when I don’t need to.

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It also means that I can now listen to music using my wireless earphones, without needing to carry my phone in my hand, and after investing in an Amazfit T-Rex Pro watch, I use that to track my mileage. If I were to get injured far from home or ever needed to buy a drink, I also know that I can use my phone to get me out of a difficult situation.

I’ve bought other running shorts that have zip pockets on each thigh, as well as pairs with pockets integrated into internal liners, but I’ve found the thigh positioning irritating and restrictive over long distances.

I now rotate between the two pairs of Nike 2-in-1s for all of my runs, whether it’s a quick lunchtime 5k or a long run at marathon pace at the weekend. I also wear the longer 18cm pair out and about as activewear. They are super lightweight and unrestricted, providing a significantly better range of movement than regular sports shorts.

The inner compression shorts keep everything below your waist where it should be, even when your legs are fully extended. Made from 75% recycled polyester, I’ve found that they are plenty breathable and don’t absorb too much sweat. They are also seriously quick-drying; on warm days, I can usually get away with wearing them straight from the washing machine after a long spin.

As someone who’s already run more than a thousand miles in them, I’d highly recommend the Nike Dri-FIT Stride 2-in-1s for all runners, whether you’re completely new to the sport and you find holding your phone in your hand irritating, or you’re a seasoned runner looking for a lightweight, well-made pair of shorts lined with compression inners and a safe place to store your phone.



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