No trip to the coast is complete without the perfect beach towel, somewhere to soak up the sun, get lost in a good book, or sit while you layer on sun cream and dig a really big hole for no apparent reason (we get it, it is fun).


Gone are the days when beach towels were strictly limited to thick cotton and candy-striped designs (though we still have a soft spot for the classic vibe). These days the market is full of beach towels for every need. From fast-drying microfibre to sand-free styles, beach towels are more practical than ever.

So, how do you find your dream beach towel? We thought you’d never ask. At The Recommended, we take smart shopping seriously, so we scoured the internet to find the best value beach towels to suit every need. From organic cotton to hooded kids’ towels, we’ve thought of it all and paired it with some useful information to make sure your seaside experience is smooth sailing (see what we did there?).

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The best beach towels

Best microfibre towel: Eono Microfibre Towel

Lightweight and fast drying

best microfiber beach towel

This microfibre beach towel is available in a variety of sizes and colourways and folds away into a breathable case for efficient packing.

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This lightweight towel is super absorbent and can hold up to four times its own weight in water. The microfibre material is crafted with an antimicrobial treatment to prevent mould and mildew, and it dries up to ten times faster than a traditional cotton towel allowing for optimal hygiene and long-lasting quality.

Best classic beach towel: Amazon Basics Beach Towel

A timeless design

best classic beach towel

This pack of two beach towels features a classic, nostalgic design and is made of thick cotton for added comfort.

These beach towels are made from 100% ringspun cotton and offer optimal absorbency and comfort. These towels come in a variety of colourways and a classic striped design. These towels are also machine washable for easy maintenance.

Best affordable beach towel: Fit-Flip Microfibre Towel

Value for money

best affordable beach towel

This affordable beach towel is made of lightweight, absorbent microfibre and is available in a variety of sizes to suit every need.

This microfibre beach towel is crated with antibacterial properties that prevent unpleasant odours and dries far quicker than traditional cotton towels. This microfibre towel also comes equipped with a mesh storage bag, allowing easy packing and efficient use.

Best multipack towels: Utopia Beach Towels

For all the family

best multipack beach towels

This pack of four cotton beach towels is an affordable option that caters well for families.

These large beach towels are made from 100% ringspun cotton and are super absorbent yet lightweight. These towels are machine washable for easy maintenance and super soft for maximum comfort.

Best large beach towel: OCOOPA Large Beach Towel

Space to relax

best large beach towel

This extra large beach towel can accommodate two people, is thin yet strong, and dries in half the time of a traditional cotton towel.

This hypoallergenic beach towel is made with microfibre material designed to repel sand for mess-free beach days. This towel is also lightweight, fast-drying, and super absorbent, perfect for use while travelling.

Best organic cotton towel: DEMMEX Organic Cotton Towel

Durable quality

best organic cotton beach towel

These stylish organic cotton beach towels are super soft and pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

This large cotton towel is made with 100% certified organic Turkish cotton and organic dyes for a quality finish. This lightweight, absorbent towel is super soft for optimum comfort and is designed to be compact when folded for convenient packing and storage.

Best hooded towel: Adore Hooded Towel

Comfy and practical

best hooded beach towel

This hooded towel is made from 100% cotton and is super soft and absorbent.

This hooded towel is perfect for use after surfing and water sports and helps to retain body heat. This towel is available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit every need and features short sleeves and a front pocket to allow for ease of changing.

Best sand-free towel: Dock and Bay Beach Towel

Sustainable and stylish

best sand free beach towel

This beach towel is made from 100% recycled materials and is super soft, providing sustainable comfort.

This beach towel features a sand-free design. Simply shake to remove all sand and pack away into the convenient carry case. Dock and Bay beach towels are lightweight, fast drying and super-absorbent. They also fold down easily, helping you to pack a little lighter.

Best kids hooded towel: CityComfort Kids Hooded Towel Poncho

Durable and practical

best kids hooded beach towel

These hooded beach towels are available in a variety of fun designs and colours and are made with 100% cotton.

This hooded towel poncho features a practical design perfect for quick seaside changes and is highly absorbent. This towel is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Beach towels by material

  • Cotton: Cotton beach towels are the classic option, and it's easy to see why. Cotton towels are super absorbent and dry relatively quickly, and they also tend to be softer and more comfortable for sunbathing than other materials.
  • Organic Cotton: Organic cotton has all the same benefits as standard cotton, the difference between the two lies in the manufacturing process. Organic cotton is made without chemicals or pesticides. It uses less energy and water to manufacture due to the increased soil quality and is considered more sustainable than standard cotton.
  • Microfibre: Microfibre towels are usually made of synthetic materials like polyester-nylon blends and are generally more affordable than cotton or organic cotton towels. Microfibre towels have the added benefit of being lightweight, absorbent and extremely fast-drying. Though they may not be as thick and comfortable, they are a practical beach accessory that folds easily for added convenience.
  • Sand-free: Sand-free or sand-resistant towels are increasing in popularity, and we can see why. These towels are usually made with polyester, which has a looser weave than cotton, allowing the sand to fall through the material instead of clinging to the fibres. A quick shake of your towel should remove any sand and help to keep your beach day mess-free.

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