If you’ve put off tidying your wardrobe one too many times and it’s now reached a state of organisational chaos, buying a new set of clothes hangers could be all that stands between you and a tidier home.


But with a range of coat hangers available to buy online, from ultra-slim, fabric coated options to wide, wooden hangers designed to keep suits in shape, it’s important to consider which set of hangers will be best suited to the space you have to work with and the types of clothes you need to hang.

To help you clean up your wardrobe, The Recommended spoke to a professional organiser and interior style expert to find out what you should look out for (and avoid) when shopping for your next set of clothes hangers.

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Our home organisation expert

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Caroline Caron Dhaouadi is a professional organiser and interior stylist. As the founder of Homefulness, a professional organising service, she helps her clients set up stylish and long-lasting organisation systems in their homes and offices.

Homefulness offers a wardrobe organisation service to help organise and style any wardrobe, whether it be walk-in, closet or chest of drawers, with the ultimate goal of creating long-lasting organisation systems.

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We put three questions to Caroline to understand what you need to know when shopping for clothes hangers and got her expert recommendations of the best clothes hangers to buy and why.

What should you look for when buying clothes hangers?

When buying clothes hangers, there are two main things you should consider, says Caroline: “The space you have and the kind of clothes you need to hang.”

If space is tight, “it’s best to go for slim hangers, which are space-saving. Velvet slimline hangers are the best as they can accommodate delicate clothing and prevent slipping".

“If you have heavier things to hang, such as winter coats,” she adds, “you'll need to go for sturdy hangers, such as wooden ones.”

What should you avoid when looking for clothes hangers?

While it might be tempting to opt for a set of hangers purely based on their aesthetics, Caroline recommends considering practicality over style. “Some fancy looking hangers can take up a lot of your hanging space. Make sure to choose slim ones, especially if you have space issues.”

Which are the best clothes hangers?

Caroline advises opting for hangers that are space-saving, sturdy and prevent clothes from slipping such as these non-slip velvet hangers from Utopia Home.

Best clothes hangers

Best overall hangers: Utopia Home Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

Space-saving solution

Utopia Home Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

These non-slip velvet hangers from Utopia Home are recommended by our interior style and organisation expert, Caroline, who praises their space-saving and sturdy design.

Available to purchase in packs of 50, and in a choice of three colours, these hangers are said to be strong enough to hold 4.5kg of weight. Their non-slip velvet coating is designed to prevent clothes from creasing and falling off the hanger.

Amazon shopper Nat rates these hangers for their space-saving design, saying, “I’ve gained so much more space underneath as items hang higher, and I’ve managed to fit more clothes in the wardrobe width-wise too”.

Best for heavy items: SONGMICS 20-Pack Coat Hangers, Maple Wood Clothes Hangers with Shoulder Notches

Sturdy design

2. SONGMICS 20-Pack Coat Hangers, Maple Wood Clothes

Classically designed wooden hangers such as these from SONGMICS Store are great for hanging coats and other heavy clothing.

Made from 100% maple wood, these hangers feature shoulder notches, a trouser bar and a 360-degree swivel hook. They are available to buy in packs of 20 in five different colours.

Amazon shopper Becca rates these hangers thanks to their versatility and quality design. She said: “I wanted wooden hangers that looked nice and were a bit more expensive. These were perfect. You can hang heavy coats as well as keep trousers nice and uncreased.”

Best for jackets and coats: ZOBER Store High-Grade Wooden Hangers

Thick bodied

ZOBER Store High-Grade Wooden Hangers

This set of six wooden hangers from ZOBER Store with shoulder flares are designed to hold heavy coats, suits and jackets.

Our expert Caroline warns against opting for hangers based on their looks alone. With 6.3cm shoulder flairs designed to preserve the original tailored shape of suits, as well as a screw-reinforced pant bar, non-slip grip and 360-degree zinc-plated hook, these hangers combine both style and practicality.

Amazon shopper Eli describes these hangers as “perfect for heavy coats and suits where you want to preserve the shape of the shoulder”. While fellow amazon shopper Lee said they are “well made, look good, and keep my clothes in excellent shape”.

Best for delicate clothing: SONGMICS 20 Pack Coat Hangers, 20 Pack Non-Slip Velvet Hangers with Tie Organisers

Slim design

4. SONGMICS 20 Pack Coat Hangers, Premium Quality Plastic Suit Hangers, Heavy Duty

This pack of 20 non-slip velvet hangers are designed to help create more storage space in your wardrobe.

Our expert Carolina says that slim hangers with velvet, such as these from SONGMICS, are great for space-saving and can accommodate delicate clothing and prevent slipping.

Amazon shopper Francesca likes their design, saying “these hangers are a great addition to my wardrobe. They hold kimonos and other lightweight shirts and blouses don’t slip off. They’re also big enough for my partner’s shirts and he’s a size XL. They seem sturdy enough as they hold winter jumpers without any problems.”

Best for space saving: Amazon Basics Velvet Suit Hangers

Light and minimal

5. Amazon Basics Velvet Suit Hangers, 100-Pack (Black)

If you’re looking for a simple set of hangers for optimal space-saving, these Amazon Basics velvet suit hangers meet our expert’s recommendations.

The ultra-slim profile allows for maximum space-saving inside your wardrobe, while the velvet coating helps to keep clothes from slipping off. These hangers are said to be able to hold up to 4.5 kgs and are available to buy in packs of 30, 50 and 100 in a range of colours.

‘Top 500 reviewer’ on Amazon Mrs Swarfield loves these hangers for their space-saving design, saying “I’ve been at my wit's end with storage solutions for months and have been through my wardrobes so many times but I cannot part with anything. These are amazing. Three of these hangers take up the space of one wooden one. I have exactly the same amount of clothes but with much more space. I am thrilled.”

Best for multiple items: NORTHERN BROTHERS Trouser Hangers Space Saving

Innovative solution

6. NORTHERN BROTHERS Trouser Hangers Space Saving - 4 Pack

These trouser hangers from NORTHERN BROTHERS can hang up to five pairs of bottoms, dresses, ties and scarves at once.

If you’re looking to save on wardrobe space, our expert Caroline advises considering the space and kind of clothes you have. If you happen to have a surplus of trousers, these hangers could be the answer to your problem.

Amazon shopper Ria highly recommends these hangers, saying “apart from saving me so much space in my wardrobe, I love the design of these hangers. The snake-like form makes pulling a pair of trousers off so less fiddly than other designs I’ve tried. A favourite for me!”

Best for children's clothes: Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Kids and Childrens Hangers

Kind on clothes

7. Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Kids and Childrens Hangers

Amazon Basic’s kids’ hangers are 60% smaller than adult-sized hangers, come in a choice of eight colours and can hold up to 4.5kgs of clothes.

This set of kids' hangers features smooth, rounded edges to maintain clothing shape and a non-slip velvet coating to help keep items in place.

Amazon shopper Colette rates these hangers, saying “these hangers are brightly coloured and sturdy. The velvet helps to grip clothes and stop them slipping off. The hangers are slim so take up less room in your wardrobe”.

Best for bottoms: VEHHE Trouser Hangers Space Saving

Great for stacking

8. VEHHE Trouser Hangers Space Saving 20 Pack

These hooked hangers from VEHHE feature two adjustable rotatable clips, designed to effectively hang trousers and other bottoms.

These hangers are able to accommodate clothes with widths ranging from 2.56 to 10 inches. They also feature an ‘on-hook’ design, which allows you to stack multiple garments together to save on space inside your wardrobe.

Amazon shopper Phil has tried a number of trouser hangers but thinks these are the best, saying, “the spring clips grip well and are deep to reach onto fabric. The hook swivels 360 degrees. The garment holds level with the metal bar meaning the belt hook plastic part does not dig into clothes. I will definitely buy again.”

Best for accessories: HANGERWORLD Wooden 20 Bar Tie Belt Rack

Useful organiser

9. HANGERWORLD Wooden 20 Bar Tie Belt Rack Accessory Organiser

Another clever space saver, this hanger from the HANGERWORLD Store has a swivel hook design that is ideal for storing ties, belts, and other accessories.

Made from solid tolus wood, this hanger features twenty smooth chromed loops which provide enough space to store up to 20 ties or accessories.

Amazon shopper Mac describes this hanger as “a sturdy and elegant tie rack”, while fellow amazon shopper Johnny says it is an “easy to use, handy little tie hanger that is well made and keeps your ties in an easy to find, crease-free, orderly place.

Best plastic hanger: KEPLIN Space Saving Black Plastic Coat Hangers

Solid all-rounder

10. KEPLIN Space Saving Black Plastic Coat Hangers

This 20-pack of hangers from KEPLIN are made from heavy-duty plastic, designed to withstand the weight of heavy clothes and coats.

These hangers also feature a thin and slim profile for space-saving, a non-slip design to keep clothes from falling off, a rotating hook for ease of use, and a central tie bar for storing small items including ties, belts and other small accessories.

Amazon shopper Sarah values these hangers’ durability, saying “these hangers are quite flexible, but still sturdy enough to carry an adult pair of jeans and t-shirt. For the price, they’re excellent value”.


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