A good night’s sleep is essential for everyday functioning, from growth and development to maintaining mental and physical health.


As well as having the perfect mattress, the right type of pillow and even a light alarm clock to help you fall asleep and wake up more naturally, adding an eye mask can improve your sleep quality.

Whether you are a light sleeper, someone who needs total darkness to drift off, or travelling and needs to nap on the move, an eye mask will block out any unwanted light to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Available in various materials, styles and budget-friendly price points, The Recommended have put together 10 of our top eye masks for sleeping to help you doze off. We’ve also answered some of your frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page to help you in your purchasing journey.

The best eye masks at-a-glance:

The best eye masks

Best flexible eye mask: Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

Lightweight and comfy

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Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

Material: Cotton

Block out the light with this eye mask and drift off to sleep in an instant. Made from ultra-soft cotton fabric, it is super comfortable against your eyes and face and is ideal for sensitive skin.

This eye mask fits all head sizes with its adjustable strap, and its triangle wing design ensures it stays in place throughout your snooze. It features five layers of breathable fabric, including an elastic sponge for the ultimate flexibility, easily fitting around your nose shape and taking the pressure off your head.

Best customisable eye mask: Gritin Silk Sleep Mask

For total peace and quiet

Gritin Silk Sleep Mask

Material: Silk

Guarantee yourself a good night’s sleep with this soft-touch eye mask, made from pure cotton filled into pure mulberry silk fabric for the ultimate luxurious comfort.

This eye mask’s natural material provides a lightweight and breathable covering for your eyes, efficiently blocking out light with zero pressure on the eyes. It is suitable for all head circumferences with its adjustable strap and comes with ear plugs to block out unwanted background noise.

Best eye mask multipack: BeeVines Silk Sleep Masks

A multifunctioning duo

BeeVines Silk Sleep Masks

Material: Silk

Want uninterrupted sleep? This eye mask twin pack is the perfect solution, whether travelling or at home, providing 100% blackout so you can drift off whenever and wherever you are.

Each eye mask is made from high-density mulberry silk with a double-layer filling for a super lightweight and breathable design against your face and eyes. Its super soft material is gentle on the skin, avoiding irritation, and has an elasticated strap that you can tailor to your head size.

Best adjustable eye mask: SySrion Sleep Mask

An innovative design

SySrion Sleep Mask

Material: Nylon, cotton

Wake up refreshed after an undisturbed night’s sleep thanks to this comfortable light-blocking eye mask. It is fully adjustable with a velcro fastening tape and suitable for all head sizes.

This eye mask is foldable and lightweight, making it a great option for those on the move, whether on a plane, car journey or your next camping trip. Its nylon fabric with cotton padding provides soft cushioning against your skin for a silky smooth touch.

Best eye mask with music: Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask

For the ultimate relaxation

Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Material: Silk, cotton

Drift off to sleep in darkness wearing this eye mask, featuring built-in headphones to listen to your favourite nighttime tunes at the same time. Simply pair up with your smartphone and hit the pillow.

The headphones have a long-lasting battery life, providing 10 hours of playing time in one go, and the eye mask has an adjustable strap to fit all head sizes. The breathable fabric will fit closely to your eye area with deep contours, providing the ideal sleeping environment.

Best blackout eye mask: Smug Sleep & Eye Mask

Practical and stylish

Smug Sleep & Eye Mask

Material: Polyester

Get your beauty sleep in with this eye mask, designed to block out 100% of light for a dark and tranquil environment. Made from soft and breathable fabric, you’ll barely notice it’s there as you sleep.

This eye mask is super soft and weightless, perfect for travel or home, and can be adjusted to your head easily using velcro fastenings. Choose from numerous unique patterns and doze off in style. This eye mask will also prevent damage to extensions or natural eyelashes.

Best patterned eye mask: townssilk Silk Sleep Mask

Guaranteed uninterrupted sleep

townssilk Silk Sleep Mask

Material: Silk

Fall asleep easily with this eye mask over your face, bringing total darkness to your bedroom or when travelling around. It is super soft and comfortable and made from 100% silk on both sides.

This mask’s highly elasticated strap lets you adjust it to your head size and drift off hassle-free, improving your sleep quality. This eye mask is available in several stylish patterns and colours and is super lightweight for a barely-there feel.

Best mask for sensitive skin: Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

Kind to eyes

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

Material: Silk

Take control of your sleep by blocking out unwanted light and drifting off faster thanks to this silk eye mask. Fully adjustable with a buckle at the back to provide the ultimate comfort as you snooze.

This eye mask is made from delicate mulberry silk, a great option for sensitive skin. Its close fit will create a dark environment as you sleep, while the soft fabric will prevent any damage to your skin around the eyes.

Best premium eye mask: Drowsy Silk Eye Mask

A touch of luxury

Drowsy Silk Eye Mask

Material: Silk

Improve sleep quality with this ultra-chic yet functional eye mask made from 100% pure mulberry silk. Its wide design will block out external light, with cushioning for maximum comfort.

Hypoallergenic, chemical free and with a soothing touch, this eye mask provides a simple solution to a more restful night's sleep, helping you wake up more refreshed and revitalised. Its thick fabric is cosy yet breathable and has a stylish glossy finish.

Best portable eye mask: OnaEz Sleep Mask

Always be ready for nap time

OnaEz Sleep Mask

Material: Silk

Sleep in total darkness with this eye mask, designed with 12mm deep eye pockets to avoid any rubbing against your eyes and lashes. It will provide a dark environment to encourage a better night’s sleep.

This eye mask is durable and long-lasting and can be customised to all face shapes and sizes with its adjustable strap and nose bridge to fit all. It is super soft and lightweight, with a small travel bag included for convenience on the go.

Eye mask buyers' guide

What are eye masks?

Eye masks work by blocking out natural light to help improve the overall quality of your sleep. They are easy to wear around your head and eyes, providing a darkened environment for your sleep, and come in a huge variety of styles, colours and patterns, with varying features to choose from.

The benefits of eye masks

Eye masks are designed to improve sleep quality. The Sleep Foundation provides up-to-date research on sleep and health and states that ‘excess light exposure can throw off your sleep and circadian rhythm.’ They suggest that a sleep mask over your eyes can block light and prevent interference.

Eye masks are less expensive than making other alterations to your sleeping environment, such as black-out blinds or special lighting. They are a great option on the move, whether travelling or camping, as they are super lightweight and portable, taking minimal space. They are a quick and easy solution to bring darkness to your eyes.

Factors to consider when choosing an eye mask

Fabric: Eye masks vary but are typically made from cotton, silk or nylon, allowing for lightweight designs you’ll barely notice as you wear them. They are soft against the face and eyes and provide breathability while you sleep. Silk eye masks are ultrasoft, smooth, and gentle on the skin, with moisturising properties to maintain healthy skin as you rest. Cotton eye masks are often slightly cheaper while still providing a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric to block out the light at night.

Design: Check out the various colours and patterns available on the market. Do you want something bright and bold or a more delicate or subtle design? There is something for everyone.

Features: Look out for additional features some eye masks may have - whether that be extra foam padding for the ultimate cushioning or deep contours to provide added comfort around the eye sockets. Most will have adjustable straps to tailor specifically to your head shape and size, while some varieties even have built-in headphones to provide surround sound music as you drift off.

How to care for your eye mask

Eye masks are long-lasting sleep accessories, which can be used over and over again, and require minimal maintenance. Most will come with care instructions, but generally, they should be hand-washed at a cool temperature every few weeks to protect their fabric while ensuring they are being cleaned to minimise any bacteria.

Can I wear an eye mask if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, eye masks are suitable for all skin types. Opt for a silk fabric for a super soft and kind-to-skin option.


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