An overweight bag can make or break your holiday and quickly dampen your time away before you've even left the airport. Going over your allowed baggage could see you charged up to £18 per kilo, so your travel fund could be taking an early hit if you mistakenly pack too much.


Luckily, this airport travel mistake can easily be avoided by investing in a luggage scale. Buying a luggage scale won't break the bank, can keep your mind at rest before heading off on holiday, and (most importantly) leave you with some extra cash to spend at the poolside bar.

The handy tool comes in a variety of different designs, from classic to manual scales and sleek to digital. Finding the right scale for you is the best way to avoid the added expense, but with so many to choose from, where do you start? Well, that’s where we come in.

The Recommended has curated a list of the best luggage scales on the market to help you find the best one. We’ve also thrown in some key information on how to use luggage scales and what the most popular airlines' baggage fees are to keep your airport experience as stress-free as possible.

The best luggage scales at a glance:

The best luggage scales

Here are our top picks of the best luggage scales:

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Best for over-packers: Etekcity Luggage Scale

For everything but the kitchen sink

best for overpackers

This digital luggage scale has an innovative design and convenient features tailored to those who like to pack more than they might need. The scale promises super-accurate results and comes equipped with a rubber-textured handle for added grip.

It also features an overload indicator and can weigh bags up to 50kg in weight. Weighing only 99g, you can even bring it in your carry-on bag to take it with you on holiday to use on the reverse journey.

Best digital scale: FREETOO Luggage Scale

For clear results

best digital scale

This luggage scale offers a clear display and a simple, intuitive design to give you reliable results. The lightweight scale is equipped with a durable fabric strap for ease of use, and its large LCD display promises to give clear, accurate results.

This scale also features energy-saving settings and will automatically turn off after 60 seconds of no use to help maximise battery life. It can weigh up to 50kg and only ways 90g itself.

Best floor scale: Smart Weigh Heavy Duty Scale

For larger loads

best floor scale

This floor scale removes the heavy lifting, helping you comfortably and accurately weigh your luggage. It is a heavy-duty floor scale that has a maximum capacity of 200kg, ensuring it can handle the heaviest of suitcases.

Its convenient floor-scale design features an attached, handheld digital display for ease of use, and its auto-off feature helps preserve battery life. The scale also comes with a USB power cord just in case the battery dies, and you're in a rush.

Best compact luggage scale: Salter 9500 Luggage Scale

For on-the-go assurance

Salter scale

This Salter Scale is one of the most simple scales to use, with a one-button operation and an easy-to-read LCD display that relays the weight of your bag back to you. It can weigh bags which are up to 40kg and has a 2-year guarantee.

It is very portable and very compact, so can be stored easily in your bag so you can weigh your luggage on the return journey. It also comes with a battery, so you won't need to worry about buying them.

Best manual luggage sale: Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale

A classic design

best manual scale

This pocket-sized, manual luggage scale has a traditional analogue display, so you never have to worry about batteries. It comes equipped with an inbuilt tape measure, allowing you to check your baggage dimensions for added peace of mind.

It is lightweight and can be brought with you in your bag when you go away. It works by hooking your bag to the scale and then lifting the bag off the ground, the pointer then shows you how heavy the bag is.

Best-designed luggage scale: Faithfull Portable Electronic Scale

Covers all bases


This handheld digital scale has an innovative design and intuitive features for ease of use. It can measure weight in three different ways, so whether you prefer kilograms, pounds, or ounces, there is a setting for you.

It also has tare, zero, and overload functions with an LCD display that has a backlight that allows easy reading even in the dark. The scale is supplied complete with a steel hook and nylon strap and weighs up to 50kg but does not include batteries.

Best value luggage scale: Ossian 2 in 1 Luggage Scale

Cheap and cheerful

best value luggage scale

This super-affordable 2-in-1 scale features a manual design and an in-built tape measure. The portable hand scale has a 32kg capacity and an attached tape measure so you can accurately work out your luggage's dimensions.

It works using a durable metal loading hook that has a handle and promises to last for a long time. Weighing only 150g itself, the scale can easily be brought along with you on holiday.

Best easy-to-use luggage scales: Lifeventure Digital Weighing Scales

Oh so simple

Sportfish luggage scales

This simple luggage scale is very easy to use with a rubber-coated finish and illuminated background, which displays the weight. It can weigh up to 50kg, and you simply attach the fabric loop before picking up your luggage. You only have to click the switch, and then it's ready to use.

Luggage Scales Buyer's Guide

Portable Luggage Travel fishingscale Scale Hanging Suitcase Hook 22kg 50lb w/Measuring Tape

Our guide to help you choose the right luggage scale, use it properly, and some extra information on how much airlines charge for baggage.

How to weigh your luggage with a scale

  • Handheld scale: Turn on your scale and select your weight unit, ensuring the scale is set to zero. Attach the hook or strap to your luggage and lift it, ensuring it doesn’t hit the ground. The weight will show on the scale’s display. It’s worth taking note of this for your own reference. If the weight is on the border between what is allowed and what isn't, try measuring it two or three times to be sure.
  • Floor scales: Turn on your scale and choose your weight unit. Make sure the weight is set to zero. Place luggage on the scale and wait for the reading to stabilise. Note down the weight for your own reference.

Choosing between a strap or hook

When it comes to selecting a luggage scale, an important decision lies in how you attach the luggage to the scale. Unless you're using a floor scale, you will either have to use a strap or a hook. Both have their benefits, and here are a few things to think about when choosing which one will be right for you:

  • Strap: They offer versatility, accommodating a wide range of luggage types like suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks. They allow you to distribute weight evenly without the risk of tearing the bag as a hook might. The soft material that straps are made of helps to prevent damage to your belongings. On the flip side, due to the material's flexibility, there might be minor weight fluctuations during measurement.
  • Hooks: Hooks are good for quick and direct connections and are often a more robust option for people who are heavier-handed. The hook design can lead to slightly more accurate measurements due to its direct connection and the fact they don't stretch. However, hooks are best suited for luggage with dedicated handles or loops, because they would struggle to connect directly to material. They may also risk straining these handles or loops after several uses.
POV of human hand weighting the suitcase at home on London, Ontario, Canada

Excess baggage charges by airline

If you want to avoid charges in the airport, then take a look at these summaries of the UK's most popular airlines to see what their baggage restrictions are.

  • Ryanair’s bag policy allows one free small cabin bag on all flights. You can check in bags of 10kg or 20kg for any flight at the time of booking for £25 and £50, respectively. Checked bags of 10kg or 20kg can be added to a booking up to two hours before departure for £35.99 and £59.99, respectively. 10kg checked bags can be added to any booking at the airport for a fee of £35.99. Passengers who bring their 10kg bag to the boarding gate can check it in for a fee of £45.99. You can check in 20kg bags at the airport for £69.99. Excess baggage can be purchased online up to 2 hours before departure for £9 per kg. At the airport, this rate increases to £11 per kg.
  • EasyJet’s baggage policy allows for one free small cabin bag per booking. Hold luggage can be added to any flight online from £6.99 for up to £15kg and from £9.49 for 23kg. Extra weight allowance can be added online for £15 per 3kg with a maximum weight of £32kg per item; this rate increases to £12 per single kg at the airport. 23kg of hold luggage can be added at check-in for a fee of £48.
  • Wizz Air’s baggage policy allows for one small cabin bag per passenger per flight. Checked bags of 10kg, 20kg, or 30kg can be added to any flight. Fees vary depending on weight, date of travel and method of booking, further details can be found here. Excess baggage fees are charged at €13.00 per kg.
  • Tui’s baggage policy varies for package holidays and flight-only bookings. Each passenger is allowed a cabin bag of up to 10kg, and extra hand and checked luggage can be added for a fee through the flight extras website. Excess baggage fees are charged at £13 per kg for short-haul flights, £15 per kg for mid-haul flights and £18 per kg for long-haul flights.
  • Jet2’s baggage policy allows for the booking of up to three checked bags of up to 22kg per passenger. Prices vary by date and destination. Excess baggage fees are charged at £12 per kg, and no bag may exceed the maximum weight of 32kg.
  • British Airways bag policy varies depending on booking type, date and destination. Make sure to check your baggage allowance before you fly. If your luggage exceeds your allowance, you may have to pay a hefty £65 fee.
  • The above information is up-to-date as of August 2023.

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