Stuck on space but fed up with washing dirty dishes by hand? Step in the mini dishwasher. Compact and small in size but mighty powerful for spick and span results, this is a super convenient appliance to invest in.


Designed for countertops, whether in your kitchen, office or on the move (yes, some are that portable!), you can simplify your life with a mini dishwasher for a fraction of the cost of a standard full-size dishwasher. They are the perfect solution for small spaces and corners, can either be plumbed in, used in conjunction with most taps, or operate solely alone with their built-in water tanks.

Each model has different features, for example, multiple washing modes - from light to intensive cycles, drying features, cutlery baskets, delay timers etc. They also vary in size, even though all ‘mini’.

Finding the right mini dishwasher for you and your needs is the first step. And we’re here to help! The Recommended has rounded up 10 of our favourite and top-selling mini dishwashers to get you started.

The best mini dishwashers at-a-glance:

The best mini dishwashers

Best eco-friendly option: Comfee’ Freestanding Compact Dishwasher

Quick to install and easy to function

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Comfee’ Freestanding Compact Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.47p

Choose between one of the six different wash programmes, fit up to 67 pieces of tableware inside, and have your dishes sparkling clean with this compact mini dishwasher.

With lower water consumption, it’s a great environmentally-friendly choice, and the self-cleaning filter system will ensure the highest level of hygiene. This mini dishwasher has the option to delay the start of a wash cycle to suit you or switch to the 30-minute super quick cycle for speedy cleans at the ultimate convenience.

Best multifunctional mini dishwasher: Cookology Mini Counter Top Tabletop Dishwasher

Modern and practical

Cookology Mini Counter Top Tabletop Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.47p

This smart mini dishwasher has seven different wash settings to pick from, taking care of all your washing-up demands, from a 30-minute rapid wash to an intensive cycle or glass-specific setting.

Ideal for small spaces, this mini dishwasher connects like any other plumbed-in dishwasher or can be fitted to the kitchen tap, ready to clean up your dishes at the end of the day. Although compact, it surprisingly has the capacity for up to six place settings in one go.

Best family mini dishwasher: Russell Hobbs Freestanding Compact Dishwasher

Ready to deep clean

Russell Hobbs Freestanding Compact Dishwasher

  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.58p

Save space with this table-top design mini dishwasher, ideal for small families with the capacity for up to six place settings each time.

This mini dishwasher features six programmes and has a delayed timer from one to 24 hours to start the cycle whenever it suits you best. It has a removable cutlery basket for convenient functionality and is available in white, black or silver colours to style up with the rest of your interiors.

Best all-in-one option: eklipt Mini Table Top Dishwasher

Clean dishes in 20 minutes

eklipt Mini Table Top Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.32p

Free up space with this multipurpose three-in-one kitchen appliance, tripling up as a dishwasher, dish dryer and kitchen top storage.

This mini dishwasher functions with five different wash cycles, ranging from 19 minutes to 69 minutes, removing dirt and grease from all your tableware pieces. It can hold up to four full place settings and features 360° rotating upper and lower spray arms for a complete clean.

Best large mini dishwasher: Cookology XL Mini Table Top Dishwasher

Take the mess out of your hands

Cookology XL Mini Table Top Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.55p

Whether you’re left with heavily soiled pots and pans or need a rapid wash in time for dinner, this mini dishwasher has got you covered.

Its slick and modern design will fit right into your home and can be set up like any other plumbed dishwasher or connected to most taps. This mini dishwasher has a large capacity for up to eight place settings, ideal for bigger families and features a 24-hour delay timer to suit your schedule.

Best quiet mini dishwasher: Klarstein Table Top Dishwasher

Simple but super effective

Klarstein Table Top Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.47p

Easy to install and function using the simple programme selection, this mini dishwasher operates efficiently and at a low noise to keep you undisturbed.

Ideal for universal cleaning, it has six different wash modes, from ECO to rapid, and will leave your crockery and cutlery sparkling clean. The smart design features a stainless steel door for a sleek style in your home and is suitable for most locations with direct connection to the water mains.

Best portable mini dishwasher: Cookology Mini Portable Dishwasher Table Top

Available in multiple colours

Cookology Mini Portable Dishwasher Table Top
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.29p

Pop this mini dishwasher on any countertop and guarantee freshly cleaned dishes wherever you are - there’s no need to plumb it in.

Simply use the jug provided to fill the appliance with five litres of water (and make sure to aim the water hose down the sink), or you can connect it to a tap. This mini dishwasher has seven wash cycles and reduces energy consumption thanks to its compact size.

Best hygienic mini dishwasher: Baridi Mini Portable Tabletop Dishwasher

Easy installation

Baridi Mini Portable Tabletop Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.29p

Load up this mini dishwasher and take the stress and time out of washing up. Easy to set up with no connections needed thanks to its built-in six-litre water tank, this appliance is ready to go.

It features an LED display and touchscreen controls for simple operation, with six different programmes to alternate between. Save water and energy with the ECO mode, clean up fragile crockery with the delicate glass wash, or switch to the hot 72° intensive wash for the ultimate deep clean.

Best flexible mini dishwasher: Comfee’ Mini Plus Dishwasher

Enough space for 3 place settings

Comfee’ Mini Plus Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.29p

Use the simple LED digital control on this mini dishwasher to choose from one of the multiple cleaning modes, including rapid, ECO and intensive, and start your day with twinkling clean dishes.

This mini dishwasher has a six-litre built-in water tank or can be connected to a water mains supply, making it a super convenient and hassle-free appliance to invest in. It features a large utensil rack, cup rack and bottle rack, and a fan function to speed up the drying process.

Best for convenience: Karlxtom Compact Dishwasher

Washes and dries dishes

Karlxtom Compact Dishwasher
  • Estimated running cost per hour = £0.32p

Ideal for small families, this mini dishwasher holds four full place settings and also functions as a dish dryer and storage unit.

It features two water supply options - water tank or tap mode - and five washing options. Use the baby care wash (89 mins) for a deep, hygienic clean, and finish each wash with the extra drying mode, complete with automatic ventilation to keep dishes clean and odour free.

What is a mini dishwasher?

A mini dishwasher is quite simply what it says - a compact and small appliance to clean up your dirty dishes. Also known as tabletop or countertop dishwashers, they are designed to sit on your kitchen surfaces or tables in the most limited of spaces. They aim to save room in small spots, tend to use less water as they are more streamlined than standard dishwashers, but will still provide hygienically washed, glistening clean dishes.

How much does it cost to run a mini dishwasher?

According to Ofgem, from 1st October, the current electricity price cap for households with typical consumption on a dual electricity and gas bill and paying by direct debit is £0.34 per kWh. The amount you pay may vary from the current price cap, depending on your energy tariff. To find out how much you pay, see your electricity bill. From the mini dishwashers on our list, we calculated that it costs, on average, just 40 pence per hour to run a mini dishwasher.

How to calculate the hourly operating cost of an appliance

  1. Multiply the appliance Wattage by 1 (number of hours) to calculate the Watt-hours
  2. Divide the Watt-hours by 1000 to calculate the Kilowatt-hours (kWh)
  3. Multiply the kWh by the price of electricity per kWh to calculate the appliance’s hourly operating cost

Mini dishwasher vs standard dishwasher: which is best?

For those with restricted space but who don’t have the time, or patience, to wash up by hand, a mini dishwasher is an ideal solution for cleaning your dishes.

A mini dishwasher will do the same job as a standard dishwasher, just on a slightly smaller scale. A couple of things to consider when choosing between a mini dishwasher and a standard dishwasher include:

  • Size: how much space do you have to house your dishwasher?
  • Capacity: how much crockery and cutlery can fit in the dishwasher? Think about how many people the dishwasher needs to clean up after. Mini dishwashers can vary from a volume of two to eight place settings per wash.
  • Water source: Do you have easy access to connect your dishwasher to a mains supply? Or is a detachable hose option preferable? Mini dishwashers often feature dual water sources, making them a super convenient option.

How to install a mini dishwasher

Mini dishwashers are easy to install - simply follow the instructions included with the product, and you’ll have it up and running in no time.

Some mini dishwashers require plugging into the water mains - this involves connecting it to a water source in your home - to gain a water source to wash with. Others can be hooked up to taps using the hose attachment, while some come with their own water tanks, which you just need to fill up pre-wash. For all options, you will need to make sure you have a place to dispose of the dirty water.


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