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The best outdoor rugs to spruce up your garden this summer

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best outdoor rugs to inject some colour and comfort into your garden, as well as share some top tips for keeping them clean.

The best outdoor rugs

Whatever the size or style of your garden living area, the addition of an outdoor rug – along with some funky outdoor cushions – is an effective and affordable way of integrating some colour and personality into your space.


Available to buy in a range of stylish and vibrant designs, outdoor rugs are perfect for placing under rattan garden furniture or outdoor furniture sets for a soft surface to rest your feet, for using as a picnic blanket on a lawn, or even as a play area for children.

Unlike indoor rugs, garden rugs are often made from polypropylene plastic, which means they are waterproof, stain-resistant and UV-resistant, so they will be more than equipped to withstand the odd rain shower, drink spillage and grass stain.

To help you find the perfect rug to suit your garden, The Recommended scoured the internet to find a collection of the best outdoor rugs to buy online. We’ve also shared some tips on how you can clean your rug by hand and how to store it safely from mould.

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How to clean an outdoor rug by hand

Exposed to mud and grass, spillages and stains, it’s inevitable that your outdoor run will need a good clean at some point in its lifespan. Luckily, outdoor rugs are designed to stand up to such dangers. Most outdoor rugs are made from plastic fibres and are waterproof, making cleaning them straightforward as long as you follow some easy steps. Here are our top tips for cleaning an outdoor rug by hand:

  1. Shake: An age-old method but still relevant today, the best place to start when cleaning an outdoor rug is to shake it vigorously outside to remove any excess dust and debris. If it’s too large to shake, try hanging it on a washing line and hitting it with a broom or stick.
  2. Vacuum: The next thing you should do is hoover your rug on both sides to pick up any dust and crumbs that you brought out of the fibres after shaking.
  3. Rinse: Next, place your rug on a flat, clean surface, such as a patio, and wash it on both sides with a garden hose until the water runs clear.
  4. Scrub: Add a small amount of washing powder (or rug cleaner if you have it) to some lukewarm water and gently work the rug into a lather with a soft brush. Once you’re done, rinse the rug again until the water runs clear. If you are treating a stain, blot the area with detergent and water instead of rubbing, as this could spread the stain and force it further into the rug’s fibres.
  5. Dry: Most outdoor rugs are UV resistant, which means they can be hung to dry outside in direct sunlight. Place it either on a patio and flip the rug once the side facing up is dry, or hang it on a fence or washing line, again flipping halfway through.
  6. Store: Once completely dry, place the rug in an air-tight plastic container. This will keep the rug dry and stop it from going mouldy. If your rug is too large to fit in a container, roll it up with the carpet side facing outward and store it in a dry, enclosed space.

The best outdoor rugs

Best overall outdoor rug: Green Decore Nirvana Outdoor Eco Rug

Great all-rounder

3. Green Decore Rug, Leaf

This patterned rug from Green Decore has an elegant geometric pattern and comes in a range of eight tasteful colours to suit any style.

This rug is available to buy in six sizes and is UV protected, so it shouldn’t lose its colour after being exposed to the sun. It is also mould-resistant, pet-friendly, odour-free, and reversible, which means that if you stain it, you can flip it over until you have time to give it a thorough clean.

Best designs: FAB HAB Outdoor Rug

Made from recycled plastic

8. FAB HAB Outdoor Rug

This rug from Fab Hab comes in six arty and appealing designs and is made from 100% tightly woven recycled plastic.

Available in a choice of six sizes, this rug is waterproof, UV resistant and mould resistant, so it should stand up to outside elements. It is also reversible, meaning you can switch between two designs depending on your mood.

Best tree-themed design: Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug Jungle Carved

Great range of sizes

1. Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug Jungle Carved

This palm tree-themed outdoor rug from Paco Home is available to buy in 15 dimensions to suit your space, including square, rectangle and circular options.

This vibrant flatweave rug is made from 100% polypropylene – essentially synthetic plastic fibres designed to look like real sisal. It is also weatherproof, UV-resistant, and suitable for use indoors and on surfaces with underfloor heating.

Best outdoor rug runner: Modern Style Rugs Flatweave Indoor or Outdoor Rug

Modest design

4. Brown Flatweave Border

Measuring 80x320cm, this runner flatweave rug from Modern Style Rugs has a stylish bordered design and is perfect for placing along walkways.

This rug is made from 100% polypropylene plastic and is 3mm thick. Designed to be easily cleaned, it is available in a choice of five sizes and three colours.

Best circular outdoor rug: Paco Home Outdoor Kitchen Monochrome Mottled Pattern Rug

Can be used indoor too

2. Paco Home Outdoor Kitchen Monochrome Mottled Pattern Rug

With a speckled monochrome finish, this stylish, circular outdoor rug from Paco Home is available in four sizes – 80cm, 120cm, 160cm and 200cm – and eight sophisticated colours.

Made from 100% polypropylene, this flatweave rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also easy to clean and satin-resistant to protect it from dirt and stains.

Best range of colours: The Rug House Outdoor Garden Flatweave Carpet Rug

Lots of choice to fit your style

5. Durable Soft Plastic Light Grey Outdoor Garden Flatweave

With a choice of eight enticing colours – coastal blue, denim blue, gold, navy, pebble, pewter, russet and slate – this rug from The Rug House will bring a subtle touch of colour to your garden.

This rug is UV resistant, water-resistant, mould resistant, and weather resistant. Made from 100% polypropylene, this rug can be washed with a hose and brushed down for straightforward cleaning.

Best reversible outdoor rug: Homcomodar Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Portable design

6. Homcomodar Outdoor Rug

This outdoor rug from Homcomodar comes in a choice of four geometric designs and colours. It is also reversible, which is great for ill-timed accidents and spillages.

This outdoor rug is also foldable and portable, so it’s ideal for taking to the park or beach. It is made from 100% polypropylene, can be hosed down for easy cleaning, and is fast drying and UV resistant.

Best outdoor rug for storage: Dawsons Living Outdoor Rug

Easy to roll up and store away

7. Dawsons Living Outdoor Rug

Measuring 180x120cm, this lightweight outdoor rug from Dawsons Living rolls up into a small scroll for easy storage. It is also weatherproof and UV resistant, so perfect for outdoor use.

Available in five colours – blue, pink, yellow, black and grey – and with a geometric diamond design, this rug will bring a splash of colour and fun to your balcony or patio. It is also reversible, with a different pattern style and colour on each side.

Best picnic blanket rug: Zomake Large Picnic Blanket

A versatile choice

9. Large Picnic Blanket

This outdoor picnic blanket and rug from Zomake is made from polyester fabric and sponge to provide a soft and comfortable space to relax on the floor.

This rug is waterproof, sand-proof, foldable, portable and has a handy carry strap for portability. It is designed to be easy to clean and is available to buy in a choice of seven colours and three sizes.


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