If you're looking to elevate your outdoor space then you'll need some accessories which can boost the aesthetics no matter the size or style of your garden. Outdoor rugs can do exactly that. Whether it's a patio, a balcony, or a garden the size of a football pitch, outdoor rugs can help add a burst of colour and personality to any space.


What's more, unlike indoor rugs, most garden rugs are crafted from durable materials that equips them with waterproof, stain-resistant, and UV-resistant properties, ensuring they can effortlessly withstand rain, drink mishaps, grass stains, and the sun.

To aid you in finding the ideal rug for your outdoor space, The Recommended has meticulously scoured the online market to curate a collection of top-tier outdoor rugs available for purchase. Plus, we've got a handy buyer's guide to help you clean your rug, safely store it to prevent mould, and the perfect places to position it.

The best outdoor rugs at a glance:

The best outdoor rugs

Best overall outdoor rug: Green Decore Nirvana Outdoor Eco Rug

Great all-rounder

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3. Green Decore Rug, Leaf

This patterned rug from Green Decore has an elegant geometric pattern and comes in a range of eight tasteful colours to suit any style. The rug is available to buy in six sizes and is UV protected, so it shouldn’t lose its colour after being exposed to the sun.

It is also mould-resistant, pet-friendly, odour-free, and reversible, which means that if you stain it, you can flip it over until you have time to give it a thorough clean.

Best design: Habitat Meadow Haze Boho Woven Outdoor Rug

Intricate patterns

Habitat rug

This Meadow Haze Boho Woven Outdoor Rug is crafted for outdoor demands and promises to revolutionise your patio or garden space. It is made with weather-resistant polyester and a specialised water-resistant coating.

This rug stands up to rain and shine maintaining durability throughout the year and also promises to last years. It is constructed from recycled materials, features non-slip backing and comes with a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Best tree-themed design: Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug Jungle Carved

Great range of sizes

1. Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug Jungle Carved

This palm tree-themed outdoor rug from Paco Home is available to buy in 15 dimensions to suit your space, including square, rectangle and circular options.

The vibrant flatweave rug is made from 100% polypropylene - essentially synthetic plastic fibres designed to look like real sisal. It is also weatherproof, UV-resistant, and suitable for use indoors and on surfaces with underfloor heating.

Best range of colours: Pop Outdoor Rug

Lots of choices to fit your style

yellow rug

Elevate your outdoor space with this versatile Pop rug which comes in six different colourways. The outdoor rugs come in yellow, rose, red, light green, dark green, and blue, and are a mix of acrylic and polyester.

The POP rugs are also made especially to ensure they are hardwearing and stain resistant so they last the test of time. Maintenance of the rugs couldn't be easier as you can just vacuum them or sweep away dirt and debris. They are perfect for any size of the outdoor area as their size can be customised to fit your space whilst also being suitable for indoors as well!

Best reversible outdoor rug: Zoe Geometric White & Grey Outdoor Rug

Portable design

homocar rug

Enhance your outdoor space effortlessly with Homescape's White and Grey Outdoor Rug. This geometric-style outdoor rug is made with a diamond pattern and woven from 100% recycled polypropylene. Its robust construction ensures it's not only lightweight but also weather resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Available in 3 large rectangular sizes, this rug is ideal for gardens, patios, and even indoor spaces. Its easy-to-clean design allows for simple maintenance through brushing or hosing off with mild soapy water (it's waterproof so don't worry about the soap).

Best outdoor rug for summer: Aztec Indoor and Outdoor Rug

A versatile choice

John Lewis rug

This John Lewis Aztec Rug is made from 100% recyclable material and has a strong fabric construction to ensure the rug lasts long. It is perfect for summer as the fabric provides a soft base providing a comfortable layer on top of the patio, balcony, and grass.

The rug shouldn't be left out in the rain as the fabric will soak water, but luckily it is easily foldable and storable, so putting it away shouldn't be too strenuous. The rug is made in a classic Aztec design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoors rug buyer's guide: what they're made of, and how to clean and store them

Young boy reading outside in the back yard

Here's our buyer's guide to help assist you in your outdoor rug purchase and make your current one last longer:

What materials are outdoor rugs made of?

When choosing the material for your outdoor rug, consider various options that cater to your needs. Here's a brief overview of the most popular materials for outdoor rugs:

  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene is a popular choice due to its durability, water resistance, stain resistance, and UV protection. It's an excellent all-rounder for various outdoor settings.
  • Natural fibres: Rugs made from materials like jute, sisal, or bamboo often look stylish and are often more expensive. However, they might be less suitable for extreme weather conditions, such as rain, and require more delicate care.
  • PET (recycled plastic): PET rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles, offering both durability and a sustainable choice. They're resistant to water and UV rays so great for durability and the environmentally conscious.
  • Synthetic blends: Some rugs combine synthetic fibers like polypropylene with natural fibers for a balance of strength and aesthetics. They can withstand moderate outdoor use.

Remember to consider your specific outdoor environment, maintenance preferences, and sustainability concerns when choosing the best material for your outdoor rug. Each option has its unique benefits, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your space.

When it comes to outdoor rugs the most popular material choice is a synthetic plastic called Ployproplene. Here's why it's so popular for outdoor rug makers:

  • Durability: Polypropylene is incredibly robust and resistant to wear and tear. It can handle heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions without showing signs of deterioration.
  • Water resistance: One of its standout features is its ability to repel water. This makes polypropylene rugs ideal for outdoor use, as they won't absorb moisture and are less prone to mould or mildew.
  • Stain resistance: Accidental spills are no match for polypropylene. The fibers naturally resist staining, making cleanup hassle-free.
  • UV protection: Polypropylene is engineered to resist UV rays, which means your outdoor rug won't fade or lose its vibrant colors, even after prolonged sun exposure.
  • Low maintenance: Dirt and debris can be easily brushed off, and for deeper cleaning, a simple hose-down with mild soap does the trick.
  • Eco-friendly variants: Many polypropylene rugs are crafted from recycled materials, making them an eco-conscious choice.

Where to position your outdoor rug

Positioning your outdoor rug properly can help your garden space look better and also help the rug last longer. Here's how to best positon your outdoor rug:

  1. Assess the layout: Evaluate your outdoor space to identify areas where a rug can make a visual impact. Patios, decks, and seating zones are prime candidates. Obviously, if you have less outdoor space you'll have less choice as to where the rug goes.
  2. Where people will walk: Keep in mind the natural flow of people through your garden. Avoid placing the rug in pathways or areas people will step over your rug and dirty it.
  3. Protection from elements: While outdoor rugs are durable, it's wise to shield them from heavy rain and prolonged sun exposure, as these elements can gradually affect the rug's quality. Position in the shade or under cover to ensure a long-lasting rug.

How to clean an outdoor rug by hand

Caucasian woman washed the carpet with a high-pressure water apparatus and removes excess water. Cleaning the carpet with detergent. Cleaning in a country house.

Exposed to mud and grass, spillages and stains, it's inevitable that your outdoor run will need a good clean at some point in its lifespan. Luckily, outdoor rugs are designed to stand up to such dangers. Here are our top tips for cleaning an outdoor rug by hand:

  1. Shake: An age-old method but still relevant today, the best place to start when cleaning an outdoor rug is to shake it vigorously outside to remove any excess dust and debris. If it’s too large to shake, try hanging it on a washing line and hitting it with a broom or stick.
  2. Vacuum: The next thing you should do is hoover your rug on both sides to pick up any dust and crumbs that you brought out of the fibres after shaking.
  3. Rinse: Next, place your rug on a flat, clean surface, such as a patio, and wash it on both sides with a garden hose until the water runs clear.
  4. Scrub: Add a small amount of washing powder (or rug cleaner if you have it) to some lukewarm water and gently work the rug into a lather with a soft brush. Once you’re done, rinse the rug again until the water runs clear. If you are treating a stain, blot the area with detergent and water instead of rubbing, as this could spread the stain and force it further into the rug's fibres.
  5. Dry: Most outdoor rugs are UV resistant, which means they can be hung to dry outside in direct sunlight. Place it either on a patio and flip the rug once the side facing up is dry, or hang it on a fence or washing line, again flipping halfway through.
  6. Store: Once completely dry, place the rug in an air-tight plastic container. This will keep the rug dry and stop it from going mouldy. If your rug is too large to fit in a container, roll it up with the carpet side facing outward and store it in a dry, enclosed space.

How to store your outdoor rug

Proper storage is essential to preserve the quality and lifespan of your outdoor rug. Follow these steps to ensure your rug remains in top condition when your not using it:

  • Thorough cleaning: Before storing, give your rug a thorough cleaning. Remove dirt, debris, and any stains. Ensure the rug is completely dry to prevent mould growth.
  • Rolling carefully: Roll up the rug with care, avoiding tight folds or creases that could damage the fibres. If possible, roll it around a sturdy tube to maintain its shape.
  • Elevated storage: Store the rolled rug in an elevated position, off the ground. This prevents moisture from seeping into the rug and causing damage.
  • Store in a dry space: Choose a dry, enclosed storage area. An air-tight plastic container is an excellent option to keep moisture out and maintain the rug's freshness. Alternatively, consider using a breathable storage bag.

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