Are you still waiting for the AirPod Pro 2? Me too. But when my trusty AirPods died last year, I was left with a conundrum – fork out hundreds of pounds for a replacement pair, or settle for a cheaper pair of wireless earbuds?


I followed my head on this one and researched which earbuds are the best below the £100 mark, and the one brand that kept appearing was EarFun.

Despite the slightly cringe name, EarFun has dominated the affordable earbuds market for the past few years, repeatedly being highly rated by tech experts and bargain-hunting shoppers.

EarFun Air Pro earbuds review after a year

I bit the (reasonably priced) bullet, bought a pair of EarFun Air Pro earbuds, and have been singing their praises ever since.

These little buds may not have Apple’s signature glossy design, and, if I’m honest, they do feel much less expensive than AirPods, but the sound quality is superb: crisp mids, good bass, and solid trebles could fool you into thinking you paid at least three figures for these earbuds.

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Get the EarFun Air Pro earbuds with £10 off at Amazon

These brilliant little Bluetooth earbuds have all the features you need and sound quality to rival much more expensive alternatives, and right now, you can save more than £10 off their RRP if you buy them on Amazon. 

In addition to their all-important audio performance, these earbuds have all the practical features you need from ANC earbuds; easy-to-navigate tap controls, in-ear detection to automatically pause audio when your remove an earbud, an effective Ambient mode (allowing you to still hear the environment around you while listening to your music/podcasts/video calls) and most importantly, very good noise cancellation.

During a recent 6-hour train ride from London to Edinburgh, I had the misfortune of being sat behind what I am sure was the world’s angriest baby. But despite its best attempt, the baby's shrieks and screams were filtered out by EarFun’s QuietSmart 2.0 technology. (They also work great for blocking out noisy coworkers).

And if the features and price point aren’t enough of a pull for you, the battery life should be. When using these earbuds between three to four hours a day, I regularly go through a full week without running out of battery life. The buds themselves can hold 9 hours of charge, while the charging case can hold an almost unnecessarily long 32 hours of battery life.

They also have a handy fast charge function, providing up to 2 hours of playtime from just 10-minutes of charging time. So even if you do run out of battery, it won’t be long before you’re up and running again.

While their plastic body feels a tad cheap compared to pricer earbuds, it’s part of the reason the EarFun’s are so lightweight and comfortable – ideal for wearing during days of long Zoom or Teams calls. And thanks to their six microphone setup, the quality of my audio during video calls is impressively crisp.

If you’re looking for a solid set of everyday earbuds that give you great sound quality, useful features, and reliable battery life, I cannot recommend the EarFun Air Pros enough.



Ruairidh Pritchard
Ruairidh PritchardDigital Editor

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