Making sure your cat is mentally stimulated is essential for their health and wellbeing (and your furniture). Play provides an essential outlet for your pet’s predatory instincts and can help to avoid behavioural problems and relieve boredom. However, any cat owner will know that cats can be pretty independent creatures and, try as we might, sometimes they simply do not care about the multitude of toys we buy them. Typical.


Introducing your pet to a cat tree is a great way to cater for both independent and interactive play and may just save your curtains from some heavy wear and tear. Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes, featuring scratching posts, beds, and suspended toys that will keep your pet entertained for hours or until they decide they’re done. Let's face it, it’s their world we’re just living in it.

When shopping for a cat tree online, there are loads of choices to choose from, so it can be difficult to know where to start. That's why The Recommended has scoured the web to find the best cat trees, from the super-tall to the very small; we’ve pulled together our top picks to help your pet live its best life.

Best cat trees at a glance:

The best cat trees

Best for multiple cats: Milo & Misty Cat Tree

Lots of toys

Cat 3

This cat toy features three hanging toys to encourage independent and interactive play. The three floors include several scratching posts, a cat cave and a plush hammock.

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When assembled, it reaches 146cm tall. It is the perfect tree for playful cats and owners with several felines.

Best open cat tree: Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower

Value for money

Cat 8

This affordable cat tree features a simplistic open design and a soft hammock for your cat to relax. It is a smaller option and can be fitted into an area with limited vertical or floor space.

The one-level cat tree’s hammock is elevated and also comes complete with a suspended plush toy and two durable scratching posts. The posts are made from natural jute, which is great for keeping your pet’s nails healthy.

Best for large cats: FEANDREA Cat Tree

Added space

Cat 7

This cat tree is ideal for large cats as it features a widened cat perch and durable quality materials. It has multiple features, which include two natural jute scratching pillars and a scratching ramp.

Across its three levels, there is also a two-door cat cave and two cat perches. The plush material is super soft and comfortable for your pet, and the hanging pom-pom toy allows for independent play.

Best multi-level cat tree: COZY PET Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree

Multiple levels

Cat 6

This cat tree offers varying levels and is available in a variety of colourways to match your interior design.

It has a four-level design and features a cat cave and an open hammock for your pet to relax. This cat tree has multiple scratching posts and is made with durable Sisal for long-lasting use.

Best-designed cat tree: Yaheetech Cat Tree

Lots of sleep space

Cat 5

This light grey cat tree is 138.5cm tall and offers all your cat needs to relax and play. With a multi-level design, this cat tree features two cat caves and three platforms.

It’s made with durable yet super soft materials prioritising your pet’s comfort. It would be particularly good for owners with more space or those who own multiple cats. Easy assembly and hanging toys are other benefits of the large cat tree.

Best cat tree with bed: Eono Cat Tree

Room for two

Cat 4

This cat tree features two cat caves and an open cat bed so your cat can relax with plenty of space.

Designed over three levels, this cat tree is made with durable materials and features two scratching posts and a scratching ramp. With so much space, the tree can easily accommodate two to three cats at once.

Best extra large cat tree: Pippa & Max’s Grey Cat Tree

Floor-to-ceiling play

Cat 2

This cat tree is made with an extra-tall design that extends from the floor to the ceiling. The design means that the cat tree can make the most of the vertical space without taking up too much floor area.

It’s over 2m tall and can be customised for colour and height depending on your preferences. Each of its three platforms also comes with a hanging toy and is covered with soft faux fur.

Best small cat tree: FEANDREA Cat Tree

Compact design

Cat 1

This compact cat tree offers three levels on a smaller scale which makes it perfect for both kittens and smaller cats. Its design encompasses two scratching posts, a cosy cat cave and an open platform.

Four hanging toys are also included with the 72cm cat tree, and these are removable, so you can take them out and use them for some interactive play with your cat. It is a light structure, so it can be stored and transported easily.

Cat tree buyer’s guide

cats scratching post

As an owner, our main priority is to keep our cats happy and healthy, and the use of a cat tree is a great way to do this without breaking the bank. Cat trees last for many years and can often be customised to fit the space you have available at home. There are plenty of benefits for cats when using a cat tree, no matter their age, size or breed.

But, before buying a cat tree, you might have some questions. What is a cat tree, why do cats love them, and should you be getting one for your cat? To help you answer these and any other queries about cat trees, we’ve put together a helpful buyer’s guide. Here you can learn all about cat trees and why they will be your feline’s next favourite household feature.

What is a cat tree?

Simply put, a cat tree is a play and sleeping area for your feline. They are pieces of furniture specifically designed for use by cats and made up of platforms (floors), perches, benches, and beds.

They are usually spread out over a variety of different heights, and some come with extra features, including sisal scratching poles, dangling toys, and play ropes. Materially, cat trees usually have a hardened plastic or wood frame and are then covered with softer material, like carpet, to make them more comfortable.

The benefits of owning a cat tree

Cat trees have multiple benefits and can help cats physically and mentally. They mainly help improve cats' health because they encourage physical activities like climbing, jumping and playing. As a result, cats can feel a reduction in stress, anxiety, and boredom, all of which can lead to a calmer and better-behaved cat.

Cat’s mental health is further improved as they love to perch up high, which gives them an increased sense of safety and security. Also, by having their own piece of furniture, they can establish their territory and feel more comfortable in their environment.

Cat trees also encourage your pet to increase their activity and exercise so, benefiting them physically. Climbing and jumping on the cat tree helps to maintain muscles, joints, and flexibility. Scratching posts on trees are also beneficial to cats as they love to scratch, and it helps keep their claws healthy. An in-built scratching post will come with the added bonus of helping to save your furniture and carpets from cat nails.

How to choose the right size and height cat tree

Choosing the right size and height for your cat tree is important for your cat and also for you as an owner. When thinking about your cat, the tree size should relate roughly to the size of the cat. Smaller cats will be happier with smaller trees but larger cats will need a larger tree and thicker posts to support and entertain them properly.

Cat trees can be a great way to maximise the vertical space in your house but you want to make sure the tree isn’t touching the ceiling. A sensible tip would be to measure the floor area and ceiling height and match this to the cat tree you want.

Top features to look for in a cat tree

Soft and sturdy materials

Look for a tree made from high-quality materials that are soft and comfortable for your cat to rest on but also durable enough to withstand their claws and playtime.

Multiple levels

A good cat tree should have several levels and platforms for your cat to climb and jump on, as well as different perches for them to rest and sleep on.

Scratching posts

As mentioned earlier, a good cat tree should have scratching posts or poles covered in sisal rope or other materials to keep your cat's claws healthy and redirect their scratching away from your furniture.

How to train your cat to use and love their new tree

Once you've chosen the perfect cat tree, it’s time to introduce it to your cat. When doing so, some top tips can help your cat use and love its new play area.

  1. Placement of the tree: Put the tree in a spot where your cat will see it often and feel drawn to it, perhaps near a window so they can look outside and get some daylight.
  2. Use treats and toys: Encourage your cat to climb and explore the tree by using treats and toys; you can place treats on different platforms or hang toys from the perches to entice the cats to play.
  3. Reward them for using the tree: When your cat uses the tree, give them plenty of praise and affection - this will encourage positive behaviour and motivate them to use the tree more often.
  4. Be patient: It may take some time for your cat to get used to the new tree, so be patient and don't force them to use it - with time and encouragement, they should come to love their new toy.

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