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The best dog beds for all sizes of dog, recommended by top animal experts

We spoke to leading animal experts to get their take on what to look out for, and what to avoid when buying the best dog bed for your furry friend.

The best dog beds

For many of us, our beds are our happy place, synonymous with comfort, security, and rest. – and it’s the same for our dogs. While our furry friends may not need a coffee to get them out of it in the morning, having the best dog bed in the right environment is essential in supporting a happy, healthy lifestyle.


When shopping for a dog bed there is more to consider than you might think. Breed, age, health, and personality are some of the key things to think about when finding a bed for your four-legged friend.

To help get rid of the guesswork, The Recommended spoke to three animal experts who gave their take on what to look out for (and avoid) when buying the best dog bed for your pooch. From the perfect puppy-proof bed to memory foam havens for your golden oldies, we’ve covered all bases with our expert lead recommendations of the best dog beds.

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Our dog experts:

dog bed experts
Johnny Mullins, Adem Fehmi and Caroline Clark

Our experts are certified animal specialists with long, successful careers as veterinarians and animal behaviourists. They share their thoughts with us as to what makes the best dog bed for our four-legged friends. 

A qualified vet nurse with over 30 years of experience in veterinary practice, Caroline Clark is an expert in the treatment and management of companion animals, including dogs. Caroline was a featured expert on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Pets and believes in working closely with pet owners to create bespoke solutions to manage and resolve behavioural problems.

Adem Fehmi is a certified dog behaviourist and trainer with over 15 years experience of working with dog owners to help them fully understand their furry friends. Adem offers one-to-one and group training sessions to manage and overcome any behavioural issues and is ultimately driven by a passion to help owners enjoy their dogs, and dogs enjoy their humans!

A qualified vet, Johnny Mullins graduated from the Royal Veterinary College and now works in a UK veterinary practice treating hundreds of pets each week. Johnny works with pet owners to advise on the treatment and care of a range of health and wellbeing issues that affect their animals.

What should you look for when buying a dog bed?

Adem was straight to the point and advised us to leave our aesthetic dreams at the door; “anything that doesn’t tick all the relevant boxes for your dog should be disregarded, no matter how aesthetically pleasing it might be”.

The age and health of your dog are important factors to consider when finding the best dog bed for your pet. Caroline tells us that “a dog bed should be made of a comfortable material that supports and conforms to the dog’s body” with Johnny adding that older dogs, or dogs with orthopaedic conditions, may benefit from orthopaedic beds as they can “work well in helping to manage the discomfort of your pet”.

Adem also stressed the importance of durability when it comes to finding the best dog beds; “a dog bed that doesn’t have durable fabric and cannot be washed easily is a no-no”.

What should you avoid when looking for a dog bed?

The height of your dog’s bed is also something to consider. Johnny suggests you “avoid getting a raised bed or a mattress that your pet needs to step up onto, especially for medium-giant breed dogs”. Caroline added, “older dogs with arthritic joints need to be able to get in and out without any effort so look for lower beds if you own a golden oldie”.

Adem highlighted the safety concerns to think of when choosing a dog bed, especially if you have a puppy or your dog is a known chewer. “If you have a young dog or a dog that likes to chew, you should also avoid anything that can easily be chewed and ingested. Not only will replacing a bed be costly, but ingestion of fabric or other bed parts can also be a real health hazard to your dog”.

Which is the best dog bed?

Okay, so now we’ve covered what to look out for and what to avoid, which dog beds do our experts recommend?

Caroline recommends beds that give your dog room to stretch out and Johnny gives his vote to “ground level, padded beds” that are suitable to “most breeds of dog”.

For puppies, Adem recommends ‘Vet Bed’ style bedding as it is inexpensive, can be easily washed and “and can be used in places like the boot of your car or provide padding in a dog crate when your puppy has moved on from this type of bedding”. Adem also recommended the Omlet Topology range, telling us “they’re in the higher price bracket, but in my opinion well worth the investment and have outlasted any other dog bed I have ever owned”.

The best dog beds:

Best overall dog bed: PetFusion Dog Bed

Smart and sustainable

best overall dog bed

This bed speaks to all our expert’s recommendations. Prioritising superior comfort and ease of use, PetFusion Dog Bed works to improve your dog’s health, mobility, and energy.

Great for all shapes and sizes, the PetFusion Dog Bed can easily support over 50 kg of weight. With a solid 10cm memory foam base and recycled ‘green’ polyfill support bolsters, this dog bed offers optimal support while the removable, machine washable cover ensures ease of use.

Best chew proof dog bed: Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed


best chew proof dog bed final image

Our dog expert Adem told us the danger of ingesting bedding, and with expert construction and thoughtful design, this dog bed promises to give even the most determined chewers a run for their money.

Designed with 10cm of cushioning microfiber and an ultra-soft, reversible design, the Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed provides your dog with a warm, restful environment. Machine washable, water-resistant and made with durable, scratch-resistant material, this chew-proof dog bed allows your pooch to play with minimal destruction.

Best dog bed for puppies: Vet Fleece Bedding

Great for young dogs 

best dog bed for puppies

Our dog expert Adem recommends this non-toxic, non-irritant, medical grade bedding for puppies and young dogs as it is affordable, versatile, and easy to clean.

Made with a comforting deep pile, Vet Fleece Bedding retains heat, keeping your pet cosy. Able to be cut to size, this versatile bedding is perfect for all breeds. Machine washable, it is ideal for puppy training and for use in a car or crate as your pooch grows up.

Best orthopaedic dog bed: Bedsure Large Dog Bed

Innovative support 

best orthopaedic dog bed

If your pooch is older or has joint issues, our expert vet Johnny recommends an orthopaedic dog bed. With innovative design and durable fabric, this versatile dog bed offers maximum support and comfort.

Designed to evenly distribute weight and alleviate pressure on joints, this orthopaedic dog bed helps to comfort older dogs, while the ‘egg crate’ foam base aids air circulation, keeping your pet cool. A reversible cover offers cosy fleece for colder months and cooling Oxford fabric for warmer temperatures.

Best anti-anxiety dog bed: The Dogs Bed Sound Sleep Donut

For rest and reassurance

best anti anxiety dog bed

Offering optimal comfort, The Dogs Bed Sound Sleep Donut is made with vegan fur and works to satisfy the natural nesting instincts of dogs for enhanced feelings of security and calm.

Perfect for anxiety-prone pets and new puppies, the sound sleep donut conforms to your pet’s body, soothing anxiety and improving sleep quality. With a washable cover, this is a great option for a new puppy, soft pile mimics the feeling of a mother’s fur, helping puppies to settle in.

Best customisable dog bed: Topology Dog Bed

Style and comfort made to last

best custom dog bed

A firm favourite of our dog expert Adem, Topology’s durable dog beds pair style with functionality and ease of use, enabling you to create a bespoke, restful haven for your four-legged friend.

Fully customizable with a range of size, fabric and style options, Typology Luxury Dog Beds specialise in offering tailor-made solutions to your dog’s needs. Using supportive memory foam bases and durable, zip-on covers, these dog beds are easy to clean and are made to stand the test of time.

Best memory foam dog bed: JoyElf Memory Foam Dog Bed

For long-lasting support 

best memory foam dog bed

As recommended by animal behaviourist Caroline, memory foam beds conform to your pet’s body. With a solid base and padded bolsters for added neck support, this dog bed prioritises your pet’s comfort.

Working to provide the ultimate sleep experience for your pet, JoyElf Memory Foam Dog Bed pairs a durable memory foam base with soft fleece fabrics for added warmth and comfort. With a waterproof and machine washable covering this dog bed ensures easy maintenance.

Best dog bed for crates: Bedsure Orthopaedic Dog Crate Bed

For durable comfort 

best dog bed for crates final image

Equipped with a skid-resistant, non-slip bottom, Bedsure Orthopaedic Dog Crate Bed has a thick cushioning base, perfect for use in a dog crate.

Designed with orthopaedic memory foam, this dog bed provides support and comfort, while the water-resistant, machine-washable cover ensures durability and ease of use. Its universal shape and design make it ideal for use in a dog crate as well as a stand-alone dog bed.

Best dog bed for large dogs: The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic Headrest Dog Bed

For your gentle giants 

best dog bed for large dogs

Our animal behaviourist Caroline recommends beds that give room for your dog to stretch. This bed certainly delivers on size while also offering optimal support and comfort to prevent strain on joints.

Offering preventative support for large breeds, The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic Headrest Dog Bed is made with premium-grade, high-density memory foam for optimal comfort. It features a removable, machine washable cover and an inbuilt, waterproof mattress protector, as well as a firm headrest for added neck support.

Best travel dog bed: OneTigris Travel Dog Bed

For the adventurer 

best travel dog bed

Pairing comfort with portability, this dog bed is perfect for your adventure buddy. It delivers on dog expert Adem’s recommendation of durability while also being waterproof and easily foldable.

Made with high-quality oxford fabric and a polyester cotton filling, this travel dog bed is designed to keep your dog warm and comfortable, both indoors and out. Weighing just 20oz, this dog bed is compact and portable and can be wiped clean for easy maintenance.


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