If you've ever gone camping and forgotten a chair you'll know just why this piece of equipment is essential for an enjoyable trip away. Whether you’re heading to a music festival, embarking on a backpacking adventure or escaping on a caravanning holiday, there's nothing worse than sitting on the wet, dirty, and often uncomfortable ground.


So, along with a camping stove and suitable tent, a camping chair should be an essential component of your kit list in order to avoid misery on the floor. You might think that buying a camping chair is simple but there's actually more to consider than you might first think. Weight, lumbar support, and size, are all factors worth thinking about to ensure that you choose the right camping chair for your plans.

To help you find the best camping chair for your next outdoor adventure, The Recommended has done the hard work and found the best camping chairs out there. We’ve also shared some tips on what you should look for depending on where and how you plan to use your camping chair.

The best camping chairs at a glance:

The best camping chairs

Here are our top camping chairs:

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Best portable camping chair: Trekology Chair Ultra Lightweight

Great for hiking

2. Trekology Chair Ultra Lightweight Camping Chair

This camping chair from Trekology is ideal for hiking. It weighs just 960g and packs down into a small storage bag that can be packed away in a rucksack.

The Trekology Chair features a high-strength aluminium frame, polyester fabric seats designed to withstand up to 135kg of weight, and three different seating positions. It also has side pockets for storing small items.

Best cushioned camping chair: HI-GEAR Kentucky Classic Chair

For added comfort

Go outdoors cushioned chair

This cushioned camping chair effortlessly opens and closes within seconds, making setup a breeze. Its compact design allows it to seamlessly fold away into a convenient carry bag, making transportation hassle-free.

The quilted seat and back offer a luxurious level of comfort, turning your outdoor moments into cosy retreats. This chair also has an insulated drink holder and durable steel frame ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Best shaded camping chair: Alpha Camp Chair With Shade Canopy

Ideal for children

5. ALPHA CAMP Camp Chairs

This shaded camping chair is reinforced with support tubes underneath to boost its weight capacity and provide support for all people regardless of their size. The foldable sun canopy shields your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays while providing a shady retreat.

The chair also comes with extra cup holders for added convenience and a carry bag which allows for quick setup and effortless transportation.

Best supportive camping chair: Regatta Forza Adults Camping Chair

Practical accessories

regatta forza camping chair

This camping chair offers lots of support and promises to keep people of all shapes and sizes comfortable. It is made with a reinforced frame capable of supporting up to 150kg which offers loads of strength and durability.

Crafted from a composition of 60% steel, 30% polyester, and 10% plastics, this chair has the perfect blend of sturdiness and comfort. Whether you're unwinding by the campfire or enjoying the outdoors, this chair's fold-out design and included storage bag provide convenience so you can relax wherever you go.

Best large camping chair: Outdoor Revolution Tubbi XL Chair

Suitable for all sizes

Outdoor revolution camping chair

This spacious folding tub-style camping chair is made for both comfort and durability. Engineered for larger individuals or those seeking ultimate comfort, it boasts a remarkable weight load capacity of 200kg, making it a truly sturdy and enduring choice.

The padded fabric and oversized steel frame deliver exceptional support, while the wide base feet prevent sinking into soft ground and causing damage. A drawstring bag with a convenient webbing carry strap is included for hassle-free portability.

Best two-seater camping chair: Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

Great for couples

Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

Never be too far from your loved ones with this two-seater camping chair from Kelty. Available in two colours – canyon brown beluga and tapestry/ canyon brown – it is designed to support up to 250kg.

This camping chair has a heavy-duty steel frame and insulated polyester padding designed to support the weight of two people. It also has adjustable armrests and stands 33 inches tall.

Best circular camping chair: KingCamp Moon Chair

Heavy-duty and spacious

circle chair

Crafted for durability and longevity, this circular chair features a robust steel frame and heavy-duty fabric for lots of support. Its foldable design lets you set up or pack away in seconds, saving time and space during trips or storage.

Designed for comfort, the well-padded seat and breathable, moisture-wicking material make outdoor relaxation a pleasure. And for added convenience, the chair comes with a carry bag to transport it.

Camping Chair Buyer's Guide

A burning campfire with some camping chairs around it under a tarp shelter in camping field.

Our guide on how to pick the right camping chair for you.

What to consider when buying a camping chair

When buying a camping chair, it’s worth taking the time to consider the style of chair best suited to your plans. Here we outline our top tips for choosing the camping chair that’s right for you:

  • Backpacking, adventure camping and hiking: If you’re planning a multi-day hiking trip, the last thing you want is to be stuck with unnecessarily large gear that you wish you'd left at home. A lightweight camping chair is, therefore, essential. You should look for something light and minimal that packs down into a compact storage bag and fits easily into a rucksack.
  • Festivals: A budget camping chair will likely be your best bet for most festivals. With a high risk of dirtying and damaging your chair, it's worth opting for one suited to your weight and height, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't make it home in one piece. When considering weight, it's also worth considering how far you will have to carry your stuff to your campsite.
  • Camping and caravanning: For camping and caravanning, you can afford to opt for bulkier and heavier chairs that offer more support and accessories when travelling by car. Many camping chairs offer padding and lumbar support for extra comfort and come with additional features like side tables, cooler compartments and storage. Be mindful of the surface you plan to use your camping chair, as some may not be suitable for soft surfaces such as sandy beaches.

What features to look for in your camping chair

When seeking the perfect camping chair, you should try and match the chair with your needs. Here are some key features to look out for when buying one:

  • Comfort and support: Opt for a camping chair with well-padded seats and backrests, making sure you'll be comfortable if you have to sit down for extended periods. Look for models with lumbar support (back support) and designs which lower the strain on your body.
  • Portability and storage: Prioritise chairs that offer easy setup and foldability. A compact design that fits into a carry bag is a good choice whether you're hiking, travelling, or heading to a festival.
  • Durability: Choose chairs constructed from robust materials like steel frames and sturdy fabrics. This ensures the chair can withstand different terrains and weather conditions, providing longevity for numerous outdoor activities.
  • Features: Consider chairs equipped with added features such as cup holders, pockets, and shade canopies. These features increase your comfort and convenience when outdoors.

How to make your camping chair last

people relaxing in camping chairs at forest campsite and enjoying the nature

If you splash out on a camping chair, you'll want it to last, so here are some ways to help it stay in top condition:

  • Regular inspection: Before each use, inspect your chair for any signs of wear, damage, or loose parts. Addressing issues promptly can prevent further damage.
  • Clean after use: After your trip, clean the chair to remove dirt, stains, and debris. Use mild detergent and water to maintain its appearance and prevent deterioration, mould or mildew.
  • Avoid overloading: Adhere to the weight capacity specified by the manufacturer. Overloading the chair can strain its frame and fabric, leading to permanent damage.
  • Watch the elements: If you're using your chair outdoors for an extended period, consider placing it under a canopy or shelter to shield it from prolonged exposure to the sun and rain.

When should you change your camping chair?

Knowing when to replace your camping chair is important to keep you both comfortable and safe. While camping chairs are designed to be durable, they are subject to wear and tear over time. Keep an eye out for signs such as frayed fabric, weakened frame, or malfunctioning mechanisms. If your chair's padding has lost its support or the frame shows signs of rust, it might be time for an upgrade.

Also, if your camping chair no longer provides the comfort and stability you need, it's wise to invest in a new one. Regularly inspect your chair before trips and consider the frequency of use when deciding if it's time to change. A well-maintained and suitable camping chair makes your outdoor experience better, so don't hesitate to make a change when necessary.


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