The warmer months can leave many of us feeling a little hot and bothered and can even pose health risks, and while you can cool down a room with a good fan, sometimes it’s simply not enough.


It’s not just humans that can struggle with the heat. As temperatures climb, it can also be hard for our pets to regulate their body temperature, leaving them at risk of heat stroke and other health complications. Tech products aren’t immune from the heat either. Laptops can overheat, which can cause damage to the product itself as well as pose a fire risk.

That’s where cooling pads come in. They can help prevent you, your furry friends and your tech from overheating and even help you get that elusive full night’s sleep. With products available to suit every need, from pillow inserts to orthopaedic cooling dog beds, you’re sure to find the answer to your summertime struggles, but where to start?

The Recommended scoured the internet to find the best cooling pads, whether you’re shopping for yourself, your pet or your tech. We’ve also thrown in some useful information on what cooling pads are made from and how they work to help you stress less and enjoy the sunshine.

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The best cooling pads for pets

Best dog cooling pad: Lauva Dog Cool Mat

Durable quality

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best dog cooling mat

This cooling mat is made with high-quality 300D Oxford composite PVC, and 100% non-toxic gel, offering your pet safe and cooling comfort.

This cooling mat is specifically designed for dogs. It’s scratch and tear resistant, and the wipe-clean design makes for easy maintenance. This mat is also easily foldable for convenient storage and on-the-go comfort.

Best range of designs: GoPetee Dog Cooling Mat

A novelty option

Best range of cooling pad designs

This cooling mat sports eye-catching designs and comes in a variety of sizes to suit every pet.

This affordable cooling mat is made with a wipe-clean, hand washable design and is pressure-activated for efficient cooling. This mat is also made with durable PVC and non-toxic gel for long-lasting use.

Best orthopaedic mat: FurHaven Cooling Pet Bed

Supportive comfort

best orthopaedic cooling mat

This cooling mattress is made with gel-infused memory foam that contours to your pet’s body, supporting joints while offering cooling comfort.

This cooling pet bed is made with medical-grade support foam, and the removable cover is easy to clean for simple maintenance. This bed is also made with water-resistant fabric, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Best investment: Arf Pets Cooling Mat

Premium quality

best premium cooling pad

This versatile mat is made of durable fabrics and provides cooling relief for up to three hours in a self-cooling design.

This flexible mat is made with a convenient design that folds flat for easy storage and portability. Despite its flexibility, this mat promises to keep its shape over time, and its durable materials wipe clean for long-lasting use,

Best for large pets: Nobleza Large Cooling Mat

Room to stretch

best large cooling pad

This scratch-resistant mat is filled with 100% non-toxic, self-cooling gel and is wear-resistant for long-term use.

This versatile mat is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and wipes clean for easy care. This mat is also lightweight and foldable for easy travel and storage.

Best for small pets: Crufts Self Cooling Gel Mat

For smaller companions

best for small pets

This cooling mat is suited to smaller pets and can be used both outside and indoors.

This foldable mat is ideal for travelling and works to relieve the stress of hot weather on your pet. This mat is made with durable fabric and self-cooling gel and can help to relieve joint pain in older pets.

The best cooling pads for people

Best cooling mat for sleep: Chillmax Cooling Pillow Insert

For sound sleep

best cooling mat for sleep

This cooling pillow insert could be the answer to sleepless summer nights. This mat fits seamlessly into any pillow case and works to distribute heat away from your body.

This lightweight, flexible mat can be used as a pillow insert to aid sleep but can also be used to cool laptops when working. The wipe-clean design allows for easy maintenance, and the flexible and portable design allows for versatile use.

Best large cooling pad: Niuzemyko Magic Multi Functional Cool Gel Pad

For full body cooling

best large cooling pad

This large cooling pad is ideal for those who want to cool their entire body. Measuring 60x100cm, it’s ideal for placing under your sheet for a comfortable night's sleep.

Made from 100% non-toxic material, this mat is large enough to lie on comfortably and has been designed to draw body heat away, leaving you feeling cool and relaxed, making it ideal for those struggling with migraines, menopause symptoms, and fibromyalgia.

Best cooling pad for laptops: Havit Cooling Pad

To care for your tech

best cooling mat for laptops

This slim, lightweight cooling pad is portable yet effective, and its ultra-quiet fans work to cool your laptop without creating distracting noise.

This laptop cooling pad is made with user experience in mind, the ergonomic design has two height settings, and the metal mesh surface allows for a stable work surface. This cooling pad is also equipped with extra USB ports and a simple power switch design.

What are cooling pads?

Cooling pads essentially do what it says on the tin. They are mats designed to cool things down, this can mean cooling the body temperature of a pet or person or cooling down tech products that may be prone to overheating.

How do cooling pads work?

Cooling pads used to lower body temperature are not electric. Instead, they can use water or non-toxic gel that absorbs body heat emitted by you or your pet and lowers body temperature. Many designs are pressure-activated and so work when pressure is applied to them.

Cooling pads used to cool tech appliances usually contain fans that work to cool devices by redistributing heat.

Are cooling pads safe?

There a very few safety concerns surrounding cooling pads. Many designs will be tear resistant, though, if your pad is being used by a pet, you should regularly check them and ideally supervise their use as they are not always chew-proof, and ingesting materials can cause tummy troubles for your pet.


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