If working from home is your new 9 to 5 norm, having a comfortable desk chair is a true lifesaver. Based at your desk, zooming in, typing up, and chugging back the coffee, it’s a long day of sitting. Finding the right desk chair is therefore crucial, providing you with an upright positioning, improving your posture and avoiding any back/shoulder pain or strains.


We’ve done some research here at The Recommended and have put together a selection of the 10 best desk chairs available to buy online. Read on to see our top picks, and check out our guide on how to perfect your working from home set up at the bottom of this page.

The best desk chairs at-a-glance:

The best desk chairs

Best supportive desk chair: Yaheetech Adjustable Office Chair

This one’s got your back

Yaheetech Adjustable Office Chair

Sit back on this desk chair for the ultimate support while working thanks to its wing-shaped design which intelligently aligns your muscles with your spine to prevent any aches and pains.

This desk chair features a breathable mesh backrest for all home climates, sturdy armrests, and a wide and deep seat made from high-density foam to ensure total comfort. Push and pull the lever underneath to easily adjust the height, and move around freely using the 360° swivel wheels.

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Best durable desk chair: Songmics Executive Office Chair

With an ergonomic structure

Songmics Executive Office Chair

Made from high-quality materials with a thick foam seat, this desk chair will provide a sturdy and comfortable option for your WFH days.

Swivel on its five wheels at the base for easy movement and adjust the height to tailor specifically to you. This desk chair is wear-resistant and long-lasting, suitable for up to 120kg, and fitted with plush armrests to offer hand and arm support throughout your day.

Best customisable desk chair: Sihoo Office Desk Chair

Tailor to you

Sihoo Office Desk Chair

Relieve strain on your body with this desk chair, designed with five adjustable settings to sculpt individually to you - featuring an adjustable backrest, headrest, seat height, recliner and armrests.

This desk chair will support your back and shoulder vertebrae and has a W-shaped seat for central positioning and soft cushioning while you work. Its breathable mesh backing will promote airflow whatever the weather and the aluminium alloy legs will keep you stable at your desk.

Best compact desk chair: Hbada Office Chair

With a 30° rocking option

Hbada Office Chair

This classic-shaped design is stylish yet practical and is easy to match with the rest of your office wear.

Flip the arms up and store this chair under your desk when not in use for the ultimate space-saving solution. It features a curved backrest to align with the angle of your spine, comfy cushioning and a heavy-duty base with smooth and silent rolling casters.

Best protective desk chair: Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Smooth and durable

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Rock back and forth on this desk chair or lock it into place for a customisable experience to suit you.

Its ergonomic design is aimed to fit with the curve of your spine for lumbar protection, while its curved headrest provides head and neck support. This desk chair also features adjustable armrests and a high-density foam seat with a waterfall edge for the ultimate comfort. Complete with quiet and floor-friendly wheels.

Best comfortable desk chair: Bigzzia Desk Chair

Available in multiple colours

Bigzzia Desk Chair

Double up this gaming chair as your desk chair for all-around comfort while working from home.

Designed with a strong metal frame and covered in a premium faux leather fabric, this desk chair is soft, breathable and scratch resistant. It features a high-density foam seat for comfortable padding, and an adjustable headrest and backrest for lumbar support. Finished with easy-rolling wheels.

Best padded desk chair: Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair

With a reclining function

Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair

This desk chair has a C-shaped backrest to match the shape of your spine, offering long-lasting back support throughout the day of sitting.

The seat is thick, made with high-density mesh foam, for comfort and additional hip support, and can be adjusted to various heights depending on your needs. The armrests can be folded up 90° for handy storage - simply push under your desk when not in use and save up on space.

Best affordable desk chair: T-Three Adjustable Office Chair


T-Three Adjustable Office Chair

Offering spine, back and lumbar support, protect your body as you work with this comfortable desk chair that won’t break the bank.

This desk chair has a breathable mesh material for all year-round climates and a rocking function for comfort throughout the day. Adjust the height accordingly using the lever underneath and rotate 360° for the ultimate functionality.

Best swivel desk chair: Comhoma Desk Chair

Smooth rolling

Comhoma Desk Chair

Set up your home office with this cushioned desk chair and endure long hours of work as comfortably as possible.

Featuring a curved backrest and a waterfall front seat edge for support, this ergonomic desk chair is designed to prevent aches and pains. It has flip-up armrests to fit into all spaces in your home and 360° swivel for multidirectional movement. Easy height adjustment and tilt availability.

Best stylish desk chair: Charles Jacobs Swivel Desk Chair

Chic yet practical

Charles Jacobs Swivel Desk Chair

Style up your office space with this contemporary-style desk chair, covered in a plush velvet with geometric diagonal stitching.

This chair stands on a chrome-finished star base with five castor wheels for smooth movement. It is height adjustable with a padded seat for the utmost comfort and easy to clean for the ultimate convenience and hard-wearing option.

What is an ergonomic desk chair?

An ergonomic desk chair is designed to give you lumbar protection, providing neck and back support, encouraging better posture, and reducing any unnecessary aches and pains.

Posture People, leading experts in workspace accessories, highlight the importance of ergonomic chairs to ‘support the body, promote good posture and prevent discomfort’. They explain the key benefits of an ergonomic desk chair as providing spine support; aligning shoulders, spine and hips; being adjustable to everyone, and boosting productivity as a final result.

Ergonomic desk chairs vs normal chairs: what's the difference?

An ergonomic desk chair is more advisable for long periods of sitting, to provide comfort and protection to your lumbar system. They have specific features including adjustable heights, armrests, and tilting options to tailor specifically to your individual needs and ensure the best option when working, which normal chairs do not always have.

How to set up a desk chair

When it comes to sitting down to work, make sure you have your desk chair set up properly to gain the optimum benefits and ultimate comfort. Mayo Clinic, an expert-led organisation in this field, has a step-by-step guide to ensure you create the perfect setup:

  1. Adjust the height of your chair - your feet should rest flat on the floor and your thighs parallel to the floor
  2. Adjust the armrests - you want your arms to gently rest on them with your shoulders relaxed
  3. Items on your desk - keep key objects including laptop, keyboard, and mouse within easy reach to minimise over-stretching/leaning

Key desk chair features

Adjustable height

An adjustable height is crucial to ensure the perfect desk set-up. You need to be able to rest your feet firmly on the ground below, while also being able to reach your desk in front. Most desk chairs will feature a lever underneath the seat to alter the height up and down.

Adjustable armrests

According to Posture People, your arms should be able to make a right angle when you place your hands on the desk. Your armrests are designed to support your elbows and avoid strain on the arms and shoulders.


Some desk chairs will have the option to tilt backward and forwards, at varying degrees. This enables you to lean back slightly to a reclined position while seated and can take some pressure off the lower part of the back.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support describes aligning your muscles and spine to prevent back pain while in a seated position. Look for supportive backrests which shape to your back to encourage good posture and sturdy support. Some chairs also include headrests for extra upper-body support.


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