As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there’s no better time to invest in some cosy loungewear to see you through the cold nights ahead. A hooded blanket is one of the best pieces of clothing you can buy for keeping warm this winter and ensures both comfort and toastiness.


In recent years, these oversized, fleece-lined hoodies have gone from being a mere internet oddity to a winter wardrobe must-have, offering levels of wearable comfort that make them ideal for staying warm in colder weather without having to turn your heaters on.

Some hooded blanket brands have even become household names - Oodie, anyone? - but look a little deeper online, and you’ll find a plethora of hooded blankets available to buy - but which is the best? That’s where we come in.

The Recommended has scoured the web to find the best hooded blankets you can buy online, from the premium original Oodie to more affordable Oodie alternatives and hooded blankets for kids - we’ve even included options for dogs - to help keep you and your family comfy and cosy this winter.

To further assist your hooded banket search we've answered some of the internet’s most asked questions about hooded blankets at the bottom of this page - to help you keep your new favourite wardrobe essential in top-tip condition all year round.

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The best-hooded blankets at a glance:

The ten best hooded blankets

Our top hooded blanket choices:

Best for premium comfort: Oodie

The original hooded blanket

Oodie Hooded Blanket

The Oodie is the original hooded blanket and one of the most popular options in the UK. These premium hooded blankets may be slightly pricy, but they’re made with high-quality materials and boast thousands of reviews from very happy customers.

Made with 100% cruelty-free Sherpa fleece and flannel fleece, Oodies are entirely vegan, and all come based on the 6XL size - roughly 100cm long and 95cm wide. Oodies are machine washable too, making them as easy to look after as they are comfortable to wear - what’s not to love?

Best Oodie alternative: Hoodie Blanket

Breathable fleece

Kuddly Hooded Blanket

The Hoodie Blanket is perhaps the closest alternative to the Oodie. It's another popular oversized fleece-lined hoodie but claims its Breathable MicroCool teddy fleece is more breathable than standard Sherpa fleece. hooded blankets are also closely tied to Oodie’s prices, but they tend to have more sales throughout the year, so if you’re in the market for a premium hooded blanket, it’s worth comparing prices between the two, as it may be the only real differentiating factor between them.

Best hooded blanket for kids: Lushforest Blanket Hoodie for Kids

Keep little ones warm

Lushforest Hooded Blanket

This oversized fleece-lined hoodie is perfect for keeping little ones wrapped up warm - ideal for movie nights or gaming sessions.

Lushforest creates hooded blankets for all ages, but their kids' hoodies are particularly great as they feature all the same features as their adult offerings, unlike some other brands, including a smooth fleece top with a thick Sherpa reverse for total warmth and comfort, and an elasticated cuffs for keeping the warmth in.

Best affordable hooded blanket: Sienna Hoodie Blanket

Cosy and practical

Sienna Hooded Blanket

This hooded blanket from Sienna is one of the most affordable options available, with all the features you expect from a comfortable, cosy oversized hoodie.

Sienna’s Hooded Blanket is made with a microfibre outside for minimal shedding and a thick Sherpa fleece lining, similar to more expensive hooded blankets. It’s also machine washable, making it a great practical choice.

Best luxury hooded blanket: The White Company Snuggle Blanket Hoodie

Luxurious comfort

The White Company Hooded Blanket

Synonymous with style and luxury, The White Company has released its own version of the hooded blanket for this season in a stylish dove grey colour.

The aptly named Snuggle Blanket Hoodie features a super comfortable oversized fit, falling just above the knee, with a generous hood and large kangaroo-style pocket, in keeping with the design of other hooded blankets on our list. It may not be as thickly lined as some of the others on our list, but we certainly think it’s one of the most stylish.

Best extra-long hooded blanket: Sienna Extra Long Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Great for taller people

Sienna Extra Long Hooded Blanket

Measuring 115cm long, this hooded blanket from Sienna is ideal for those who want a little extra comfort and warmth - making it ideal for taller people. Just like the standard Sienna Hoodie Blanket, this extra long version features a soft Sherpa lining, oversized hood and elasticated cuffs, but its additional 15-20cm of length makes it ideal for people over 6 feet tall.

Best stylish hooded blanket: Dreamscene Camo Plush Hoodie Blanket

Cool enough to wear outside

Dreamscene Camo Hooded Blanket

This hooded blanket features a cool camouflage print design and is less oversized than others, making it a little more stylish than other hooded blankets.

Dreamscene’s Plush Hoodie Blanket is a couple of inches smaller around the waist and shorter than other hooded blankets on our list, making them a little less conspicuous than larger options, and with its cool camo print, you could definitely get away with wearing this hooded blanket while you’re out and about.

Best zip-up hooded blanket: Dreamscene Tie Dye Oversized Zip-Up Hoodie

More practical than other hoodies

Dreamscene Zip Up Hooded Blanket

Featuring a full zip opening, this hooded blanket is ideal for those who want to control how warm they get without having to worry about pulling the whole hoodie on and off.

Dreamscene’s Oversized Zip Up Hoodie features many of the same features as other standard hooded blankets - oversized design, big hood, elasticated cuffs - but it’s one of the few hooded blankets that include a full zip, making it a bit more versatile than others. It also has two deep pockets on either side of its front, which some people might prefer instead of one big central kangaroo-style pocket.

Best for superhero fans: Marvel Hoodie For Men

Ideal for movie night

Marvel Hooded Blanket

This official Marvel hooded blanket features superheroes and logos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe - making it the ideal gift for a superhero buff.

Adorned with the Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman and Captain America, this Marvel hooded blanket is made from soft fleece with a Sherpa-lined hood. There’s no lining in the rest of the hoody, though, and it doesn’t feature elasticated cuffs, so it might not keep you as warm as some of the other blankets on our list, but it’s certain to tick a lot of boxes for fans of the MCU.

Best hooded blanket for dogs: Snuggy Grey Hooded Jumper For Dogs

100% cruelty-free

Snuggy Dog Hooded Blanket

It’s not just humans who like to stay cosy and warm during cold nights, so why not let your four-legged furry friend enjoy the benefits of a hooded blanket?

Snuggy’s hooded blankets are popular with humans, but one of their most innovative products is for dogs! This fluffy and warm hooded blanket for pooches features a soft, 100% cruelty-free sherpa lining, easy-to-close snap fastenings and an elasticated hem, making it perfect for shorter-haired dogs seeking some additional cosy comfort.

Hooded blankets are lightweight, oversized and warm hoodies

Hooded blanket buyer's guide

Everything you need to know about hooded blankets before you buy.

What is a hooded blanket?

Hooded blankets are lightweight, oversized and warm hoodies, usually made from fleece with a Sherpa-fleece lining. They’re designed to be super warm and comfortable, ideal for lounging around at home.

In the past few years, hooded blankets have become more and more popular. Once seen as an internet oddity, they’re now quickly becoming a winter wardrobe staple, and a great way to stay warm at home without having to turn the heating up.

What is an Oodie?

Oodie is one of the most popular brands of hooded blankets in the UK. The company describe their hooded blankets as “a jumper crossed with a blanket, crossed with a cloud.” Oodies are made with premium flannel fleece with a thick, high-quality Sherpa fleece internal lining, providing warmth and comfort.

Oodies have become so popular the brand name is now synonymous with hooded blankets. Their design has become the blueprint for most other hooded blankets available to purchase online - with a large oversized design, elasticated cuffs, generously sized hood, and a huge central kangaroo-style central pocket.

Is an Oodie worth the money?

Oodies are some of the most expensive hooded blankets on the market, with the original adult-sized Oodie typically costing £84. Oodie does, however, offer bundles for families, and products are often on sale.

While they may be at the more expensive end of the scale when it comes to hooded blankets, their products do offer a greater level of comfort, thanks to their premium materials. Oodie also offers a great level of customer service, with a 30-day no hassle returns policy and a great online chat help function via their website.

How to wash Oodies and other hooded blankets

Most Oodies are machine washable, but it’s important you check the care instructions printed on the interior label of your Oodie before washing. This rule applies to all hooded blankets - and, technically, anything you intend to machine wash.

Standard care instructions for most Oodies and hooded blankets are fairly simple and listed below:

  • Hand or machine wash using cold to warm water (no hotter than 40°c)
  • If machine washing, doing so on a gentle cycle
  • Use only very mild detergents (like those used for wool or silk)
  • Avoid mixing with other colours

For the best possible results, Oodie recommends hand washing your hooded blanket in cold water.

How to dry Oodies and other hooded blankets

Oodies and other oversized fleece-lined hooded blankets are typically not suitable for tumble drying. The best way to dry your Oodie or hooded blanket is to hang it to dry after washing. As Oodies and other hooded blankets often feature thick Sherpa fleece, drying can take up to a day. The quickest way to dry an Oodie or other hooded blanket would be to use a heated airer.


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