Feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? What if we told you that adding a little more (between four and thirty pounds, to be exact) could help to ease feelings of anxiety and aid sleep? Weighted blankets have risen hugely in popularity and have helped hundreds of people relax and sleep a little easier.


Weighted blankets work by evenly distributing weight across the body to give the impression of being held. This creates a feeling of security that decreases the activity of the body’s sympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and aiding relaxation. It is worth noting, however, that weighted blankets should not be used on children under the age of three, and the user should always be able to remove the blanket themselves.

Weighted blankets come in various sizes and weights and vary in the type of lining they use. With so many options, where do you start?

The Recommended spoke to a leading sleep expert who gave us his take on what to look out for and avoid when shopping for a weighted blanket.

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Our sleep expert

Dr Michael J Breus
Dr Michael J Breus, author of Energize!: Go from shattered to smashing it in 30 days (pictured)

Dr Michael J Breus is a clinical psychologist and best-selling author with over 20 years of experience as a private sleep specialist. Both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr Breus spent 14 years as the Sleep Expert for WebMD and has supplied his expertise to many global brands, including Six Senses Hotel & Spa, Purple, and Advil PM.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

When it comes to weighted blankets, Dr Breus knows his stuff. He gave us the low down on how weighted blankets work and the benefits of using them.

“The evenly distributed weight added to a blanket exerts what’s known as “deep pressure stimulation.” Dr Breus tells us how deep pressure stimulation can “increase [the] activity of the parasympathetic nervous system”, which “lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and increases relaxation and feelings of calm”. Dr Breus continued that these feelings of relaxation “[make] it easier to fall asleep—and may help you sleep more soundly, with fewer restless awakenings during the night”.

What should you look for when buying a weighted blanket?

Dr Breus tells us how selecting the appropriate weight is essential when shopping for a weighted blanket; “In our research, we determined that 12 pounds of evenly distributed weight was ideal for sleep and relaxation – without excessive pressure or the generation of too much heat (which can interfere with sleep)”.

What should you avoid when buying a weighted blanket?

When buying a weighted blanket Dr Breus advised us to not go too heavy too fast; “if you are just starting, then I recommend a 12 lbs blanket and not more. Once you get used to it, then you can move to a heavier one. But most people do not need too”.

Dr Breus also encouraged us to think about the practicalities of maintaining your product as well as the versatility, telling us, “they can run hot, look for ones with removable covers (for washing) but also to see if there is a way to have a lighter or more breathable cover”.

The best weighted blankets

Best overall weighted blanket: Bedsure Weighted Blanket

Reliable relaxation

best overall weighted blanket

The Bedsure weighted blanket is available in two weight options and promises deep relaxation and restorative sleep. Made with breathable cotton, this weighted blanket works to prioritise comfort all year round.

Crafted with 90% glass beads ad 10% microfibre, this weighted blanket evenly distributes weight, conforming to the contours of the body for optimal relaxation. The 100% cotton cover speaks to Dr Breus’ recommendation of opting for breathable materials that help to regulate body temperature.

Verified buyer Claire purchased the Bedsure Weighted Blanket and said, “I was sceptical these would work, but I was wrong. I sleep better and more deeply. Not too warm in the summer ( I have it over a cotton sheet), but won’t be too warm with a fairly lightweight duvet over the top in the winter. I recommend anyone who is thinking about purchasing one to try it out for yourself”.

Best cotton weighted blanket: Luna Weighted Blanket

Cotton comfort

best cotton weighted blanket

With a layered, innovative design, the Luna weighted blanket lives up to Dr Breus’ recommendations and is crafted with breathability and temperature control in mind.

Covered in super-soft, breathable cotton and lined with quality micro glass beads, the Luna Weighted Blanket comes highly recommended by its customers.

Verified buyer Shannon described the Luna weighted blanket as “absolutely life-changing”, saying, “I have always laid awake in bed for an hour or so before finally going to sleep. I would wake up several times in the night, experience night sweats and always feel tired during the day. Since using Luna, I am now going to sleep within 15mins and sleeping the whole way through the night without any night sweats!”.

Best value weighted blanket: Brentfords Weighted Blanket

Affordable quality

best value weighted blanket

Suitable for both adults and children, the Brentfords Weighted Blanket is engineered to aid sleep and relaxation without breaking the bank.

With equally weighted pockets of micro-glass beads, this blanket seeks to provide even weight distribution across the body for optimal relaxation.

Verified buyer Lara aid “this is a superb weighted blanket. When I was looking to buy one, I was put off by the high price tag of similar products. The blanket is such good value, I cannot fault the quality”.

Best warm weighted blanket: Brentfords Teddy Fleece Heavy Weighted Blanket

For a cosy night's sleep

best warm weighted blanket

With a soft, fluffy cover and hypoallergenic, non-toxic micro-glass beads, this weighted blanket promises optimal cosy comfort.

Working to stimulate pressure points and induce feelings of calm, this weighted blanket is evenly weighted for a restful night’s sleep.

Verified buyer Ms Smith loved this blanket, saying, “This is just fantastic. It is just the right amount of weight to feel so snug but not so heavy you can't move. I sleep like a baby with this blanket”.

Best weighted blanket for kids: Dreamscene Star Weighted Blanket

For sweet dreams

Best weighted blanket for kids

Weighing three kilograms, the Deamscene Weighted blanket is engineered to be the perfect size and weight to soothe children and support restful sleep.

With a reversible star design, this weighted blanket is made with durable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic materials. Weighted blankets should not be used on children under three years old. Weighted blankets should weigh 7-12% of your child’s body weight.

Verified buyer Samantha said she was “super happy with this blanket, brought for my son who suffers from ADHD, autism and anxiety and he hasn't put it down since we received it. Super soft, calming and sleeps better”.

Best sustainable choice: GnO Weighted Blanket

Eco-friendly comfort

sustainable weighted blanket

This cotton weighted blanket is filled with earth-friendly micro-glass beads and comes with a removable bamboo duvet cover delivering on Dr Breus’s recommendation of washable covers.

Made with breathable and durable quality materials, the GnO Weighted Blanket aims to ease tension on the mind, the body, and the planet.

Verified buyer Karen said that her GnO Weighted Blanket “does exactly what it's supposed to - provide a heavy weighted wrap-around feeling to promote sleep. We fell asleep quicker, slept deeper and resumed sleep quickly if we awoke. The weight stayed evenly distributed, and the grey bamboo material was smooth and comfortable”.

Best hypoallergenic blanket: Silentnight Weighted Blanket

Gentle and practical

best hypoallergenic blanket

This super-soft hypoallergenic weighted blanket is machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting comfort.

With a 12-month manufacturer's guarantee, this weighted blanket promises restful sleep and peace of mind.

Verified buyer Misha said, “It has honestly been life-changing! After years and years of restless nights, tossing and turning and never really feeling fully rested, I have slept soundly every night for a week!”.

Best cooling blanket: ZZZNest Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

For hot sleepers

best cooling blanket

Made with cool-touch bamboo fibre material, this weighted blanket prioritises temperature control, promising to keep hot sleepers comfortable.

Equipped with an innovative layered design, the ZZZNest Bamboo weighted Blanket aims to ensure even weight distribution for optimal relaxation.

Verified buyer Vikki said, “the fabric is so soft and the weight evenly distributed throughout. I used it to sleep last night; despite the temperature outside the blanket stayed beautifully cool, and I fell asleep within a few minutes of laying down”.

Best premium weighted blanket: Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket

For quality rest

best premium weighted blanket

Designed to help you drift off and stay there, the Simba Orbit Weighted blanket is made with nano-bead technology and breathable fabrics.

With a 100% cotton machine washable cover, this weighted blanket aims to keep you cool and comforted all night long.

Verified buyer Jamie “took delivery of this and immediately upon use could feel the pressure leave my legs! So comfortable! So easy to relax in!”.

Best fleece weighted blanket: Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket

Soft and breathable

best fleece weighted blanket

Crafted with super soft, breathable MicroCool™ Fleece, the kudd.ly weighted blanket allows for optimal airflow and speaks to Dr Breus’ recommendation of temperature regulation.

Machine washable for easy care, the kudd.ly blanket promises to mould to the shape of the body for total relaxation.

Verified buyer Kirsten said, “I was so unsure if a weighted blanket would actually work, but it is amazing, one of the best things I've ever bought. As soon as I put it on top of me I instantly feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying!”.


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