As the temperature begins to drop and the nights draw in it's now time to put BBQs and picnics behind us and start to think about staying cosy and warm inside. However, with the price of energy bills, it can now be a struggle to keep comfortable during the winter months without splashing the cash on heating.


If you're looking for a cheaper way to stay snug at home during the cold then an electric blanket could be the answer. On average, an electric blanket costs around 3p an hour which is much less than the average central heating cost of around £2.70 an hour (for gas).

Unlike your radiator they are transportable, you can bring them to bed, and they are perfect for nights on the sofa. So, if you're on the market for an electric blanket we've curated a list of the very best to keep the shivers away this winter.

We've got everything from traditional undersheet electric blankets to dual-zone control blankets designed for couples and even wearable electric blankets. We've also broken down approximately how much each electric blanket costs to run per hour. For more information on how we calculated this, and how to calculate how much any electric appliance costs to run, check out our explainer at the bottom of this article.

The best electric blankets at a glance:

The best electric blankets

Our top picks of the best electric blankets this winter:

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Best double electric blanket: Cosi Home Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

Adjustable heat for optimal comfort

Cosi Home Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

This traditional undersheet electric blanket features 3 adjustable heat controls and a detachable cord, meaning it’s machine washable. The electric blanket has been designed to provide edge-to-edge warming and features the brand's overheat protection, ensuring the temperature doesn’t exceed 55 degrees. It means you can be warm all winter and don't have to fill up your hot water bottle when the temperatures lower.

  • Estimated cost per hour (75W) = £0.02

Best electric blanket for couples: Homefront Electric Blanket Double Size Dual Control

Dual zone heat control

Homefront Electric Blanket Double Size Dual Control

If you and your partner prefer different temperatures in bed, then this electric blanket, with its dual-zone temperature controls, is definitely for you. It has two easy-to-use controllers to program different sides of the blanket. With nine heat settings, including a specific setting for your feet, it’s a great solution for couples who want different temperatures or targeting heating during the night.

  • Estimated cost per hour (120W) = £0.04

Best single electric blanket: Cozytek Single Electric Blanket Single

Easy-to-use LED controller

Cozytek Single Electric Blanket Single

This single electric blanket is ideal for kids' bedrooms or guest beds, with an easy-to-understand controller and overheat protection. It’s machine washable and features a quick heat-up time with a long detachable cord measuring 2.4m, making it great for single beds that aren’t located close to a power socket.

  • Estimated cost per hour (35W) = £0.01

Best fitted electric blanket: Dreamland Organic Cotton Double Heated Mattress Protector

Stays in place all night

Dreamlands blanket

This fitted electric blanket has six temperature settings and a control unit that monitors your personal temperature and changes the heat of the blanket based on this. It comes with an easy-fit elasticated skirt to fit around the bed and an auto shut-off timer that can be set to 1, 3, or 9 hours.

  • Estimated cost per hour = £0.05

Best king-size electric blanket: Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket King-Size

Super cosy and machine washable

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket King Size

This king-size electric blanket from Silentnight comes with fast heat-up time, overheat protection and a detachable cord for machine washing the blanket. Silentnight is known for its quality materials, and this electric blanket is no different, with a super warm fleece material upper designed to spread the heat evenly across the full blanket.

With three heat settings, you can adapt the temperature to suit you, while its easy-to-use controller and elasticated straps make it as practical as is it comfortable.

  • Estimated cost per hour (120W) = £0.04

Best wearable electric blanket: Electric Heating Pad for Back Neck and Shoulders

Ideal for working from home

Electric Heating Pad for Back Neck and Shoulders Pain Relief

Unlike traditional electric blankets, this electric heating pad can be worn on your body, making it ideal for those working from home this winter. It features most of the same safety features as traditional undersheet blankets, including overheat protection and a 90-minute auto shut-off function. It does also have to be plugged in so you can't walk anywhere with it on!

  • Estimated cost per hour (100W) = £0.03

Best electric blanket throw: Dreamland Luxury Heated Throw

For cosy nights on the sofa

Dreamlands throw

This throw provides cosy warmth while you unwind on the sofa or need a comforting embrace when feeling chilly or unwell. Its inbuilt technology intelligently adjusts to temperature changes to keep your warmth at a steady level. The throw is also machine washable and tumble dryer-safe with six temperature settings and a choice of auto shut-off timers.

  • Estimated cost per hour (120W) = £0.01-4

Electric blanket buyer's guide

Our buyer's guide is here to answer the main questions you might have before buying an electric blanket:

How much does an electric blanket cost to run?

The cost of using an electric blanket can be as little as 1p to 6p per hour, depending on the wattage of the blanket.

We’ve calculated the approximate hourly operating cost for all of the electric blankets listed above. If you’d like to know how we did it, use the following calculation.

  1. Multiply the appliance Wattage by the number of hours of use to calculate the Watt-hours
  2. Divide the Watt-hours by 1000 to calculate the Kilowatt-hours (kWh)
  3. Multiply the kWh by the price of electricity per kWh to calculate the appliance’s hourly operating cost

According to Ofgem, the current price cap for electricity for households in the UK from 1st July is £0.30 per kWh. This is set to lower in October so your electric blanket will be even cheaper! The amount you will pay may vary from the current price cap depending on your energy tariff. To find out how much you pay, see your electricity bill.

Is it ok to sleep with an electric blanket on?

When it comes to electric blankets the ones on the market nowadays are unlikely to cause most problems if they sleep with them all night. However, just to be on the safer side you should think about using an electric blanket to warm up your bed before getting in and then turn it off whilst you sleep.

Alternatively, lots of modern electric blankets let you do this automatically through auto shut-off timers. These allow you to set a timer for three, six, or nine hours so you are comfortably asleep (and warm) before the blanket turns off for the night.

There are some people who shouldn't use an electric blanket as it may cause negative side effects. These include children, diabetics, people who are bedbound and older people who are sensitive to heat. If you are unsure whether an eclectic blanket will be safe for you contact a healthcare professional.

Are electric blankets a fire risk?

As with all electrical appliances, there is a risk that they could cause a fire, this risk is very low for electric blankets. However, there are some safety tips you can follow to make this even smaller. To minimise the risk follow these top tips from the London Fire Brigade:

1. Store electric blankets flat, rolled up, or loosely folded to protect the internal wiring.
2. Always unplug the blanket before getting into bed, unless it has a thermostat control for safe all-night use.
3. Avoid using electric blankets with airflow pressure relief mattresses or emollient creams; opt for non-flammable alternatives instead.
4. Avoid purchasing second-hand electric blankets.
5. Regularly inspect your electric blanket for wear and tear.


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