Garden sheds come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you need extra space for your gardening tools and equipment, machinery or furniture, this vast variety means there is a perfect storage solution for all types of gardens and gardeners!


From storing your favourite outdoor dining sets or rattan garden furniture inside to protecting your lawnmower, BBQ or outdoor rugs from the natural elements, a garden shed is a simple and practical solution.

From compact to large, wooden to plastic, there are lots of garden sheds on the market to choose from, suitable for all budget points. To help you out in your buying experience, The Recommended has done the research for you and put together a list of some of the top garden sheds available to purchase online. Plus, we answer some of your frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page to help you along the way.

The best garden sheds at-a-glance:

The best garden sheds

Best compact garden shed: Keter Manor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

Slim and sleek

Keter Manor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

Materials: Plastic Dimensions: 103 x 129 x 196cm, 4 x 3ft

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This garden shed from Keter, the leading provider of quality garden storage for over 70 years, is ideal for small and narrow spaces. Made from hardy plastic, it is super durable and long-lasting.

This garden shed has a panelled wood effect on its exterior for a smart addition to your outdoor space, with built-in ventilation ducts to maintain a dry, aerated environment. Store your DIY tools, plant pots, or even BBQ inside and close the robust single door with an optional padlock hasp for guaranteed security.

Best robust garden shed: Duramax Eco Metal Garden Shed

Strong and easy to assemble

Duramax Eco Metal Garden Shed

Materials: Alloy steel Dimensions: 262 x 191 x 242.3cm, 8 x 8ft

Organise all your gardening tools and equipment with this large garden shed, featuring wide double doors with a sliding mechanism for easy access and secure storage.

This garden shed is made from hot-dipped galvanised alloy steel for a strong build to withstand all weather and keep rust-free. It provides durable corrosion protection and features two air vents on both sides of the roof for improved air circulation inside. There is an optional lock on the door handles.

Best customisable garden shed: Outsunny Garden Shed

Small but practical

Outsunny Garden Shed

Materials: Fir wood Dimensions: 77 x 54.2 x 179cm

Neaten up your outdoor space and keep your garden accessories protected with this wooden garden shed, with three detachable shelves to customise specifically to your items.

Made from solid fir wood and coated in two thick layers of paint for extra protection, this garden shed is tough and durable, whatever the weather. It has a tilted roof to keep wind and rain resistant and a window at the top for ventilation. Fit both small items and longer tools inside thanks to its adjustable design.

Best easy-access garden shed: Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed

Lockable and secure

Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed

Materials: Plastic Dimensions: 145.5 x 82 x 123cm

Keep your garden belongings dry, and safe thanks to this functional storage shed, with a large capacity to fit your lawnmower, hose, plant pots or even two 240L wheelie bins.

This garden shed is made from a strong plastic material that is weather resistant and fade-free. It features wide-opening doors and a hydraulic piston-assisted lid to hold open the top for quick and hassle-free access. It has heavy-duty floor panelling for a sturdy and secure finish with an optional bolt on the door.

Best wooden garden shed: Power Wooden Shed

With a pre-fitted press lock and key

Power Wooden Shed

Materials: Wood Dimensions: 181.4 x 249 x 203cm, 8 x 6ft

Made from a golden brown wood with heavy-duty framing and galvanised rust-resistant ironmongery, this garden shed is super robust and durable to stand in your outdoor space and hold all your tools.

It is easy to assemble, featuring modular panels to allow you to configure it in the best design to suit you, with the ability to be flexible with the positioning of the door and windows. The roof is coated with a waterproof polyester which is tear-resistant and long-lasting, while the windows are reinforced with toughened safety glass.

Best large garden shed: Lifetime Heavy-Duty Plastic Shed

Long-lasting and steel-enforced

Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed

Materials: Plastic Dimensions: 215 x 214 x 228cm, 7 x 7ft

Pack away large quantities of gardening tools and accessories into this large shed, using the wide double doors which open to almost 180 degrees for the ultimate convenience.

This garden shed has a strong plastic construction with a powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene roof, ideal to withstand all weather and provide a spacious interior. It is fitted with a slip-resistant polyethylene floor, two vents to provide airflow, and a small skylight to maximise natural light. The exterior is UV-protected to prevent fading/cracking.

Best multifunctional shed: Keter Factor Outdoor Storage Shed

For big and small tools

Keter Factor Outdoor Storage Shed

Materials: Plastic Dimensions: 182 x 256.6 x 243cm, 8 x 6ft

Keep your garden equipment and furniture rust and rot-free thanks to this protective home, designed with heavy-duty plastic, which is weather-resistant to withstand the elements all year round.

This garden shed holds a large capacity, with a high ceiling and two handy shelves for easy storage. It features a window and skylight for extra visibility, ventilation grills for continuous air circulation, and tough floor panelling. The wooden look exterior with double doors will look smart in your garden.

Best metal garden shed: Duramax Top Storage Shed


Duramax Storage Shed

Materials: Metal Dimensions: ‎261.6 x 183 x 204.5cm, 8x6ftLoad up this garden shed with your outdoor belongings, whether furniture, tools or machinery and keep them safe and damage-free. Made from hot-dipped galvanised steel for full protection.This practical garden shed provides a great storage solution to keep your garden in tip-top shape while its design is smart and modern. It features sliding double doors with lockable handles for added security and a ventilation system to maintain airflow inside.

Best colourful garden shed: Outsunny Garden Metal Storage Shed

Easy to set up

Outsunny Garden Metal Storage Shed

Materials: Alloy steel, metal Dimensions: 142 x 84 x 189cm, 4.6 x 2.7ftThis garden shed will provide a spacious room to store your garden tools and outdoor equipment and features a tall door for easy access with a lockable latch for guaranteed security.It has a tough corrugated steel frame with a weather-proof top coat for the ultimate durability and sturdy protection of your belongings. This garden shed has a sloping roof to keep rainwater away, avoiding rust and rot and making it a super easy extra storage space to maintain.

Garden shed buyer’s guide

Whether you're a green-fingered gardening enthusiast, DIY expert, or simply just a space to store your outdoor tools and equipment, a shed is an essential addition to any garden. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right shed for your garden.

That's why we've put together this buyer's guide to answer all your questions, from the features to look for in a garden shed to where to position it and how long it will last, to help you make an informed decision.

What features to look for in a garden shed?

Size: This is definitely the starting point when choosing a garden shed. What will you be using your garden shed for? And how much space do you have in your garden to house it? Considering where it will be assembled and what you want to store inside it is essential.

Material: Garden sheds vary in the material they are made from, whether wooden, metal or plastic. A wooden shed is the most traditional option, providing a durable storage solution. However, it will need to be treated occasionally to avoid rotting. Metal and plastic fabrics are very weatherproof, with the plastic being super lightweight and rot and rust-free. There’s more on this below!

Roof style: Check out the shape of the roof when looking at garden sheds. Is it an apex-style with a triangle-shaped roof, where the two sides meet in the middle, or is it a pent-style roof that slopes on just one side? An apex roof will provide more headroom in the middle of your shed and ensure any rainwater drips down the sides to keep the inside dry. A pent roof is good for smaller spaces.

Flooring: Some garden sheds will come complete with flooring included, while others you will have to buy separately. Make sure to check!

Ventilation: Most garden sheds will have ventilation grills/ducts to ensure continuous air circulation.

Accessories: Features such as shelves and racks to store your equipment on are super useful - many sheds have adjustable ones, so you can customise the inside specifically to your needs. Locks are another thing to look out for, enhancing the security of your belongings. Some sheds will have windows or skylights to let extra natural light inside.

Garden sheds materials: wood, metal and plastic

The material your garden shed is made from is one of the most important factors to consider before you make a purchase. Whether you're looking for durability, strength, or aesthetics, the most common materials used to build garden sheds vary in the properties they can offer.

Wooden garden sheds

Often chosen for their timeless look, wooden sheds are usually made from cedar, pine, or redwood. As well as being easily customisable via painting or staining, they offer a strong, durable, and well-insulated option for your garden. To avoid rot and insect damage, wooden sheds require regular maintenance.

Metal garden sheds

Metal sheds provide a sturdy, low-maintenance outdoor storage option and are often made from steel or aluminium. They have become popular among DIY enthusiasts for their easy assemblement and their metal base means they are resistant to fire, pests and rot. Whilst owners have the advantage of choosing their shed’s colour, the sheds do come with the risk of condensation and rust.

Plastic Garden sheds

Plastic sheds may not be as aesthetically pleasing or as warm as their wood or metal counterparts, but they do provide an affordable and low-maintenance alternative. Made of high-density plastic, they’re strong and easy to clean, whilst also being resistant to rot, rust, and fading.

What to store in a garden shed?

  • Gardening tools, e.g. secateurs, spades
  • Garden machinery, e.g. lawnmower, leaf blower
  • Garden furniture, e.g. tables and chairs
  • Garden accessories, e.g. plant pots, toys
  • Bicycles

Where to position your garden shed?

Choosing the ideal spot for your shed may depend on its size and what you are storing inside. Pick a place where you can access it easily while still maintaining the aesthetics of your garden. Ensure your garden shed is assembled on a sturdy base, whether that be level concrete, paving slabs or a shop-bought shed base. This will allow your shed to stand securely.

How long does a garden shed last?

Most garden sheds are built to be long-lasting, with durable materials and robust designs to withstand all weather conditions and heavy usage. Some will need treating occasionally, for example, wooden ones, to maintain their exterior, keeping rust and rot-free. If maintained correctly, garden sheds can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years.


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