An ironing board may not be top of your list when it comes to exciting purchases, yet it’s such an important part of the household. From skirts to shirts to school uniforms, we all know that most of our clothes look better when they’ve been given a little TLC from the trusty iron.


But which is the best ironing board for you? As is often the case with household staples, the decision is not as simple as it first seems. So, we’ve rounded up some of the best ironing boards on the market, highlighting their best features so you can easily decide on the best fit for you. Because these boards differ more than you’d think.

We’ve got extra wide options for heavy-duty ironing and table-top versions perfect for small-space living or taking on the road. There are ironing boards that will look beautiful on display if you don’t have somewhere to store them, and others whose USP is that they’re easily tucked away.

Some ironing boards have specially designed covers to make your ironing easier. Some are designed with safety in mind, featuring non-slip iron holders, safety locks and more. We’ve even found one that’s specifically designed for shirt sleeves.

Whatever your needs, our top ten ironing boards should have something for everyone. We’ve done the research for you so that you can focus on looking after your clothes.

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The best ironing boards at a glance:

The best ironing boards

Best overall ironing board: Vileda Smart Ironing Board

A classic ironing board done well

Vileda Smart Ironing Board

A real crowd pleaser, this ironing board is sturdy and large yet easy to fold and store. The cover enhances the effectiveness of your steam iron.

This ironing board is great for everyday use, with a generously-sized board suitable for most items. The steam-permeable mesh metal surface is covered with cotton and foam and allows for a great ironing experience. The solid iron rest features space for four clothes hangers. It folds up easily and has a lock for easy transport.

Best safety features: Minky Ergo Mint Prozone Ironing Board

Designed with busy homes in mind

Minky Ergo Mint Prozone Ironing Board

An attractive, modern-looking ironing board with multiple safety features. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for both left- and right-handed users.

If you’re looking for a comfortable ironing experience, the Minky Ergo is a great option. It has been designed to offer an experience that feels natural and comfortable whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

This board also features a handy clip to stop your iron cord from getting tangled or caught. Combined with its heat-reflective coating and double iron rest, it allows you to get on with your ironing without worrying about accidents.

Most stylish ever: Brabantia Ironing Board C

Attractive leaf-print ironing board

Brabantia Ironing Board C

If you need to have your ironing board on display, or simply want it to look beautiful while in use, choose the most stylish of our top ten options, the Brabantia tropical Leaves board.

Design is not top of everyone’s list when it comes to ironing board features, but for many people, aesthetics are important in every element of their home, and this Brabantia leaf-print ironing board is the most beautiful option we’ve found.

It’s also large with adjustable height options, features a transport lock, so it’s easy to move around, and comes with a perfect fit cover that makes removing creases a breeze.

Best table-top option: Beldray Table Top Ironing Board

Save space without losing function

Beldray Table Top Ironing Board

Living in a small space or looking for a travel option? This tabletop ironing board is compact and convenient, and lightweight, so you can take it wherever you go.

A table-top ironing board is a great option for anyone living in a small space or who simply doesn’t want too much of their storage taken up by a full-size ironing board. If you only iron once in a blue moon, this could be the one for you. It’s also our preferred option for travel, and we think it’s perfect for anyone who wants to take their ironing board on the road. After all, it’s nice to look sharp wherever you go.

Best extra-wide board: Vileda Solid Ironing Board

Perfect for ironing larger items

Vileda Solid Ironing Board

This heavy-duty non-slip ironing board is designed with larger items in mind, with an extra-wide board at 44 x 122cm to make life easier for you.

When it comes to ironing larger items, whether that’s floaty dresses or linen and bedding, this Vileda option is our top pick. It comes in at 44cm wide and is highly sturdy, with multiple height settings to suit most people. It’s suitable for both irons and steam generators, and its steam-permeable table comes with an attractive blue patterned cover.

Best for small spaces: Mabel Home Ergo T-leg ironing board

Compact and lightweight for easy storage

Mabel Home Ergo T-leg ironing board

A foldable ironing board that’s small in size but big on practicality, ideal for people with small homes or limited storage space.

Although smaller than average, this ironing board doesn’t skimp on function, offering an excellent ironing experience, a sturdy design with safety locks, adjustable height, and an extra cover included. Easy to fold and very compact when collapsed, this is a great option for flats and smaller homes or for people with limited storage available.

Most adaptable heights: Mabel Home Adjustable Height Deluxe Ironing Board

Adjustable to suit everyone

Mabel Home Adjustable Height Deluxe Ironing Board

With four different height settings and a thick and durable cover, this is our pick for large households and families, standing up to frequent use and suitable for people of varying heights.

If you live in a household where various people are going to be using the same ironing board, make sure to choose one with multiple height options.

The Mabel Home Adjustable Height Deluxe is adaptable to fit almost any height, and its sturdy design makes it great for frequent use. The cover is 100% cotton, encouraging optimum airflow to accelerate your ironing.

Most handy extras: Russell Hobbs Geo Folding Ironing Board With Jumbo Iron Rest

An ironing board with added value

Russell Hobbs Geo Folding Ironing Board With Jumbo Iron Rest

This modern-looking ironing board is designed to save you time and effort with clever features and added extras, including coat hanger holes and non-slip feet.

Russell Hobbs has gone all out to make your life easier with this Geo Folding Ironing Board. It offers multiple heights and is designed for comfort for both right- and left-handed users. Its jumbo iron rest fits most models and features soft-touch silicone pads for safety as well as 6 dedicated spaces to hang your clothes.

The board also offers improved steam penetration, encouraging a smoother ironing experience. It’s collapsible and durable, with handy non-slip feet. A great choice for the committed ironer.

Best for shirt sleeves: Amazon Basics Ironing Board for Shirt Sleeves

A mini board for shirt sleeves and more

Amazon Basics Ironing Board for Shirt Sleeves

This small but perfectly formed ironing board is designed to make ironing shirt sleeves easy and suitable for a variety of other smaller items. A must-buy item for office workers.

This dinky ironing board has been specially designed to help get the perfect finish on everyone’s least favourite thing to iron: shirt sleeves. If you wear a shirt to work, this time-saving hack is an absolute must-buy.

At just 50 x 12 x 12.5cm, it folds flat and is small enough to slot in anywhere. It can be used resting on top of our traditional ironing board or as a table-top board and is suitable for a variety of smaller items as well as for formal shirt sleeves.

Best heat protection: Minky Large Ironing Board with Scorch Resist Zone

Avoids scorches with a reinforced cover

Minky Large Ironing Board with Scorch Resist Zone

Save yourself the worry about resting your iron on the board with Minky’s scorch-resistant cover, which allows you to ‘park’ your iron safely so you can rearrange your clothes.

If you have ever absent-mindedly put your iron down and caused damage to your clothes or ironing board, this Minky scorch-resistant option is perfect for you. In fact, it’s a great option for most people, as it takes some of the worry out of ironing.

Large and sturdy yet compact when folded, this ironing board is suitable for frequent use at home. The heat-reflective cover s 100% cotton and encourages easy ironing.


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