It won’t be your most glamorous purchase of the year, and yet a good kitchen bin can make such a difference in your life. Used countless times each day, picking the right bin can genuinely mean the difference between a kitchen that works for you and a kitchen that’s out of synch. Pun not intended.


So how do you know which is the right bin for you? All our ten bins offer something special, but the deciding factors are going to be personal to you. It needs to fit in with your style, do everything you need it to and – crucially – fit the space you have.

Don’t overlook the importance of aesthetics because, for most people, the kitchen bin is visible at all times, meaning you’ll want it to meld well with the design of the room. For those of you who care deeply about style, we’ve included options that will suit the most elegant of kitchens and others that come in a variety of colours and finishes.

Then consider the features you’re looking for. Pedal opening or hands-free? What level of odour protection do you need? Are you looking for a household waste bin, or do you like the idea of dual caddies that offer space for recyclables too? Among our ten best kitchen bins, you’ll find food caddies, too if that’s what you’re after.

Last but absolutely not least comes size. And here, consider both the dimensions of the bin and its capacity. The latter is measured in litres, with 30 litres around the standard for your typical kitchen bin. But among even 30-litre bins, there is a great variance in shape and dimensions, so be sure to consider carefully the overall size of the bin itself and whether it will fit in the space you have in mind for it. The perfect bin for your kitchen should fit neatly in its space, seamlessly blending with its surroundings.

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The best kitchen bins at a glance:

The best kitchen bins

Sleek modern design: Brabantia Bo Touch Bin

A great addition to a stylish kitchen

Brabantia Bo Touch Bin

Brabantia bins are known for their elegant designs, and this sleek two-compartment option is no exception. Available in various colours, it is a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

This bin is for the design lover and should be your first port of call if you are looking for a product that’s as stylish as the rest of your kitchen. This model features two 30-litre bins, offering space for both waste and recyclables. It’s a touch-opening bin made from matt steel with a fingerprint-proof coating.

Best odour protection: SONGMICS Double Rubbish Bin

Designed to keep bad smells inside

SONGMICS Double Rubbish Bin

Easily bothered by bad smells? This double-compartment pedal bin features an odour seal to keep your nose happy as well as soft closure to avoid loud clangs.

If you have a sensitive nose or simply like the idea of fewer bad smells, the odour seal in this double-compartment soft-close pedal bin makes it a great choice. The two 30-litre section make sorting your rubbish a breeze, while the sleek design ensures it will also look great in your kitchen.

Best waste separation: SONGMICS Kitchen Waste Bin

A triple-compartment pedal bin

SONGMICS Kitchen Waste Bin

This attractive pedal bin comes with three compartments so you can easily separate your waste from your recycling. Great for big kitchens and big families.

Blessed with lots of room in your kitchen? Make the most of it with a high-capacity bin like this triple-compartment option that’s elegant as well as practical. Holding up to 54 litres across its three sections, you can easily separate your different types of rubbish, and each compartment lifts out for ease of transportation and ease of cleaning.

Very high capacity: Dihl 50L Stainless Steel Rectangle Automatic Kitchen Sensor Bin

Holds up to 50 litres of household waste

Dihl 50L Stainless Steel Rectangle Automatic Kitchen Sensor Bin

This sleek hands-free opening bin holds up to 50 litres of waste in a single compartment, making it a great option for large households and busy kitchens.

If you are looking for a single-compartment general waste bin that holds a serious amount of rubbish, look no further. At 50 litres, it holds significantly more waste than the standard kitchen bin. It features a hands-free opening, too – simply wave your hand in front of the sensor. It’s modern and stylish as well as hygienic.

Best for hygiene: Morphy Richards Chroma 971517 Square Sensor Bin

Motion sensor hands-free opening

Morphy Richards Chroma 971517 Square Sensor Bin

Keep your hands and your bin as clean as possible with motion sensor technology that automatically opens and closes the lid. Steel construction means it’s sturdy too.

This Morphy Richards bin has been designed with hygiene in mind, featuring a motion sensor to allow totally hands-free opening to avoid the spread of germs. The lid opens automatically as you approach the bin, then closes after 5 seconds of inactivity, meaning you can dispose of your waste without touching it at all.

Best food waste caddy: ELPHECO Kitchen Compost Bin

A hanging food bin to save space

ELPHECO Kitchen Compost Bin

In the market for a food recycling caddy? This hanging option saves space and keeps your food waste out of reach of pets and children.

A kitchen compost bin or food caddy is a great addition to your home and such an easy way to reduce the waste we send to landfill. If you’re short on space or simply want to keep your food waste where it can’t be accessed by kids or pets, try this hanging version from ELPHECO. It comes with two options to hang it, so should adapt to any kitchen.

Best smart bin: Townew Smart Waste Bin

Seals and replaces bags automatically

Townew Smart Waste Bin

A futuristic kitchen bin that offers hands-free opening via motion sensor, self-sealing technology, and odour neutralisation to keep your home smelling fresh.

If you love a techy upgrade, this smart bin is for you. As well as a motion-sensor opening, it also features an automatic bag-sealing function. Hold the button down for three seconds, and the bin seals its own bag inside using thermoplastic sealing technology. If it senses that the bag is too full, it will seal the bag itself to avoid spillage. The rechargeable batteries offer a month’s battery life.

Best for a bargain: Amazon Basics 5L Kitchen Bin with Steel Bar Pedal

A classic pedal bin for a great price

Amazon Basics 5L Kitchen Bin with Steel Bar Pedal

Sometimes you don’t need the bells and whistles. If you’re looking for a simple pedal bin that will look good in your kitchen without breaking the bank, this one is for you.

While some of us feel the need for added extras, others simply don’t, and if your heart isn’t set on fire at the thought of a bin with embellishments, then this Amazon Basics model is a fantastic option. It does everything you need and looks good too, and for a price that really can’t be argued with.

Best stainless steel option: Tramontina 30 Litre Kitchen Indoor Outdoor Rubbish and Waste Bin

Durable for indoor or outdoor use

Tramontina 30 Litre Kitchen Indoor Outdoor Rubbish and Waste Bin

We love the adaptability of this stainless steel pedal bin from Tramontina, which can actually be used outdoors as well as in the kitchen.

This stainless steel pedal bin is a sleek model designed to fit into smaller spaces and be unobtrusive in your kitchen. It holds 30 litres and is suitable for either 20-litre or 30-litre bags. The pedal-touch opening bin is suitable for outdoor use as well as indoors, should you ever need it in the garden or shed. And as it’s stainless steel it’s inevitably durable and hardwearing.

Best classic soft-close bin: Brabantia NewIcon Pedal Bin 30L

Sleek design at a low price

Brabantia NewIcon Pedal Bin 30 L

The classic cylindrical pedal bin gets taken up a notch in this elegant design from Brabantia, with soft closure and a 30-litre capacity.

Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason, and if you’re looking for a traditional cylindrical pedal bin for your kitchen, why not err on the side of aesthetics with this sleek design by Brabantia? It holds 30 litres of waste and features a pedal opening and a soft-closing lid. Available in a multitude of colours, there’s one to suit every kitchen.


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