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The best luggage locks to keep your belongings safe while you travel

The Recommended scoured the web to find the best luggage locks in a variety of designs to suit every need.

best luggage locks

Nothing ruins that holiday feeling like stolen or damaged luggage, and with checked baggage, there’s only so much you can do. Once you leave the check-in desk, it’s in the hands of the luggage Gods. However, securing your bags with a quality luggage lock can help keep your belongings safe and undamaged, letting you enjoy that airport pint with added peace of mind.


Luggage locks come in all shapes and sizes, from high-tech smart locks to your classic lock and key design. With so much choice, how do you find the best luggage lock to suit your needs? Well, that’s where we come in.

The Recommended scoured the web to find the best luggage locks in a variety of designs to suit every need. With family packs, combination locks, and some helpful added info, we’re here to help you crack the code to optimal luggage security (see what we did there?).

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The best luggage locks

Best basic lock: ZHEGE Combination Lock

Cost-effective security

best basic luggage lock

This durable combination lock is reliable and affordable with a classic design.

This lock comes with a four-number combination design making it far more secure than the classic, three-number style. This lock is made with durable zinc-alloy and hardened steel for weatherproof and saw-resistant security.

Best combination lock: Diyife TSA Luggage Locks

Intuitive design

best combination lock

These TSA-approved luggage locks are effective and affordable and made with durable zinc alloy and cut-resistant steel.

This lock features a classic combination mechanism and a flexible cable that allows the lock to be fastened to a variety of bags and cases. The travel sentry symbol helps to ensure your luggage can be searched safely if needed without damage to your belongings.

Best for families: Fosmon TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

Value for money 

best luggage locks for families

This pack of four TSA-approved luggage locks helps to keep your family secure.

These combination locks come in a variety of bright colours, helping you recognise your luggage and reduce time spent at baggage claim. These locks feature a strong yet flexible cable and easy-to-read dials for clear, dependable security.

Best key lock: Samsonite Travel Sentry Locks

Classic quality

best key luggage lock

These TSA-approved locks feature a classic design and durable brass materials for long-lasting quality.

If you prefer to keep your luggage under lock and key, these small yet mighty luggage locks are made with durable brass and come with two keys per lock for added peace of mind.

Best cable lock: OW-Travel Cable Padlock

Flexible security 

best cable lock

These TSA-approved cable locks feature a simplistic design and flexible cable for versatile use.

This simple lock is made from robust zinc alloy and toughened plastic for reliable yet lightweight security. The extra-long, flexible cable design allows optimal versatility, and the lock and key mechanism ensure ease of use.

Best smart padlock: eLinkSmart Fingerprint Padlock

Personalised security 

best smart luggage lock

This fingerprint padlock offers truly personal security and a high-tech design.

This smart luggage lock uses fingerprint ID and cab be remotely controlled via a smartphone app, ensuring optimal security. This lock is equipped with low battery consumption and long standby time, as well as a USB rechargeable lithium battery for long-lasting use.

What is a TSA-approved lock?

TSA-approved luggage locks are any locks that display the Travel Sentry Logo. These locks are made with an added mechanism that allows the lock to be opened by airport security staff using a specific key only available to them. This means that your luggage can be searched if needed without breaking the lock. Airport security teams will unlock your luggage, search it, and then relock it securely, helping to keep your belongings safe throughout your journey.

Luggage locks by design

Combination: Combination locks generally use three or four-digit mechanisms to secure your belongings. Upon purchasing the lock, you can set your own passcode, which you’ll then need to open your luggage lock.

Key: These classic locks use a traditional lock and key design to secure your luggage. Simply attach your lock to your luggage and unlock using the key provided. Make sure to keep it safe!

Cable: Cable locks can use either key or combination mechanisms. Their defining feature is the flexible cable they use to secure luggage. These cables allow for added versatility and can be used on bags and cases of all shapes and sizes.

Smart lock: Smart locks can be equipped with fingerprint ID or remotely controlled apps that control their use, allowing for added security.


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