When flying, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your baggage safe. Investing in a good quality luggage lock to keep your carry-on luggage secure, for example, will help to protect your belongings while you travel.


Sometimes, though, despite your best efforts, your luggage will get lost. Whether your bag fails to turn up on a luggage carousel, you accidentally leave it on public transport, or a fellow passenger mistakes it for their own, attaching a personalised luggage tag to your baggage with your contact details will dramatically increase your chances of reclaiming your belongings down the line.

To help you identify your bags when travelling and to increase your chances of finding your baggage if it gets stolen, The Recommended searched the internet to find a selection of the best luggage tags to buy online. We’ve also included some helpful advice on what information to include on a luggage tag and what personal details you should avoid sharing.

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Best luggage tags

Best overall luggage tags: Ovener Aluminium Luggage Tag

Practical design

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3. Aluminum Luggage Tag

A great all-round pick, these stylish luggage tags are made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel and available in six colours.

These luggage tags include an aluminium alloy tag case, a stainless steel string for connecting to baggage, and blank paper with a PVC cover. This tag has a privacy cover that only shows your name unless unlocked by hand.

Best metal luggage tags: OCTiLUX Aluminium Luggage Tags

Sturdy and durable design

1. OCTiLUX Luggage Tags

These aluminium luggage tags attach to your bags via a stainless steel connector cable designed to withstand bumps and knocks when loaded onto baggage carousels.

This luggage tag is designed to only display your name when attached to luggage. There is a hole in one corner where the connector cable threads through, which must be unlocked to access your other information. This luggage tag is available to buy in a range of bright colours and is suitable for attaching to a range of baggage sizes.

Best silicone luggage tags: BlueCosto 5X Black Luggage Tags

Gentle on baggage

2. BlueCosto 5X Black Luggage Tags

Unlike metal alternatives, these heavy-duty silicone luggage tags are designed to be gentle on luggage and prevent scuffs.

These tags feature a privacy back cover flap that connects to the steel baggage connector, which helps to conceal your information. They come in a pack of five and are available in a choice of bright colours. Measuring 4.5 x 2.5 inches, they are also large enough to spot easily on luggage carousels.

Best leather luggage tags: Kevancho Leather Luggage Tags

Stylish and functional

4. Kevancho Leather Luggage Tags

These synthetic leather luggage tags are built with reinforced stitching for durability and feature a waterproof exterior and moisture-proof plastic film to protect your info card from smudging.

Available in 11 stylish pastel colours, these luggage tags not only look good but will help you identify your bags quickly. They are also designed to be fully flexible and bendable to withstand bumps and knocks.

Best eye-catching design: EQLEF Lovely Secure Luggage Tags

Easy to spot

5. EQLEF® Set Of 4 Lovely Secure Luggage Tags

These geometric luggage tags feature vivid and distinct patterns designed to help you find your bags.

These luggage tags are made from plastic and feature a band with a buckle attachment for fastening onto your bags. They come in a pack of four, each with its own unique design, which is great for families and groups.

Best choice of colours: Teskyer Premium PU Leather Luggage Tags

Waterproof design

6. Teskyer Store Luggage Tags

These leather luggage tags feature two information cards and a clear plastic flap for protecting your details from smudging.

These luggage tags come in a choice of 12 bright colours to help you identify your bags. The tags feature a snap ring that connects to a leather buckle for attaching luggage. The information holder measures 2.7 x 4.2 inches, which is suitable for standard sized business cards.

Best luggage tag multi-pack: BlueCosto 10x Luggage Tags


7. BlueCosto 10x Yellow Luggage Tags

Great if you have a number of bags or you’re travelling in a big group, this ten-pack of luggage tags comes in six vivid colours.

These plastic luggage tags feature a minimal design with a stainless steel string loop for attaching to your baggage. They are also available to buy with plastic loops.

Why should you use luggage tags?

According to data published by the US Department for Transportation, 219,723 bags were “mishandled” (meaning lost, damaged, delayed or stolen) by American airports in April this year.

While there’s not a lot you can do about airports mishandling your luggage, it’s important to do all you can to increase your chances of being reunited with your belongings if they are lost or stolen. Attaching a luggage tag with your name and contact details is a straightforward measure you can take to help whoever finds your luggage get in touch with you.

What should you write on luggage tags?

What information you should include on a luggage tag can be contentious. You should include enough basic information for an airline to contact you but should refrain from including sensitive information that other passengers could get access to.

Including your name is essential, as is your telephone number and/or email address, as this will allow whoever finds your bags to contact you.

However, whether you include your home address is more tricky. While including an address to ship your luggage to may seem like a good idea, advertising this information to potentially unwanted onlookers is not advisable. For this reason, we’d recommend omitting your home address and instead only sharing this information once airport staff contact you to say they have found your luggage. That way, you know exactly who you are sharing that information with.


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