Did you know that experts believe around two-thirds of us aren’t getting enough sleep?


Whether you’re tossing and turning as you struggle to get to sleep, waking frequently during the night, or still feeling sluggish when you wake in the morning, chances are you aren’t getting enough quality sleep.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to invest in a white noise machine. To help you make the best purchase, The Recommended has scoured the web to find the best white noise machines for different uses and needs – from rechargeable options that are great for travel and using on-the-go to devices specifically made for babies and young children to help them (and their parents) get some well-needed rest.

The best white noise machines at a glance:

The best white noise machines

Best range of volume settings: Magicteam Sleep Sound White Noise Machine

40 non-looping sleep sounds

Magicteam Sleep Sound White Noise Machine

A portable, adaptable white noise machine offering 40 different sounds, 32 volume level options and three timer settings. Suitable from birth to adulthood.

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With 32 available volume settings and 40 different non-looping sounds included, this white noise machine is perfect for flexible use and suitable for both adults and babies. It also has timer settings for one, two or three hours, so you can use it to help you (or your baby) drift off to sleep without needing to keep it on overnight if you don’t want to.

Best bedside noise machine: Elesories White Noise Machine

Handy timer setting

Elesories White Noise Machine

A great bedside white noise machine designed to encourage better sleep for both babies and adults.

This clever noise machine is designed for bedside use for both adults and babies, including white noise, fan sounds, musical options and sounds from nature. It offers 24 soothing sounds, with options aimed at all ages. Three timer settings allow you to set the machine to play for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It even has a headphone port, so your white noise doesn’t disturb your bedfellow.

Best nightlight alternative: White Noise Machine Easysleep Sleep Sound Machine with light

With built-in adjustable light

White Noise Machine Easysleep Sleep Sound Machine with light

Save room and energy with this double-function night light and white noise machine, designed to help everyone get a better night’s sleep.

The Easysleep Sleep Sound Machine is a great option for anyone sharing a bedroom with their baby, as it comes with an adjustable nightlight built in, saving you precious space on your bedside table during those early months of parenthood. The light’s brightness is adjustable, as is the volume of the 25 available sounds, which range from white and pink noise to lullabies, water sounds and birdsong.

Best for buggies and prams: Dreamegg White Noise Machine

Ideal for taking on-the-go

Dreamegg White Noise Machine

Block out background noise and soothe your baby to sleep whether you’re at home or on the go with this lightweight clip-on white noise machine.

For many parents, the buggy acts as a second bed for their baby, and with the Dreamegg White Noise Machine, you can bring the same soothing sounds that your baby loves at bedtime to their on-the-go naptimes. This lightweight, highly portable device can be easily clipped onto your pram and is equally suitable for use in the nursery or bedroom.

Best for business travel: LectroFan White Noise Machine

Great range of fan sounds

LectroFan White Noise Machine

This compact, travel-friendly machine offers one of the best varieties of fan sounds and traditional white noise sounds that we’ve come across. For a peaceful sleep, wherever you are.

If you’re looking for traditional white noise sounds or fan sounds, this device is the one for you. With 10 distinct fan sounds and 10 different, non-looping white noise options, this is our favourite option when it comes to masking background noise. Its compact size makes it great for travel, meaning you can take great sleep wherever you go.

Best for style-conscious buyers: RENPHO White Noise Machine

A compact modern design

RENPHO White Noise Machine

This white noise machine proves that form and function can exist in harmony. Its sleek, attractive cube design will fit in seamlessly with any modern home, helping you sleep without compromising your style credentials.

The attractive design of this RENPHO white noise machine makes it perfect for the style-conscious homeowner. As well as looking great, the device offers 36 soothing sounds, including white noise, fan sounds and sounds from nature. It offers timer settings and volume control as well as a memory function, meaning it automatically remembers your previously chosen settings when you turn it back on.

Best for personal listening: i-Star White Noise Machine

Perfect for use on planes and trains

i-Star White Noise Machine

This compact white noise machine is designed to be portable and compatible with headphones, meaning you can plug in and sleep soundly while in transit without bothering other passengers.

If you are looking to improve your sleep on the go, whether you’re a frequent flier or more of a train traveller, this portable and compact white noise machine is just the thing. It’s powered via USB cable but contains batteries as a backup, and automatically turns itself off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes (whichever you choose), so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep and leaving it on. Crucially, the device has a headphone port, meaning you can listen to your noise of choice without worrying about impacting your fellow passengers.

Best smart noise machine: SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine

Great smart functionality

SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine

This smart white noise machine comes with a companion app that allows you to control volume, set timers, and switch the noise and light on and off.

Fans of smart tech will love the SNOOZ white noise machine, which comes with a companion app that acts as a remote control. Available on android and IOS, the app also allows you to programme the on/off timer and night light. And a nursery calibration feature allows you to safely check the volume level to protect your baby’s ears.

Best for office use: RENPHO Rechargeable White Noise Machine

Helps concentration at work

RENPHO Rechargeable White Noise Machine

This rechargeable white noise machine is perfect for office or working from home. Its range of soothing sounds helps to boost concentration as well as aid confidentiality by masking conversations and background noise in the workplace.

One of the lesser-known applications of white noise is its ability to boost concentration by blocking out background noise, making it an increasingly popular feature of modern workspaces. Whether you are working from home or in the office, the soothing sounds of this RENPHO device can help you to keep your mind on the task at hand, blocking out distractions and also masking the conversations of your colleagues, which in turn protects confidentiality. It’s rechargeable and portable, meaning you can easily transport it between various working environments.

Best for babies: Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe

A cuddly friend

Sweet Dreamers, Ewan Deluxe

The cutest white noise machine in our roundup has won multiple awards for its ability to help babies fall asleep using noises that replicate the womb.

Ewan the sheep is a multiple award-winning baby sleep aid, and with good reason. This adorable soft toy replicates the sounds babies hear in the womb, using real-life recordings that include a mother’s heartbeat, which has been proven to help babies fall asleep. Other white noise options include shushing, rainfall and lullaby. Ewan has a smart cry sensor that turns noise on when your baby wakes, gently soothing them back to sleep. There’s also a nightlight, and to top it off, it’s completely machine washable.

What is a white noise machine?

White noise machines are devices that produce sounds that can aid relaxation, soothe anxious thoughts, and block out distracting background noises. The most typical white noise is a sort of constant whooshing sound, often likened to radio static or to waves crashing on a beach. Sounds from nature are also commonly used for white noise, for example, recordings of whale songs or of the Amazon rainforest.

White noise has long been used as an aid to sleep, with studies showing it has the ability to help people fall asleep up to 38% faster. There is also evidence to show that it can support good sleep throughout the night, helping you to sleep deeper for longer.

Many people today also use white noise machines in office settings, believing they aid concentration and block out distractions. They can even be used to boost confidentiality in the workplace, as they can stop conversations from being overheard.

When it comes to babies, white noise has been proven to help them fall asleep faster and sleep for longer stretches of time. Experts believe that white noise helps replicate the conditions in the womb, making newborns feel at home and comforting them off to sleep. A white noise machine remains an essential sleep accessory as your baby gets older and grows into a toddler, blocking out background noise that could wake them from naps or at night.

The best white noise machines offer multiple sounds, among other features, such as rechargeable batteries for portability, nightlights for multifunctionality, and even timer settings.


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