Wine aficionados will know the importance of storing your wine bottles correctly. This includes laying them flat with little movement and cooling them at the appropriate temperatures to preserve and optimise their light and crisp or rich and deep flavours.


Wine fridges provide the ideal solution, creating a space for your bottles to chill. They will also provide extra space in your main fridge and add some style to your home. From whites and reds to rosés and fizz, you can load up wine fridges with all your favourite bottles.

The Recommended has searched the web and put together a list of our favourite best-selling wine fridges on the market. Whether looking for some extra bottle storage or keen to create a bar-like experience in your kitchen or dining room, we’ve got you covered with the best wine fridges to transform your homes.

The best wine fridges at-a-glance:

The best wine fridges

Best stylish wine fridge: Baridi 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Fridge

Low noise and runs efficiently

Baridi 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Fridge

Wattage: 145kWh per year

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Estimated monthly running cost: £4.11

Bottle capacity: 28 | Temperature range: 5-18°C

Keep your favourite wines at their optimum temperatures with this super sophisticated wine fridge, which can range from 5-18°C using the touch-screen controls and houses up to 28 bottles

This modern-style wine fridge will look sleek and stylish in your kitchen, designed with tempered, mirrored glass on the exterior to reflect UV light and protect your wine. Inside there are removable wave-shaped metal shelves for flexible storage and a soft white LED light to add ambience and enhance visibility in low-lit settings.

Best multifunctional wine fridge: Bodega Built-In Wine Fridge

Practical and chic

Bodega Built-In Wine Fridge

Wattage: 140kWh per year

Estimated monthly running cost: £3.97

Bottle capacity: 40 | Temperature range: 5-20°C

Step up your wine serving game with this bar-like wine fridge, offering two separate temperature zones for storing your reds, whites and sparkling bottles. It can range from 5-20°C.

This wine fridge is suitable for under-counter installation or as a freestanding fridge and functions at a low noise level. It features pull-out drawers made with beech wood shelves, providing little vibration so your wine can lay flat and still with no disturbance. The transparent door with triple insulating glass is equipped with UV filters for added protection and preservation of flavours.

Best compact wine fridge: Subcold Viva 16 LED Table Top Wine Fridge

Counter-top friendly

Subcold Viva 16 LED Table Top Wine Fridge

Wattage: 131kWh per year

Estimated monthly running cost: £3.71

Bottle capacity: 16 | Temperature range: 3-18°C

Functioning at a low noise level and with low energy consumption, this wine fridge is a great investment for those looking for some extra storage for their wine bottles that won’t take up much space.

This wine fridge is designed with Advanced Compressor Cooling Technology and an adjustable temperature range of 3-18°C, so you can store your bottles (up to 16) at the ideal temperatures. It features three removable shelves, an internal LED light and a security lock and key for the ultimate safety measure. Also suitable for beer and soft drinks too.

Best convenient wine fridge: Cookology Wine Cooler

With temperature control of 5-20°C

Cookology Wine Cooler

Wattage: 138.5kWh per year

Estimated monthly running cost: £3.92

Bottle capacity: 20 | Temperature range: 5-20°C

Designed with easy pull-out wooden shelves and a reversible door which can be modified to open to the left or right, this wine fridge is ideal for creating more storage while space-saving.

Whether it’s fit underneath kitchen worktops or uses freestanding, you can load up to 20 standard wine bottles into this wine fridge and have fresh and crisp wine guaranteed. The door is double-glazed and UV protected to ensure a consistent temperature, and the digital display includes a lock function for safety precautions.

Best large wine fridge: Bodega 180 Freestanding Wine Fridge

For the serious wine aficionados

Bodega 180 Freestanding Wine Fridge

Wattage: 75kWh per year

Estimated monthly running cost: £2.13

Bottle capacity: 180 | Temperature range: 5-20°C

This extra-large wine fridge has a capacity for 180 bottles and features two separate zones with different temperatures, designed to split your red and white wines accordingly.

Designed with a black steel body, glass door and silver stainless steel handle, this wine fridge will look elegant in your home and has slide-in shelves with adjustable wine racks to fit all your bottles in perfectly. It operates quietly and with little vibration to ensure wine rests undisturbed, and temperatures can be regulated between 5-20°C using the smart sensor touch control.

Best small wine fridge: Russell Hobbs Freestanding Wine Cooler Fridge

Sleek yet functional

Russell Hobbs Freestanding Wine Cooler Fridge

Wattage: 145kWh per year

Estimated monthly running cost: £4.11

Bottle capacity: 34 | Temperature range: 5-18°C

Prevent your bottles from rolling around with this practical wine fridge, featuring six contoured shelves and a handy basket at the bottom to keep your wine in order and neatly stored.

With a capacity for 34 bottles, load up this wine fridge and control the temperature, ranging from 5-18°C, using the smart LED display function. You can even position it on an uneven floor thanks to its adjustable feet, and you can keep watch of your contents through the transparent glass door and with the internal light.

Best economical wine fridge: Subcold Super85 LED Wine Fridge

Complete with a safety lock and key

Subcold Super85 LED Wine Fridge

Wattage: 70kWh per year

Estimated monthly running cost: £1.98

Bottle capacity: 5 (+80 cans) | Temperature range: 3-18°C

Ideal for standing under counters, this compact wine fridge will provide extra space for your bottle supply, plus it can also be used for beer cans, soft drinks and refrigerated snacks.

Built with high-density foam insulation to preserve the internal temperature and function at a low-level noise, this wine fridge uses little energy consumption and holds up to 80 cans and 5 bottles. It has a powerful cooling system using Advanced Compressor Cooling Technology with an adjustable thermostat, ranging between 3-18°C and offers practical storage with four strong removable shelves.

Best slimline wine fridge: Russell Hobbs Freestanding or Integrated Wine Fridge

Sleek and modern

Russell Hobbs Freestanding or Integrated Wine Fridge

Wattage: 108kWh per year

Estimated monthly running cost: £3.06

Bottle capacity: 7 | Temperature range: 5-18°C

This wine fridge can be used as a freestanding appliance or built into your kitchen and features a reversible door and adjustable feet for the ultimate flexibility and versatility in your space.

Its slim design can store up to seven bottles and will bring a contemporary aesthetic to your home with its smart stainless steel material and chrome shelves. Alter the temperature using the LED display from 5-18°C, and keep your wines crisp and chilled, ready to drink at their desired temperatures.

How much does it cost to run a wine fridge?

According to Ofgem, from 1st October, the current electricity price cap for households with typical consumption on a dual electricity and gas bill and paying by direct debit is £0.34 per kWh. Using the energy price cap figure, we've calculated the running costs for all the wine fridges in our list and detailed them above, with costs ranging from £1.98-4.11 per month. The amount you will pay may vary from the current price cap, depending on your energy tariff. To find out how much you pay, see your electricity bill.

How to calculate the monthly running cost of a wine fridge

To work out the monthly cost of each appliance, multiply the annual kWh by the price of electricity per kWh (you can find this on your electricity bill). Then divide this figure by 12 to calculate the appliance’s monthly operating cost. 

What features to look for when choosing a wine fridge?

When it comes to choosing, there are a lot of wine fridges out there, each with varying features. Certain things to look for include:

Design: Most wine fridges can either be built-in to your kitchens or operate as freestanding appliances. Consider where you will position your wine fridge, taking its design into account.

Size and capacity: Wine fridges vary greatly, from small and compact to long and large. Think about how much space you have to fit your fridge in and consider the capacity - how many bottles do you need to store? Whether used to free up extra space in your main fridge or to host your growing bottle collection, there is a style and size for every wine lover.

Temperatures: Check the range of temperatures the wine fridge is able to switch between. Different wines require different temperatures, so make sure it covers the temperatures you are after. Most vary from about 2-18°C.

Interior storage: Look at the design inside, does it have shelves and racks to neatly organise your wine? Many feature removable shelving so you can alter the way you store your bottles, offering the ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Lighting: Many wine fridges feature internal LED lighting. This means you can always see the contents of your fridge, even in low-lit environments, and it can also add a touch of atmosphere to your kitchen.

UV protection: Look to see if a wine fridge has added UV protection on its glass. This ensures the wines are not disturbed, and flavours are protected and preserved.

Door lock: Particularly if you’re in a household with children, having a lockable door is an essential safety precaution to look for.

What temperature should your wine fridge be?

Different wines are best served at different drinking temperatures. Each temperature requirement will be influenced by the type of wine, whether red, white, rosé or sparkling, and also dependent on how full-bodied each variety is. Generally, it is recommended to store and drink reds at 12-20°C, whites between 3-12°C, rosé at 7-12°C and sparkling at 3-7°C.

How to store red wine

The UK’s largest wine retailer, Majestic Wine, suggests the way to get the most out of a bottle of full-bodied red wine is ‘to serve it as slightly below room temperature’, while lighter styles of red ‘will also find a slight chill is perfect. If you have the time on a warm day, place the bottle in the fridge 20-30 minutes before uncorking’.

How to store white wine and rosé

They advise that both white wine and rosé ‘are best stored in a fridge and once opened, rather than being placed in an ice bucket, left on the table to breathe.’ They also say that white wine ‘shouldn’t be served too cold as this can mute flavours and distort aromas’.

How to store champagne and sparkling wines

When it comes to sparkling wines and champagnes, Majestic suggests serving ‘just above ice cold between 38-45°F (about 3-7°C), to ensure ‘the bubbles will remain fine rather than frothy.’


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