A clothes rack is an essential part of any household’s storage set-up. When it comes to dresses, coats and general gladrags, drawers just won't do. A hanging rail is the best way to care for your clothes and keep track of your favourite pieces.


Whether you’re looking for simple storage or to showcase some of your favourite styles, finding the product for you is a must, but where do you start? Well, that's where we come in. The Recommended searched high and low to find the best clothes rack to help you shop smarter. We separated the best from the rest, our top picks of the best clothes racks to suit any space.

The best clothes racks at a glance:

The best clothes racks

Best modern clothes rack: Urban Outfitters Levi Clothes Rack

urban outfitters

This modern clothes rack has a wooden look but is actually made from bamboo. It is specifically designed to help you organise entryways inside your home and comes with enough space to store both shoes, coats, and clothing.

To maximise its already large storage capacity, it comes with hooks. These are fitted along the top edge of the rack so items such as bags and hats can be hung. It has a singular shelf tier at the bottom which is slatted, so you use it as a shoe rack or storage space for other accessories.

Best double clothes rack: Argos Home Double Adjustable Clothes Rail


This four-wheeled clothing rack is double-railed, which makes it maximising limited storage space. Its two rails mean dozens of pieces of clothing can fit on the rack without any fear that they will be creased. It also has a rack on the bottom which helps those wanting to store shoes or larger items/accessories.

More like this

It has a capacity of up to 24kg, and its height can be adjusted to suit your needs. It ranges from between 101cm-167cm, so coats, dresses, and longer items of clothing can all be stored. It is easily assembled, has a metallic aesthetic, and because it is mounted on wheels, it is easily transportable.

Best budget clothes rack: Argos Home Adjustable Chrome Plated Clothes Rail

argos 2

This basic clothing rail is dead easy to set up and provides a simple storage solution for hanging clothes on. It is adjustable up to 167cm tall, which makes it suitable for both coats and dresses. It also has a basic shelf on the bottom where you can place shoes, bags, and hats.

It can hold a maximum weight of 15kg and sits on wheels, so it can be easily moved around your home or office.

Best clothes rack on wheels: John Lewis ANYDAY Metail Clothes Rail

john lewis

This simple clothes rack is perfect for a no-fuss buyer who wants an easily assembled storage solution. It comes with one simple rail to hang clothes on with a height of up to 167cm. Its tall height means that it can also fit long items such as coats and dresses on it.

It comes complete with some tubular metal slats on the base, which make up the perfect slats for storing shoes and other accessories like bags and boxes. It is also ideal for transporting because of the four wheels on which it sits.

Best heavy-duty clothes rack: The Shopfitting Shop Heavy Duty Clothes Rail

black coat rack

This clothing rack is made with an intuitive click-lock build system which means it is easy to build and requires no nuts and bolts. The clothing rail is lightweight and comes flat-packed for easy storage and transportation.

The product also features four 2-inch castors for smooth, robust movement as well as a frame which is designed to support heavy loads. It is of basic black design, so can easily be placed in any room or retail space, and its wheels work perfectly on various flooring types.

Best space-saving design: YOUDENOVA Clothes Rail

YOUDENOVA Clothes Rail

This clothing rack features two hanging rails and two storage shelves with 360° rotating wheels for ease of use. The YOUDENOVA Clothes Rail also has a sleek black design with a white option also available.

It promises easy installation with a screw-in design and a unique instruction manual that is accessed via mobile download. Its base is made from steel piping covered by a wood finish, and a 12-month quality warranty on the whole product.

Best clothes rack with coat hooks: GISSAR Clothes Rail

GISSAR Clothes Rail

This clothes rack has a simple, minimalist design and is available in both black and white, and features two storage shelves which are quick and easy to assemble.

As well as a hanging rail, it also has six hooks which can also be used for hats, bags, and umbrellas. It comes with all the tools needed for assembly, and when fully assembled, it only weighs 4kg.

Best-designed clothes rack: IRIS USA Clothing Rack

IRIS USA Clothing Rack

This clothing rack features five shelves and a hanging bar for a sleek, space-saving style. The shelves are made from wood, and the angled design means that clothes and hangers don’t come into contact with the wall.

It comes in a white and black option, with the bottom two shelves providing the perfect place to store shoes and bags. It is easy to assemble, and all you need is a small screwdriver to put together the 11kg rack.

Clothes rack buyer’s guide

Armchair And Hanging Clothes In The Dressing Room

There are so many clothes racks on the market, you might find yourself umming and ahhing about which one to buy. There are hundreds of options available, so filtering through them can prove difficult. Luckily for you, we’ve created this buyer’s guide to help you work out why you should be getting a clothes rack, its benefits, and how to choose the right one for you.

We’ll also look at the key features you should keep in mind before buying a clothes rack. Before long, your next clothes rack will be on the way, and you’ll be one step closer to reaching organisational perfection.

What is a clothes rack?

A clothes rack is a freestanding structure used for hanging clothes. It typically has one or two horizontal bars from which you hang your clothes. These are supported by vertical poles or frames and are made of various materials, usually wood, metal, or plastic - they can be a mixture of two or all three!

Clothes racks have multiple uses but are mainly an alternative option for storing your clothing in a chest of drawers or wardrobe, where they can often become crushed and creased. They do have other uses and sometimes double up as a drying rack for wet clothes or as a display rack in a shop.

Six benefits of using a clothes rack

Clothes racks have a number of benefits, with many preferring them to traditional closed wardrobes or chests of drawers. Here are six of the main benefits of opting for an open clothes rack to store your clothes.

1. Organisation

One of the main reasons for buying a clothes rack is for the organisation. They provide an easy way to hang your clothes and neatly organise them so you can find what you’re looking for. It also clears floor space if you previously had clothes lying on the ground, as many of us do when our rooms are messy.

2. Space-saving

Clothes racks are a great space-saving option, especially for those who don't have a lot of space in drawers or cupboards. They can be placed in any room, and they come in a variety of sizes so can fit into areas that typical drawers or cupboards might not.

3. Accessibility

Clothes racks are easily accessible, and as well as seeing all your clothes at once, you can also pick them out easily. Making outfits becomes easier when you know all the options you have. There are also advantages for people who might struggle opening drawers or are disabled and have mobility issues. Some designs come on wheels, so can also be pushed and moved with ease, another bonus for those with mobility issues or who are disabled.

4. Versatility

Clothes racks are not just for storing clothes but are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use clothes racks as drying racks or put them in retail spaces to display clothes. They could also be used as a decorative element or maybe just a doorstop. Why not cover them with flowers and plants for your own indoor garden?

5. Transportable

Most clothes racks are easily transportable, and some are designed with this in mind. There are foldable options, and lots of racks being on wheels means they can be easy to move around and relocate. Nearly all clothes racks have to be set up at home, which means they can just as easily be dismantled, moved, or stored away.

6. Cost-effective

Clothes racks are generally less expensive than traditional cupboards and drawers. They require minimal installation and assembly, making them budget-friendly. Also, they are generally long-lasting, so don’t need to be replaced often.

What are the different types of clothes racks available?

Clothes racks are the name given to all types of structures made to hang clothes. Because of this, there are hundreds of designs and styles incorporated under one product name. It’s important to differentiate between them to give you a better chance of finding out which rack style and design you prefer. These are some of the most popular styles:

  • Freestanding clothes racks: These are the most common type of clothes racks and can be easily moved around. They don’t need to be attached to anything and are stand-alone. Many come flat-packed to assemble at home.
  • Wall-mounted clothes racks: These are attached to a wall and are a great option for small spaces. Sometimes they come with shelves but simplistic designs often only include a set of hooks which can be nailed to a door or wall.
  • Rolling clothes racks: These have wheels and can be easily moved around, making them great for commercial or temporary use. They look similar to freestanding racks but with wheels.
  • Garment racks: These are basically shoe racks but with added extras. Some come with shelving and holders for accessories, such as umbrellas. Others include shoe racks at the bottom or drawers.

How to choose the right clothes rack

If you’re weighing up which clothes rack is going to be best for you, then it’s best to think about your needs and then match this to the product. Here are a few key factors which can help guide your purchasing decision.

Size and capacity

First off, make sure your clothing rack is going to fit in the space that you want it to. It would be a big hassle to unpack it and set it up, only to realise the sizing isn’t right. Also, make sure there is enough space/capacity on the rack for the clothes you want to store and hang. You can estimate this by looking at the weight the rack holds and the estimated weight of what you want to hang.


Choose the right style of clothing rack to suit your needs and preferences. For example, if you want to move your rack a lot, then don’t buy a clothes rack which is attached to the wall but instead buy one with wheels. Also, try and match it to the aesthetics of the room you will store it in.


You should consider what material you want the rack to be and how this will affect its durability and look. There are usually metal, wood, or plastic options, and you should weigh up which one will be the cheapest, look the best, or last the longest. For example, if you have a wood rack, will it discolour or will your metal rack rust?


If you want any extras, then keep in mind which features might be nice to have. Some clothes racks come with shelving for shoes and bags, some come withdraws, and there’s also the bonus of having wheels. More added features could be umbrella holders or bag hooks!


Finally, maybe most importantly, the budget. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend on a clothes rack and stick to this. If on a low budget, you might want to pick out a few of your favourite clothes racks and identify the features you want to prioritise. Then find a clothes rack with as many of these for your price point.


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