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The best draught excluders to keep your home warm and cut down your energy bills this winter

There’s nothing worse than a cold chill making its way into your home, so we’ve rounded up the best draught excluders to help you insulate against the element and keep warm this winter. 

The best draught excluders

If you live in one of the estimated 19 million UK homes suffering heat leakage due to poor insulation and draughty windows and doors, you’ll know exactly how important a good draught excluder is.


Cold draughts make heating and retaining heat in your home exceeding difficult – it’s a problem that disproportionally affects housing in the UK and something that all of us could do without while we grapple with soaring energy costs this winter.

In a study conducted by the Energy Saving Trust, it’s estimated that the average UK home could save over £60 on their household energy bills per year by installing simple draught-proofing measures, including draught excluders on windows and doors.

But which draught excluders are the best? Well, The Recommended has scoured the internet to find the most effective, attractive, affordable and easy-to-install draught excluders you can buy online. You can find our full list below, and check out the bottom of this page for tips on how best to draught-proof your home and save money on your energy bills this winter.

The best draught excluders at a glance:

The best draught excluders

Best for dark doors: Fowong Weather Stripping

Practical and easy to install

fowong Weather Stripping

This self-adhesive tape is multipurpose and can be easily cut to size and applied to all manner of household fixtures, fittings, doors and windows.

If you have dark doors and window frames in your home, this weather stripping tape is a fantastic, subtle solution for draught-proofing. It’s made from high-density foam with an extra sticky adhesive backing, making it easy to apply to draughty door and window frames.

Best tape for light doors: Tebrun Window Draught Excluder Tape

Blends in against white doors & windows

Tebrun 2X Window Draught Excluder Tape

This white self-adhesive tape is ideal for use on white UPVC windows and doors to block out draughts, noise and dust.

This white tape is an excellent solution for white door and window frames. It works in much the same way as the Fowong tape, coming in a long roll that you can cut to size, with a self-adhesive backing for easy application.

Best draught excluder for kid’s bedrooms: The Magic Toy Shop Micro Fleece Draught Draft Excluder

A cute design with a practical purpose

The Magic Toy Shop Novelty Dog Cat Design Soft Micro Fleece Draught Draft Excluder

This super cute draught excluder could be easily mistaken for a cuddly toy, making it the perfect solution for a kid’s room.

This cute pup wouldn’t look out of place amongst a collection of toys, but looks aren’t everything – its long, dense body is perfect for blocking out chills and draughts, so it’s ideal for stretching along the bottom of a draughty door or stretching out on a gappy window ledge.

Best slide-on draught excluder: Everlasting Comfort Under Door Draft Excluder

A simple, easy-to-use solution

Everlasting Comfort Under Door Draft Excluder

This thick foam under-door draught excluder easily slides onto the bottom of your door and moves with it as it opens and closes – so you don’t have to worry about readjusting it.

One of the biggest frustrations about standard draught excluders is having to reposition them each time you open or close your doors. However, this slide-on excluder attaches to the door itself, insulating both sides, making it one of the most practical excluders you can buy for interior doors.

Best range of colours: Comfy Nights Plain Dyed Fabric Draught Excluder

Match your interior design

Comfy Nights Plain Dyed Fabric Draught Excluder

These draught excluders are available in various colours, making them great for matching your interior design colour scheme.

Available in packs of up to six, these excluders are a great cost-effective solution for draught-proofing all the doors in your home.

Best for exterior doors: Fowong Heavy Door Draft Excluder

Insulate against the elements

Fowong Heavy Door Draft Excluder

This weighted draught excluder is filled with polyester wadding and glass beads and wrapped in thick fabric to effectively prevent chills and draughts from entering your home.

While most draught excluders are suitable for interior doors in your home, you want to invest in a heavier, weighted excluder, like this one, for exterior doors to block out elements. This excluder also features hook fabric, allowing it to be attached to doors with the included velcro stripping and loops at either end so you can hang it up and out of the way when not in use.

Most stylish draught excluder: Izabela Peters Luxurious Draught Excluder

Eyecatching and charming designs

Izabela Peters Luxurious Draught Excluder

Interior designer Izabela Peters is known for her charming, contemporary prints and designs, and this draught excluder is one of her most practical homewares.

Available in a range of eye-catching and unique designs, with prints incorporating pheasants, foxes, tartans, stags, and even a vintage map of London, this draught excluder will not only prevent cold chills but add a touch of charm to your interiors.

Best for cat lovers: Grey Cat Draught Excluder

A purr-fect gift idea

Grey Cat Draught Excluder

This draught excluder is disguised as a charming row of six happy cats – not only does it look great, but it provides effective protection from chills and draughts.

If you’re looking for a practical gift for a cat lover, look no further. This cute door draught cushion is the ideal alternative to traditional draught excluders and makes for a great housewarming gift.

How to draught-proof your home

Draughts can permeate your home through unwanted gaps in its construction, typically around doors and windows, letting in a chill, allowing heat to escape, and sometimes leading to more serious issues with moisture and leaks.

While extensive issues with weatherproofing your home may require specialist, professional attention, there are some simple steps you can take yourself to prevent draughts and chills throughout winter.

Below we’ve summarised some of the easiest ways you can draught-proof your home and save money on your heating bills in the process:

  • Draught excluders: One of the best ways to prevent draughts from entering your home, and stop heat from leaking out, is to invest in some good quality draught excluders for any external doors. You can also use excluders for interior doors to help you heat a room more efficiently.
  • Letterbox covers: If you have a letterbox fitted in your front door, make sure you install a letterbox cover with flaps or brushes (or both) that adequately block wind and rain from passing through your home.
  • Keyhole covers: Buying and fitting purpose-made keyhole covers, typically a metal disc that you can slide over any large keyholes (like those for warded keys), is also an easy way to block out the breeze.
  • Door and window frame strips: Windows and doors are typically fitted with seals designed to prevent draughts, but often these wear away over time. You can replace these seals easily with self-adhesive foam strips that create a windtight closure around the window or door.
  • Chimney pot caps and blocks: Installing caps over unused chimney pots is one of the best ways to prevent wind from tunnelling down into your home. Installing a chimney pot cap is best done by a professional, but there are DIY solutions to block out chimney draughts, like chimney balloons, which can be bought relatively cheaply and installed with professional help.
  • Silicone mastic for floorboards: Hardwood floors, especially exposed floorboards, often feature many small gaps between boards. If you don’t have underlay or insulation under your flooring, these gaps can make draught-proofing and heat retention exceptionally difficult. The easiest way to fill these gaps is by using silicone mastic or decorator’s caulk around the edges and between the boards.
  • Extractor fans: Older extractor fans and vents are often some of the biggest causes of heat leakage and draughts. Updating an old extractor fan with a modern replacement fitted with an effective draught shutter is an easy way to draught-proof kitchens and bathrooms.

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