When winter arrives, hooded blankets and other cold-weather accessories are near-essential purchases for keeping warm and cosy at home. With energy prices also a cause for concern for many households this year, energy-efficient heaters and other electrical products are proving popular, offering a cost-effective alternative to central heating.


There are loads of cost-effective ways of keeping warm, but one of the most effective is that heated blanket. Not only are they great for an added boost of warmth while you’re in bed, working from home or relaxing on the sofa, but they’re also inexpensive to operate, costing just a few pence per hour of use, depending on the wattage.

To help you find a heated blanket to keep you warm and snug at home this winter, we’ve scoured the internet to find a selection of the best available to buy online. We’ve also calculated how much it’ll likely cost you to use a heated blanket, which you can find at the bottom of this article.

The best heated blankets at a glance:

The best heated blankets

Best microfleece heated blanket: Cosi Home Heated Throw

For cosy nights on the sofa

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1. Cosi Home Heated Throw

Made from a super-soft microfleece material and featuring a handy choice of nine heat settings, this heated blanket from Cosi is ideal for those who feel the cold while relaxing at home.

Available in four colours to match the style of your home, this heated throw warms up to a maximum temperature of 50 degrees celsius. It has an auto-shut off function to prevent overheating and a detachable cable for machine washing, which is great for households with pets or kids. With a power output of 120W, it’ll cost you around 4p per house of use.

Best choice of colours: Monhouse Heated Throw

High power output

2. MONHOUSE Heated Throw

This heated blanket from Monhouse comes in eight colours, each available in a regular or shearling fleece option for additional warmth and comfort.

This heated throw has nine heat settings to toggle between, and with a power output of 120W, it’ll cost you around 4p per house of use. Its auto-shut off function is great for peace of mind, and the power cable is detachable for machine washing. The throw itself is made from a 250 gsm fabric and measures 130x160cm for full-body warmth.

Best heated blanket for beds: Mia&Coco Electric Heated Throw

Features 10 heat settings

3. Mia&Coco Electric Heated

Great for throwing over your bed, this large heated blanket from Mia&Coco has a nine-hour timer that will automatically shut off the heat, which is great for using before bed.

Available to buy in four colours to suit the style of your home, this heated throw has ten heat settings to toggle between and is said to reach up to 53 degrees celsius.

Best for double beds: Dreamcatcher Luxurious Electric Throw

Simple to operate

4. Dreamcatcher Luxurious Electric Throw

This heated blanket from Dreamcatcher features a 2.4m power cable, which is great if your bed or sofa is positioned away from a socket.

With a power output of 120W, this heated throw will cost you around 4p per hour of use. It has a quick heat-up time and nine heat settings which you can toggle between using a user-intuitive controller. It is also machine washable and has an auto-shut off function, which is handy for setting a timer when falling asleep.

Best waffle-style heated blanket: Bedsure Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Stylish design

5. Bedsure Electric Heated Throw Blanket

This heated blanket has a stylish waffle-style fleecy exterior and a soft and plush sherpa inner designed to offer warmth and comfort.

This heated throw has six temperature levels, which you can toggle between using its LCD display. It has a power output of 160W, which means it will cost approximately 5p per hour of use. It will also automatically shut off to prevent overheating, and the controller is removable to allow machine washing.

Best soft-touch heated blanket: Homefront Electric Heated Throw


6. Homefront Electric Heated Throw

This soft-touch, fleecy heated blanket from Homefront is perfect for relaxing on the sofa during cold winter nights. It heats up within 15 minutes and has nine heat and timer settings.

This energy-efficient heated throw has a power output of 100W, which means it’ll cost around 3p per hour based on current energy costs. It also has an intuitive digital controller for toggling between heat settings and an auto-shut off function to prevent it from overheating.

Best budget heated blanket: Coriwell Electric Blanket Heated Throw

Great value

7. Coriwell Electric Blanket Heated Throw (1)

Despite the modest price tag, this budget heated blanket features an impressive range of features, including ten interchangeable heat settings and a 10-hour timer with an auto-shut off function.

This heated throw has a power output of 160W, meaning it’ll cost around 5p per hour to operate, and it measures 160 x 120cm, which is plenty big enough for one person. The controller is also detachable, allowing for the throw to be machine washed at 30 degrees celsius.

How much does a heated blanket cost to run?

Based on current electricity prices, the hourly cost of using a heated blanket is approximately 2p for 50W heated blankets, 3p for 100W heated blankets, and 5p for 150W heated blankets.

We’ve calculated an approximate hourly operating cost for all the heated blanket listed above. If you’d like to know how we did it, use the following calculation.

  1. Multiply the appliance Wattage by 1 (number of hours) to calculate the Watt-hours
  2. Divide the Watt-hours by 1000 to calculate the Kilowatt-hours (kWh)
  3. Multiply the kWh by the price of electricity per kWh to calculate the appliance’s hourly operating cost

According to Ofgem, from 1st October, the current electricity price cap for households with typical consumption on a dual electricity and gas bill and paying by direct debit is £0.34 per kWh. The amount you pay may vary from the current price cap, depending on your energy tariff. To find out how much you pay, see your electricity bill.


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