Keeping your luggage safe and secure when on the move is a top priority. From luggage locks to luggage tags, adding simple and relatively inexpensive travel accessories to your belongings can make a big difference.


Luggage straps are a great way to keep your bags in check - they’ll prevent your belongings from spilling out in the event of zippers breaking, and they’ll also help you to identify your luggage when at the airport carousels.

There are plenty of options out there - some come with locks, others are extra long, and some are super bright! Don’t know where to start in picking the best one for your bags? Lucky for you, at The Recommended, we’ve scoured the internet and put together a super handy guide on the best luggage straps available on the market.

Plus, we’ve also included some useful advice on why you should use a luggage strap, the features to look for and how to fasten them correctly to your suitcases and bags. Read on for the full rundown.

The best luggage straps at a glance:

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The best luggage straps

Best overall luggage straps: BlueCosto Luggage Straps

A great all-round design

1. BlueCosto Luggage Strap

These heavy-duty luggage straps have a secure buckle for fastening tightly to your bags and suitcases.

These straps extend to fit suitcases between 46 and 78 inches in width or height and are 2 inches wide. They are available in a choice of six colours - black, grey, navy, green, pink and silver - and come in packs of four.

Best secure luggage strap: GoTravel Sentry Luggage Strap

Straightforward security

GoTravel Sentry Luggage Strap

Add a splash of colour as well as an extra level of security to your luggage with this vibrant and high-quality strap from GoTravel. Seal shut using the three-dial combination lock and feel confident that your bag is protected. Easy to use and easy to identify your bag thanks to its bold design.

Best lockable luggage strap: Santrest Travel Luggage Strap

Non-slip design

2. SANTREST Travel Luggage Strap

This luggage strap features a TSA combination lock buckle for additional security when travelling through airports.

Available in a choice of two colours - green and red - this luggage strap will not only keep your luggage secure but also help you to spot it on luggage belts. It is also adjustable in size (115cm to 200cm) and comes with a personalisable ID card.

Best classy strap: Nere Luggage Strap

For stylish travel

Nere Luggage Strap

Travel in style with this luggage strap from Australia’s number-one travel fashion brand and add some sophistication to your suitcase. 185cm long when fully extended, this strap is suitable for most luggage sizes no matter how stuffed it is, and will help make your bag easier to spot when waiting at the baggage carousel.

Best extra-long luggage straps: TRIWONDER 4 Pack Luggage Straps

Heavy-duty design

3. TRIWONDER 4 Pcs Luggage Straps

Ranging from 1m to 3m in length, these extra-long luggage straps are ideal for big suitcases or when checking in other large items at the airport, such as instrument cases and bike bags.

Designed to withstand up to 100kg of tension, these straps are made from double-sewn, heavy-duty polyester fabric and feature a thickened plastic buckle. They are available to buy in 25mm and 38mm thicknesses.

Best colourful strap: Status Luggage Strap

Never lose your bag

Status Luggage Strap

Spot your bag a mile off with this bright rainbow-coloured luggage strap. Its three-point locking clasp is easy to clip onto your bag and provides extra protection to keep your belongings secure when on the move. A handy identification tag is also included.

Best personalised luggage tag: The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Suitcase Strap

With combination lock

4. Personalised Combination Luggage Suitcase Strap

Personalised to help you to identify your luggage, these straps are also available in a choice of nine bright colours and feature a combination lock for extra security.

These luggage straps measure 180cm in length and are fully adjustable to fit a range of suitcase shapes and sizes. The personalised text is printed in ultra-bold font on the strap. They are available in packs of one, two or four.

Best for fastening extra bags: Vigorport Add A Bag Luggage Strap

Connects your luggage together

6. Vigorport Add A Bag Luggage Strap

These straps are ideal if you’re travelling with more than one bag, as they allow you to attach multiple items of luggage together.

These heavy-duty t-shaped luggage straps are made from nylon and come in two lengths: ‘normal’, which provides a belt length of 15 to 29.5 inches, and ‘medium’, which provides a belt length of 22 to 49.7 inches.

Luggage Strap Buyer's Guide

Group of suitcases

We've done our research and answered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to luggage straps so you can make an informed decision when choosing yours and know its perks.

The benefits of using a luggage strap

Luggage straps are an inexpensive yet often overlooked travel accessory that offers a host of convenient uses. These include:

  • Making it easier to spot your belongings: Not only do colourful luggage straps make it quicker to identify your luggage in airports, but they also make it less likely that a fellow passenger will mistake your bags for their own.
  • Additional security when you travel: Some luggage straps come with TSA locks, which can be opened by airport security around the world using a universal key while keeping out potential thieves. Luggage straps also secure your belongings inside from spilling out when travelling through airports if the zippers on your bag break.
  • Securing multiple bags together: Whether you’re checking in bags at an airport or loading them onto a coach, luggage straps that have attachments for multiple bags are handy for keeping all your luggage securely fastened together. This is also handy for wheeling multiple bags through airports and train stations.

What features to look for in a luggage strap

When it comes to choosing the right luggage strap for you and your bags, there are several different features to consider. These include:

  • Material: Ensure the material of the luggage strap is strong and durable. Fabrics like nylon and polyester are ideal for longevity.
  • Sizing: The length and adjustability of the luggage strap are important factors to take into account when choosing one for your bag. It needs to be able to secure your luggage with a tough clasp.
  • Buckle and locks: Look for a reliable buckle mechanism that will click shut easily and securely. Some luggage straps will have combination locks to add an extra level of protection to your belongings.
  • Colours: Bright, vibrant colours will help with identification while also adding a touch of personality and fun to your luggage.

How to use luggage straps

Attaching a luggage strap to your suitcase is fairly intuitive.

  1. Place your suitcase or bag upright.
  2. If you have a handle at the top, wrap the luggage strap around the height of the suitcase. If you have a side handle, wrap the strap around the width of the suitcase.
  3. Clip together the buckle and set the lock if applicable.
  4. Fasten to your desired tightness.

How much does a luggage strap cost?

Luggage straps vary in price depending on several factors, including its brand, quality and features. Basic luggage straps can start from around the £5 mark and go all the way up to at least £50 for top-of-the-range models. That means there is something for every budget type.


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